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Chaos v2.5

     Indigo Fantasy

             welcome to my world

    Fujiwarano Sai
    Hikaru no Go
            -- Hotta Yumi &
            -- Obata Takeshi
v2.5 Theme Song:
    Amethyst Remembrance
    Seito Kaoru
From Anime:
    Yami no Matsuei
v2.5 comes with:
    Wallpaper -- 800x600 .jpg
    *grins* From advanced technology to mystical goodness *L* What a turn around this is... Featuring yet another original coverboy for Chaos, isn't Sai just simply gorgeous??? ^_____^
    Following my latest obsession with HikaGo, I just couldn't resist making a layout for my favorite 'bakemono with a tall hat' *snickers* I just love it how he SD's and does little dances at the thought of playing Go... then there's the way he loses his hands in his sleeves whenever he's being cute *LOL* How could I resist?
    Indigo Fantasy was named so because of the color, DUH! *L* Purple just suits Sai so well... And the 'welcome to my world' phrase is borrowed from my friend Blaise who used it for one of her earlier website ventures ^_^ Theme song "Amethyst Remembrance" is from YamiMatsu (I can hear Sutsume-chan squealing already *giggles*) and if you're a bit creative in interpretation, the lyrics are very fitting for Sai as well. Overall, very happy with this layout ^_^

Chaos v2.5 Wallpaper

Fav Anime:
    Samurai Deeper Kyou
    Hikaru no Go
    Fruits Basket
Fav Manga:
    Tokyo Babylon
    Gensoumaden Saiyuki
Fav Songs:
    "Shell" - Bana
    "Half Pain" - Bana
    "Reckless Fire" - Ide Yosuoki
    "Ao no Requiem"
            - Tsubokura Yuiko &
    "Love Deeper"
            - Tsubokura Yuiko
Fav Characters:
    Sakurazuka Seishirou
    Sumeragi Subaru
    Monou Fuuma (evil version)
    Fujiwarano Sai
    Souma Kyou
    Souma Yuki
    Onime no Kyou
    Shinomori Aoshi
    Hikaru no Go
    Samurai Deeper Kyou
    RahXephon &
    Witch Hunter Robin
    "To Fall From Grace"
    "Omae Shikainai"
    "What Dreams May Come"
    "Breaking Down the Walls"

Lookee~!! Me got my very own Sei-kun!! \^o^/



Sakura Saku

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January 10, 2003 ~ ~

*yawns* am about to collapse..... extremely extremely tired........ but the good news before I go to bed *grins* I got my P's~~~~~!!! *pokes* now I can drive both of us around when you can't be bothered =P Now all I need is a car............ need car........... car........ *slumps*

On another note, addicted to Shaman King ^___________^ Am 7 eps away from the end and I can't watch anymore because they haven't been subtitled~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! *wails* WANNA MORE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

And Kiddy Grade was disappointing... first saw it on one of the Newtype promo DVDs and thought that it looked very cool... watched the first episode and was very disappointed. Admittedly it's more of a guy anime, simply based on the fact that there were about five panty-shots in the first few minutes.... but still... very disappointing.... the fact that Lumiere is able to control machines in a world that is dependent on them automatically gives the good guys an advantage... one that really does nothing to attract me to the series.... unlikely that I will continue this.....

but now... will proceed to Shaman King manga and bed....... *yawns*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 2:29 AM

January 8, 2003 ~ ~

*pats* Poor you~~!! must survive without cable and anime and late-night-net for three weeks... ^^;; Oh well... at least you get to go home during the weekends~~ Why is it three weeks long anyway?? What are you learning there (if you're learning anything)?? *L* And 6:30am starts... *cringe* ouch... that's the time you and I usually go to bed man... well... if you go to bed at all =P Are there people there your age?? Or are they all old-old?? *sighs* *huggles* Ganbatte ne~~

Oh another note, today was a stinking 40 degrees... and like the lucky person that I am, I had to work today... *gets down on knees and sings praises for the inventor of the lifesaver known as the air-con*.. went looking for cars yesterday... which was stinking hot too... have decided that my car must must MUST have air-con. Also decided that some car dealers suck...

Got more Shaman King manga... the start is pretty different from the anime.. ^^;;; and anime-Yoh I think is more laid-back... *L* but still cute~!!! Watched more Gundam Seed... 'tis very very good... though I still maintain that Strike isn't exactly the most aesthetically appealing of Gundams despite the fact that it has more gadgets, some of which are undeniably cool. Kira, even though he looks like a girl half the time, I still like him ^_^ Some of his reactions are very believable... *nodnod* very nice... Though in the next episode I'm about to meet the pink-haired possible-love interest ^^;; should be interesting...

Spiral is getting good ^_^ And episode 9 bloody stopped at a cliffhanger~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wanna more~~~~~!!! Naruto is also good, Naruto the character is annoying though lovable..... currently withholding judgement on Sasuke... still haven't decided if I like him or not... Sakura I find iffy... sometimes she bugs me more than Naruto does... 'tis the whole hero-worship thing of Sasuke that she has... Kakashi is undeniably cool~~~~~!! ^_________^ Love Kakashi!

