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Chaos v1.9
Rakuen ~ Omae Shikainai ~
Coverboys: Shindou Shuuichi & Yuki Eiri
Anime: Gravitation
Theme: Valentine's Day
Comes with: Wallpaper
Resolution: 800x600
Comment: *grins* My first and very possibly last pink layout ^_^ But this one didn't turn out half bad... just a bit too... pink ^^;;; Happy V-day people!

Chaos v1.9 Wallpaper

Rakuen ~ Omae Shikainai
(Paradise ~ No one but You)

Ishikawa Hideo -- Kato Yuusuke
(Sotsugyou M)

Chikatetsu no iriguchi de
Futari wa sawarikomu
Ichinichi ga mijika sugite
Kaerenaku naru no sa

Yubi ga sukoshi fureaeba
Mune ga kurushiku naru yo

Ai ga umareta   Ano hi kara
Omae shika inai
Kotoba hodo no yuuki mo nakute...
Ore o waratte okure

Ki majime de tanjun na
Baka na otoko dakedo
Moetsukite kai ni natte
Sore demo kamawanai

Sen MAIRU no kanata e to
Tsurete yukitai yoru sa

Donna toki demo   Kokoro ni wa
Omae shikainai
Tsukiakari ga hitotsu ni natta
Kage o yurashiteiru yo

Unmei o shinjite
Kono