*yawns* will now retire to manga and then bed... have work tomorrow..... *slumps*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 2:40 AM

January 4, 2003 ~ ~

December 29, 2002 ~ ~

It is hot.... it is really stinkin' hot.... Bloody stuffy thirty-something degree days without a trace of wind in the air so that when you move, you can feel the hot, stale air rippling around you.... this kinda weather sux...

Meanwhile, I'm at home vegging out for the first time in a long time that I can remember... and damn would it feel good, if it just wasn't so bloody hot!!! It's been in the mid thirties for two consecutive days already and it's apparently still gonna be 33 tomorrow... and while they keep forecasting rain, it just NEVER appears!! I really really hope it rains tonight... then at least we'll be able to get some sleep... although it's not meant to fall below 20 tonight either.... *slumps* Oh well... at least today's overcast so that there's more chance of that...

so yeah... has been a while since I blogged... ^_^ So good news~~!!! I got a DVD burner~~~~~~~!!!! *cheers* Now I can finally back up my almost 3GBs worth of mp3s *sweatdrops* And almost 2GBs worth of video files....... yeah.... *falls over* I have too much anime/manga stuff....

Have continued to watch Naruto... 'tis cute~!!! and I love Kakashi!!! *grins* He's just cool!! And recognised Asano Mayumi as that Hunter-dude with the mask that appeared in ep9 coz he just sounded so much like Hisoka *L* Also continuing to watch Shaman King... am having trouble deciding who I like better, Yoh or Ren.... prolly Yoh... coz he's cute... and although Ren's cuter, Ren's attitude leaves something to be desired.... Instantly recognised Midorikawa Hikaru's voice as Silver.... and was also treated to Koyasu Takehito playing the voice of an extremely hentai yarou... on par with that of Okiayu Ryuutarou as Gou Dougan in Saiyuki Requiem... proceeded to shudder... But very good... considered going out to get more today but was deterred by the heat... will not venture into this heat for anything less than.... something I really really REALLY want.... ^^;;; which I can't think of what that would be coz the heat is just getting to me...

And I would change layouts but Sai is soothing and the muses just won't come to me because I'm either too tired or too hot.... maybe when New Years comes around....

December 21, 2002 ~ ~

I am bushed.... I worked for a full eight and a half hours today... my legs are killing me, my arms are killing me and I think I'm still dehydrated even after downing almost 3 litres of water without going to the bathroom once.... I dun even know what temp today really was... it was meant to be 36... all I could say was that it was REALLY effing hot as hell..

and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get any rest any time soon... I'm working tomorrow... I'm going out monday with my uncles to browse DVD burners *WIDE grin* and monday night is reserved for a high school reunion bbq that a few friends cooked up (no pun intended... I'm too tired for puns). Then I'm back to work tuesday - yes I'm working Xmas Eve... then working Wednesday - yes, I'm also working Xmas Day.... and hopefully I'll get a chance to spend some time with family on Boxing Day... then it's (hopefully) one day of relaxation on Friday before I'm back at work Saturday........... *slumps* I have no idea what the Hell is wrong with me that I seem to be working so much....

Miiii... in anime news (this was before my working spree)... watched Angel Sanctuary OVAs...... was confused.... recognised lotsa seiyuus.... almost fell outta my chair when I recognised Chiba Susumu as Rosiel.... Imagining Sai and Rosiel side by side.... freaky... Saw Rave... debatable whether I'll continue... Haru Glory reminds me of Shuuichi... I seem to be hearing a lotta Seki Tomokazu lately... somehow, it seems to lack something that hooks me and makes me wanna continue.... Also saw Shaman King... will definitely continue that... Yoh is cute... so is Ren... Ren is very cool with that glaive... have this thing for scythes and glaives... but that's just me..

Anyways, getting more incoherent... will now proceed to bed... *drops dead*

Myah... even though it's past midnight, it's still before midnight where you are, so I'm still in time to say: Tanjoubi omedetou~~!!! *grins* 'Tis the big TWO-ZERO ^_________^ *ducks kick* Officially no longer a teenager any more~!!! *dodges whap* But dun worry... I dun expect you to grow up *L* We all know that your mental age will prolly forever be stuck at fourteen *LOL* *runs away from mallet*

Hai hai... me will shut up now.... and me know that me will prolly get whapped when you get back.... but really~!! It begged to be said~!! *LOL*

Anyhoos, honto ni gomen for being abrupt when you called on thursday... it's just that it was really REALLY busy then coz it was the last day before they broke for Xmas so all the kids were sitting at my table demanding my attention when your call came through. If you call again, call at night or something *L* Even midnight your time is good coz you know I'm not asleep by 3am.. ^_^ And even if I am, I'll wake up *L*

Oh and you know why I didn't recognise your voice for the first few secs?? ^^;;; I've figured that it was because neither of us stuck to our normal greeting... *sweatdrops* I mean, usually when I pick up the phone from you, it's "Yaho~! What's up??"... and when you pick up it's "mi...?" or "Laliho~!!" when you're trying to be annoying coz you know that I'm asleep *L* Neither of us really go "Hello?" miii... kinda weird... *L*

But before I go, if ya wanna just contact me or something, just SMS me from icq~!! Much easier~!! And me can reply~!! ^_^

Mi, anyhoos, once again, ni-juu sai no tanjoubi omedetou~~~~!!! *grins* Yes, I do have to keep reminding you *L* You have permission to whap me when you get back... though really, it should be me giving you the birthday bashings!

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 12:42 AM

December 18, 2002 ~ ~

Is tired... is very tired.... is tired and hot as hell... I'd like to whack the newreporters a good one for say that today was a 29 degree day... Excuse me if I beg to differ because I was roasting after just being outside for 10 minutes.... *sighs* I can't even be sarcastic properly coz I'm so tired... this is just sad.... and I'm thinking in broken sentences again.... also not a good thing.... I only think in really broken sentences when my brain is fried and I'm running on auto pilot.... *slumps* oi oi....

And I hate little bugs that come and fly onto my computer screen because it's the only light source in my room.... and no, my eyes have not been ruined (yet).

Watched more HikaGo today after work.... Sai is still indescribably cute.... at least indescribable now because my brain is fried... I'm sure I could think up some suitable words in order to gush about Sai if I was feeling a bit more coherent... unfortunately that is not the case.... Am of the opinion that I will stop watching HikaGo after Sai disappears... which it appears as if he will do because a hint of that has already appeared in the closing credits for the fourth ending "Days"..... *sighs*

Speaking of Sai though... must make new layout soon.... Indigo Fantasy has already been up for over a month.... time for a change.... debated whether I should do a Christmas layout despite having the perfect piccy for it. Still debating... maybe... depends on my mood when I make the layout... perhaps I will feel the spirit of the season more after I've done my Xmas shopping... which I have obviously yet to do... *slumps* Grrr... Argh...

And speaking of Xmas, I have also been assaulted with various Xmas carols on my way to and from work... I will obviously be assaulted with more when I actually do go Xmas shopping.... While this has yet to happen, will seriously be unable to contain myself if I do find myself in a store which is playing "Walking around in a Winter Wonderland".... see her blog more more details....

Meanwhile, me is very tired.... and should go to bed.... bed.... bed is good....

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 12:44 AM

December 16, 2002 ~ ~

Ya know... for a while I was wondering what I was working my ass off so hard for... now that I find my pay going down the drain at light speed despite the fact that I've worked every single day for the last week, I have a pretty good idea... bloody driving lessons~!!! *kicks all driving instructors/schools in general for being so bloody damn expensive* Taking into account that I haven't even had driving lessons for a month and that I'm already $300 outta pocket, I'm seriously bemoaning the blow to my bank account. Let's not even mention the amount that I actually have to pay to take my test and GET my licence.... and that I haven't even done my Xmas shopping yet... *growls* Not happy~!!

But anyways, onto more happier topics... and other reasons why my bank balance is in its very poor condition... ^^;;; though these reasons make me ever so much more happier than the last...

It's been almost two weeks since I blogged last -- and for good reason... I haven't even been on the net coz I've just been too tired... see above mention of working every single day this week, starting last sunday and going till yesterday (saturday). Friday was meant to have been my one day off and my veg out day. Then I get a wake up call from my boss saying that the girl who was meant to show up hadn't, and that he needed me there. So I had to drag my sleepy ass outta bed and get to work on my one day off.... *slumps* me is soo dead.... Thank everything under the stars that I had a day off today and one tomorrow... although I'm having a driving lesson tomorrow.... *growls* Mi!!

But anyways, enough of my whining... onto better stuff... Since the last post, I have finished Chobits. *grins* And loved it a LOT~~!!! Yeah, it may be a slightly perverted series, but still very very gorgeous~!! And what pleased me but also freaked me out..? It was a happy ending~!!! Well... granted Angelic Layer had a happy ending too, but Angelic Layer didn't exactly have a big emphasis on romantic relationships... And this is CLAMP we're talking about!! This is the CLAMP that tore the Subaru/Seishirou relationship up despite the fact that they spent seven tankoubans of Tokyo Babylon building it up!! Excuse me while I wander off to wonder what CLAMP were on when they wrote the story! *LOL* Not that I'm not happy with it!! I think I would have felt distinctly displeased if the ending hadn't happened as it did... but then that's nothing new, I've been distinctly displeased with CLAMP ever since they killed Seishirou off... though Sakurazukamori!Subaru slightly made up for that.... *L* But still, Chobits was gorgeous~! Very much looking forward to getting DVDs ^_^

But speaking of getting stuff, my Backgammons came in~~~!!! ^___________^ Extremely cute piccies of the Saiyuki boys~!! But alas, there was only one tiny little sketch of Tokitou and none of Kubo-chan... *sighs* A bit disappointed, but not too much *grins* Still staring at Sanzo on the cover of Backgammon 2 and drooling.... *droools* And totally totally lovable piccy of Goku in Backgammon 3 ^_^ To quote Minekura-san, "Itsumo no Bakasaru ja naku" *huggles* totemo kawaii desu~~!

Bad thing about it though? I paid a very pretty penny for them... ^^;;; Not that I begrudge them that... but still... considering that there'll be two new Minekura artbooks coming out Dec 26th and Jan 26th, containing recent Saiyuki and Gaiden (and hopefully Wild Adapter) piccies, you can be sure that I'll be paying another very pretty penny for them when the February shipment comes in.... I really don't know whether to grumble or be happy... so for now I'll just resort to staring at Goku.... *grins* Also as a point to note, the new artbooks will no longer be called "Backgammon"... since Minekura switched publishers for Saiyuki from Enix to Issaisha, I presume that the rights for "Backgammon" also belong to Enix... thus since the new artbooks are being published by Issaisha, they'll be marketed under the name "Salty-dog" 1 & 2.... *sweatdrops* She comes up with the weirdest names, I swear....

Also with Xmas coming up and me desperately wracking my brains to think up Xmas pressies for friends and family, I realised one very important thing. I wasn't getting myself a present... *L* So yeah... I figured that I deserved a present after having worked so hard since I've been on holidays and I was quick to remedy that since I knew exactly what I wanted. So now I am the proud owner of the beginning of the Kyoto hen of Rurouni Kenshin on DVD *huggles DVDs* Will continue to get them as they come out and I'll go back and get the beginning ones when my bank balance is feeling better, but that doesn't really bother me. I'm getting the good stuff first afterall ^__________^

Watched 16 episodes last night after coming home from my aunt's for dinner -- around midnight. Finished this morning around 6:30am *grins* And came to the inevitable conclusion that, again, it was well worth the pretty penny I spent to get them. Rurouni Kenshin is one of the few series in which I'm hard pressed to dislike/hate any of the characters. Seriously, I love almost all of them... And having just seen the episode where Kenshin masters the Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki, I'm effectively reminded that I really REALLY love the shishou/deshi relationship between Kenshin and Hiko Seijuurou ^_^

But anyways, in other anime news, continuing to watch other anime, like Witch Hunter Robin and Samurai Deeper Kyou, in both of which (up to ep 18) everything that has been nicely puttering along was just thrown to Hell and is getting very very interesting!! Also since I'm in the lull between series after finishing Chobits, I've also been starting a lotta of the new series. Naruto was surprisingly good after the first 3 eps in which things were pretty slow going. Will definitely continue that series... especially coz Kakashi has Inoue Kazuhiko's voice and just really really REALLY reminds me of Yuki... though a relatively more genki Yuki.... ^^;;;;;

Also saw Get Backers... in which I was surprised to hear Kanna Nobutoshi's voice (formerly Hayashi Nobutoshi of Fushigi Yuugi's Tasuki fame) coz Midou Ban sounded a LOT like Tasuki ^_^ And then recognised Tobita Nobuo's voice as Dr. Jackal after a few lines coz it just so distinctly reminded me of Tomo... after which I proceeded to shudder... *L* Saw the first three eps of Spiral and is waiting for it to get better... this one definitely has potential... seiyuus include Suzumura Kenichi, Mitsuishi Kotono, Onosaka Masaya and Asano Mayumi sounding like anything BUT Hisoka... ^^;;; which was kinda scary...

Saw the first three eps of Mirage of Blaze (Honoo no Mirage) and is slightly confused... not the best of starts and is debatable whether I'm gonna continue this one... plot seems kinda flimsy... also waiting for things to get a bit shounen-ai-ish but in the mean time, loving Hayami Shou's voice... *drools* I could listen to that voice all day..... Also recognized Seki Toshihiko, Seki Tomokazu and Matsumoto Yasunori... who also happens to be in Get Backers ^^;;

And then there's Gundam Seed... ^_^ Despite the fact that I was reluctant to see it because of the character design it's turned out to be very good after 3 eps. But people have to admit that while Strike Gundam has more add-ons and may have more power, in terms of design, it doesn't even come close to that of Wing Gundam and the subsequent Wing Zero and Zero Custom. I dunno, I just find it a bit too plain... though I much prefer it over the strange-ness that was the Turn A gundams... In terms of characters, even though Kira looks like a girl half the time, I still can't help but like him after 3 eps... voiced by Hoshi Souichirou... resemblance to Goku perhaps?? *shrugs* Dunno... But yeah, and voices, let's not even mention the voices aside from the fact that it is literally an ALL STAR CAST. I've known this for quite a while and some of the names which were thrown around in the first episode already have been Mitsuishi Kotono, Hoshi Souichirou, Seki Tomokazu, Seki Toshihiko, Kuwashima Houko, Koyasu Takehito and Ishida Akira... Though putting some of the voices to the faces have been an eye opener... The worst one probably being Seki Toshihiko as Cruz, the Zech-lookalike with mask and a perm job... ^^;;;;; While I don't think that it'll come close to the degree with which I love GWing to bits, I'm expecting GSeed to give me a helluva ride ^_^

But speaking of recognising voices, from an episode of Witch Hunter Robin I recently watched, I've found that I'm able to recognize Ueda Yuuji's voice from just hearing him pant... *sweatdrops* Why?? I have no idea... I just heard it and went, that's SO Ueda Yuuji.... ^^;;;; And this is even before I did my recent Kenshin rerun... so given that the latest incarnations of Ueda Yuuji's voice I've heard are Ueda Hiroyasu from Chobits and Kakyou from X, neither of which are given to pant, I really don't know how that came about... ^^;;;; Slightly freaky...

So yeah, that's what's been happening to me recently, now I must go and get some sleep so that I'll be awake for my driving lesson in 10 hours... *sighs* Oi oi.... *grins* must refrain from watching Kenshin again.....

December 3, 2002 ~ ~

Haven't been blogging in a while..... that's coz it's been hectic since my b'day.... let's just have a quick summary...

20th - date last blogged...
21st - morning driving lesson, afternoon work
22nd - out all day for b'day celebration with friends
23rd - one free day
24th - anime marathon... crashed at
her place
25th - continuation of anime marathon
26th - attended a friend's dinner party, didn't get home till 2am
27th - all day work
28th - morning driving lesson, afternoon work
29th - attended high school's presentation night, got invited for a drink with ex-teachers
30th - all day work
1st - afternoon work

So yeah...... that brings us to today, my one free day.... and I have to work tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday is again my driving lesson/work day....... *slumps over and dies* Remember how I said I was looking for a job?? Forget it!! I'll be lucky if I even get myself to stop yawning before christmas..... Seriously, I've never yawned so much in my life.... Not even in school when I only get an average of 4 hours of sleep every day..... Though I s'pose I'm getting less than that now considering that because it's "holidays" I stay later on the net.... ^^;;; But still!!

Beat... so very beat... my legs were killing me last night.... She also felt the need to call me up yesterday at 10am before she boarded her flight when she knew that I would be asleep.... And I don't even remember what she or I said coz I was so sleepy.... only that she told me to go back to sleep.... ^^;;; which is pretty bad coz I must've not been making much sense.... ^^;;; Me is never coherent when sleepy or tired.... and I was REALLY sleepy then.... especially given that I didn't even get to bed till 6am coz I was building my Special Operations Wing Zero...... *grins* who is now standing on top of my monitor with it's huge-ass buster rifle and gorgeou silver wings next to my Deathscythe Hell Custom........... *WIDE grin* my two favourite Gundams, what could be better?? *L*

Anyhoo, also picked up the last two DVDs for X to complete my set.... watched episode 16 last night.... *sniffles* Sei-kun shouldn't have died~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! And damn you CLAMP for not letting us hear Sei-kun's last words~~~~~!!!! mi!!

But anyhoos, on the topic of CLAMP, started Chobits *ducks kick from her* Soooo cute~~~!!!! Hideki sounds nothing like Subaru though they share the same seiyuu... although I could pick out Subaru in some things that Hideki says.... Shinbo is just sooooo Shuuichi-like~!! *grins* Seki Tomokazu's just so talented~!! And Sumomo is cute, but I think I like Chii better...... Adorably clueless *LOL* very very cute~!!! Pants Pants~!!! *grins* Will finish this series soon!! Too cute not to!! Think I'll get the manga tomorrow too!

Also finished RahXephon sometime in the week..... and let's just say that the ending was eva-like.... I mean, some things you could pretty much predict, like how Ayato was Haruka's long lost lover and that... but really... the ending was just too eva-like.... the final form of the RahXephon just looked like 3rd impact Kaworu with wings growing out of his head...... And the ending was just weird.... I mean, what really happened to Haruka?? Did she die?? And why oh WHY did grown up Ayato look like that scientist dude whose name I can't remember??? Kigarashi was it?? Altogether weird.... I s'pose if I wasn't rushing through the series, I'd have more time to think on it, but still~!!! Hen da yo ne.....

Also watched Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitoukai Shikkoubu from her DVD..... So cute~~~~~!!! Lovely Kubota to Beauty Tokitou~!! *LOL* Kubo-chan is just soooooo cute~!!! And Tokitou, I LOVE Tokitou~!! Really really REALLY wanna see Wild Adapter.... Definitely expect a Wild Adapter/Seitoukai Shikkoubu layout for Chaos *L* I really really REALLY can't pass these boys up..... I wanna see if there are any piccies when I get my Backgammon 2 & 3 in a few weeks.....

miiiiiii.......... anyhoos, gonna go to sleep.... *sighs* coz I'm just really really REALLY tired... even if I slept till 2pm today........

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 1:36 AM

November 20, 2002 ~ ~

Eighteen today~!! ^^;;; Or technically yesterday, since it is after midnight... but still, like I said, I never think it's the next day till I actually go to bed... which makes for interesting situations when I don't go to bed but that's another story...

So yes, eighteen today... and like I said to one of my friends in an email, when the minute hand ticked over from 11:59pm on the 18th to 12:00am on the 19th, I felt this sudden surge of maturity that comes with being labelled eighteen and now automatically know how to responsibly drink, drive and gamble, unlike my seventeen year old self. *snorts* *rolls eyes* Seriously speaking, I think society places way too much emphasis on being of legal age... I mean, are we talking physical or mental age?? Coz really, physical age tells you jack about the person. I mean, yeah, it's an indication, but does it really matter if you're not eighteen by a few months??

Myah... so that's my philosophical rant for the day.

Went for my first driving lesson today~!! ^^;; Did okay, I think... There were some bits that I needed to work on but overall, my instructor said that I should be ready to get my Ps soon.... ^________^ YAY~~~!!!

Also got the cleaning bug today... which means that I completely cleaned off my desk.. after being buried under mountains of paper, I can finally see the actual desk top for the first time in months *L* Then I dragged the vacuum cleaner in and vacuumed EVERYWHERE, including the top of my compy and my models and my bookshelf and... you get the idea..... I swear I'm the only one that ever uses those little attachments that you get with the vacuum so you can clean the little stuff..... Then I rearranged the stuff on my bookcase so now my room is spick and span.... I only get the cleaning bug twice a year ^^;;; Between semesters when I have to get rid of the old books so I have room for the new ones ^_^ And so now, my brand new absolutely gorgeous X calendar is sitting on my desk tempting me just to stare at it nonstop and drool.... *L* Trying not to do that... Must scan soon ^_^

Also finished Noir.... LOVED the ending action sequences ^_^ And yeah, I do agree that the only prominent flaw that Noir has is the snail-paced beginning that was just too chock-a-block full of flashbacks.... Will now go and finish RahXephon...... And agonize over whether to get a Special Operations Wing Zero model or a RahXephon model.... Zero's winning at the moment but that may change when I actually get to see more of the RahXephon....

So yeah... anyhoos... now that I've cleaned my room, next on the agenda is to finish my resume and officially go job hunting........ *sighs* oi oi.....

Kamui... *drools*

*grins* Trying not to look over.... will now turn the lights off so I can't see Kamui properly.... ^_^ But in other random amusement, me and her were playing around with the Random Slogan Generator and some of the results were much MUCH too funny to pass up immortalizing here: ^_______^

"Got eyeball?" - *snickers* I personally loved this one ^_^

"It's the Bright one, it's the right one, it's the eyeball!!" - *falls off chair laughing* This is so appropriate is so many inappropriate ways...

"Nothing comes between me and my Subaru" - *grins* Sei-kun's personal motto.

"Just Do Tsuzuki" - She always gets the hentai ones *LOL*

"Stimulation for Body and Yaoi" - Like this one *snickers*

"Kamui-Lickin' Good" - *droools* ^_________^

"Only Tree-san has the answer" - Hell Yes!!! The tree should just kill Subaru and learn to get it's own dinner dammit!!

"Good down to the last gun-totin' monk" - *LOL* Very apt description of the Saiyuki boys ne?

"Wouldn't you rather be Sensei?" - Her response: "So I can molest Tsuzuki-san? Hell yeah!!" *ROFL*

"Happiness is Bakazaru-shaped" - *grins* Seriously, this one fits ^______^

"Smart. Beautiful. Korosu." - *snickers* I'm sorry... I love this one so much

"Top breeders recommend bakaneko" - Kyoukichi~~~!! Who wouldn't recommend him??? *L*

"Kills all known CLAMP - Dead" - I have a feeling I'll be needing some of that when X finally ends....

"I think, therefore Aku Soku Zan" - *grins* Even more bastardizations of Saitou's mottos...

"Turn loose the pedophilic tree-hugger" - *cringe* Let's not even begin to imagine how disturbing that would be...

"Yaoi really satisfies!" - *grins* that it does... at least to us fangirls *L*

"Have an eyeball and Smile" - ^^;; Somehow, I can just imagine Sei-kun saying this to Subaru...

*L* that's all for today... but definitely look for more random amusement in the future *grins*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 12:58 AM

November 13, 2002 ~ ~

Too tired to blog yesterday, but am gonna make up for it today... *grins* I saw the 2003 X Calendar~~~~~~~!!!! *major drools* CLAMP, I worship you!! *gets down on knees and pays homage* Not only is the calendar gorgeous, but it's also scannable~!!!! *WIDE grin* Sakurazukamori!Subaru!! Pretty Nataku~!!! And Gorgeous, bloody Kamui ^__________^ Definitely watch for more X layouts in the future.... *snickers* The thing's costing me a pretty penny, but oh so worth it~!!!!! *jumps up and down in happiness* Now I just gotta wait till Saturday when I can go pick it up after work without having to go anywhere after.... I'm afraid I'm gonna crush it in my bag..... Yes, I am paranoid.... but 'tis the X Calendar~~~~~!!!!! ^___________^

Oh, and one of the other good things about it?? No little genki girl or her pedophile tree-hugger boyfriend!!! *L* Excuse me if I just find that relationship really really disturbing.... *coughs*

Meanwhile, it seems as if I'm more busy now during my break, than I am during the semester.... *sweatdrops* I mean, yeah, I go to uni during the semester but still.... I worked monday when I usually don't... tutored on monday when I usually don't... today and tomorrow are my only free days and I'm working and tutoring on thursday as per usual.... tutoring on friday as per usual but still have to fit in a full day's work when I usually don't... and I'm working again on Saturday..... *sweatdrops* Oi oi.... I am so beat......... And I need to go find a driving instructor so I can go get my Ps....

^^;;; This is making me nostalgic.... I think around this time last year, I was whining for my Ls *LOL* But yeah... really need my Ps... and a car.... *sighs* I so hate public transport..... And I need a job.... *slumps* But yeah... right now, my goal is get through this week without collapsing.... *L*

Continuing to watch Noir.... getting interesting.... Didn't recognize Hisakawa Aya's voice until I saw the credits... ^^;;; But then as with Shidou Haruka in RahXephon, I'm so much more used to Hisakawa Aya's guy voice since I've been watching Furuba... so listening to the girls has been like listening to a female Yuki... ^^;;; Not that Yuki isn't feminine enough already... *snickers* I'd get whapped for that... anyhoo.... I knew that I'd heard the voice somewhere, just didn't recognize it as Hisakawa Aya's... then after I found out the seiyuu, I figured out where I'd heard the girl voice recently... Hinoto (aka the wobbly-headed-bint) from X ^^;;; Yeah... but then I tend to tune Hinoto out... ^_^

And I also found out from Noir that I can recognise Seki Toshihiko's voice from a simple "Hm" *face vaults* Oi..... me is obsessed... but then you already knew that *LOL*

Speaking of anime though, this page has been making its rounds through the fandoms and I can't help but happily share the wackiness that is the Random Pairings Generator: *snickers*

Ryuuichi x Shuuichi.... this one isn't so bad... ^_^

Brad Crawford x Kakyou...... *sweatdrops* uhhhhh.... at least they both see the future... sorta... *cringe*

Suguru x Wufei.... *snickers* They both have no nonsense attitudes.... Makes for interesting *cough* situations.... *LOL*

Shigure x Shigure~!!! *LOL* 'Tis Gure-san and Gure-san~~!! ^_^ And no doubt a lotta mutterings of "joushikousei~ joushikousei~" *snickers*

Heero x Touma.... *cringe* why am I somehow scared of this pairing...?

(Souma) Yuki x Yuki (Eiri).... *snickers* This pairing is so wacked out........

Treize x K.... *LMAO* Same seiyuu~!!! I wonder how Treize would accomodate the trigger-happy K though.... ^_^

K x Zechs... Threesome!!! *ROTFLMAO*

Momiji x Farfarello........... *backs slowly away* that is..... oi..... I dun wanna think about it.... *cringe*

Kumagoro x Hisoka..... *snickers* I have no idea why they stuck Kumagoro in there, but it's always funny when he comes up

Shuuichi x Zechs.... *falls over* OMG!! It's actually seme Shuuichi!!!

Santa (Kaikan Phrase) x Akito..... *cringe* I seriously cannot see Akito paired up with anyone.... willingly.....

Hatori x Shigure.... ya know... this one's actually quite believable... *L*

Dark x Sanzo..... All I can say is..... droooooooolllllllllll

Ryuuichi x Muraki.... *snickers* Pika pika Sensei~~~~~~!!!! *ducks whap from her*

K x Subaru.... *pouts* No!! Sei-kun dake no mono da!! =P Yes, I am a rabid S/S fangirl... ya gotta problem with that?? *fingers one of K's guns*

Farfarello x (Nakano) Hiro..... *cringe* Farfie..... *double cringe*

Goku x Shuuichi.... *snickers* their conversation would consist of "Haraheta!" "YUKI~!!!!" "Haraheta!" "YUK~I!!!!!" ^______^

Kamui x Subaru...... *pouts* *snatches Subaru and throws to Sei-kun* Sei-kun dake no mono da!! *grabs Kamui and throws to Keiichi* The boy needs more fun in his life... not more angsting Subaru.... =P

Muraki x (Souma) Yuki...... *cringe* I dun wanna think about it...

Momiji x Akito.......... *shudders* okay..... now that I am thoroughly disturbed, me thinks me'll call it a night..... ^^;;;

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 12:51 AM

November 10, 2002 ~ ~

I haven't blogged in so long.... ^^;;; But in that time, school has finished, exams have come and gone and daylight savings have started *L* I would have blogged earlier, but I needed to recover from surviving on 12 hours of sleep, doing 10 hours of exams and having countless cups of coffee in three consecutive days.... ^^;; that was not fun.... And let's just say that my sleep cycle is very fucked up at the moment... ^^;; But with a new layout comes new life! *snickers* And so I'm prolly gonna blog a lot more during my four month break.... ^____________^

Firstly, new layout... I LOVE SAI~~~~~~~~!!! He is simply gorgeous ^_______^ And so I couldn't resist featuring him in a Chaos layout. Further venturing into the 50-something episodes of HikaGo also brought with it the dreaded Sai-is-gonna-disappear mood so I'm hoping that this layout will keep me from getting too depressed.... *sniffle* dun wanna Sai to disappear.......

^_^ Also in the wake of HikaGo, I've been fumbling my way around teaching myself Go by playing on a 9x9 board with the compy *LOL* I'm happy to report that I'm starting to get the hang of it, and can even manage to win a few games every now and then *L* Of course, one must take into account that I'm not playing with komi and I'm always black *LOL* But still!! Sometimes I win by more than 5 moku... ^_^ So yeah... 'tis fun.... and I really really see why the Nippon Go Institute won't let the anime end by funding it for another season *snickers* I mean, if it could get even me off my lazy ass to play a game of Go, then it must be having more impact on other people ne? Though I dunno if I'll keep watching after Sai disappears.... *sighs* Sai's half the reason for watching the damn thing!! Especially coz it's so long... and unfinished!! =P

I've been watching too many unfinished things lately... HikaGo, Samurai Deeper Kyou and Witch Hunter Robin to name a few.... Kyou's as good as expected *L* Very much looking forward to more when they come out.... also went and got the manga for it so I'm gonna read them while I'm deprived of the anime ^_^ Witch Hunter Robin is surprisingly good for having a main character that's a bit dense.... not Furuba-Tohru-dense but more Ayanami-Rei-dense... and detached..... and it's a dull anime - which I suppose is to give effect to the fact that it's talking about the occult stuff and so on. When it first came on, the dull colour scheme reminded me of Lain... but the plot's a bit more understandable, hence why I'm willing to move forward with it. Of course, it also helps having a kick-ass opening and ending ^_____________^ Bana's "Shell" and "Half Pain" -- Highly recommended!!

Also started Noir and RahXephon -- two series I missed when I was on my ban last year ^_^ And I gotta say that they're good!! Noir has my favorite combo of femme fatales *L* If there's one thing that'll get me hooked without the appearance of bishounen, it's beautiful yet deadly ladies ^______^ Being a bit of a feminist, I've always been fond of the strong and independent women. Especially ones that don't deny their femininity to do it! I've never understood why some feminists feel the need to act completely like a man in order to promote feminism... I mean, doesn't that in a way undermine what you're standing for in the first place?? *shrugs* But yeah, that's my philosophy lesson of the day *L*

RahXephon is also especially interesting, if a bit reminiscent of Eva... but the RahXephon looks good!! And now I want a model...... which means I need money.... *sighs* I need a job.... now that my tutoring jobs are finishing and Kumon's gonna finish, I'm watching my income start to slowly trickle away into nothing................ *slumps* I especially need money coz the new shipment of stuff is coming in in three weeks with my Backgammons and DVDs and most likely loads of other stuff that I want but can't afford... *LOL* myah.... need a job.... I've looked, but have yet to make applications.... I should do that soon.... and prolly ring around to see if there are positions available....... miiiiii...... lazy~~!! 'Tis my holidays!! Dun wanna work!!! *sighs* myah...... puuu...

Currently listening to the new acquired mp3 "Invoke" by T.M.Revolution being the Gundam Seed info..... *shrugs* As I suspected from watching the mpeg of the opening, it doesn't really appeal to me.... I personally think that the ending by See Saw (of .hack//Sign fame) is much better ^__^ Me like that one! And another note about Gundam Seed is that there's an all star cast. And I do mean ALL STAR! Mitsuishi Kotono, Kuwashima Houko, Koyasu Takehito, Hoshi Souichirou, Ishida Akira, Seki Toshihiko, Seki Tomokazu... I mean, shit, practically anybody that's somebody is in that cast!! =P That a point to the pro side of seeing the thing...

The Con is the character design... *sighs* Got a look in the latest Newtype issue and recognised it as being done by the same person that designed the Scryed characters. Not that I have anything against the Scryed design. Afterall, Ryuuhou is distinctly droolable! *L* But you have to admit that the characters have sorta puffy cheeks... and the nose-cheek-mouth alignment is very distinct.... But apart from that, the main character looks more like a girl that Omi and Shuuichi does... ^^;; I think it has to do with the lash-emphasized eyes, which you generally don't see in guys (unless they're cross dressing.. but let's not get into that *snickers*). But yeah... and that the female love-interest has pink hair.... *shrugs* Dunno... that's just weird... The designer also seems to like putting a weird ornament in the female's hair.... Sherrice had one in her hair as well... And the uniforms look worse than the Mariemeia uniforms with the knee-high socks, what with the socks being tucked outside the baggy pants... and the long coats that remind me of the Holy uniform from Scryed.... I didn't even really like the Holy uniforms -- they looked a bit more like skirts than I would have liked... ^^;;; (Ryuuhou looked so much better in his pants and black tank *grins*) But yeah... OZ uniforms looked so much better.......

But still, I'll probably give it a go... The mecha fights (from what I've seen from the mpeg) look awesome though... so I guess I could ignore the character designs if given a good plot (as it was in Scryed ^___^)

Miii... Anyhoos... me is gonna go.... and pray for Monday to come quicker coz that's when I can go to Animezone and get the 2003 X Calendar that has my name on it *WIDE grin*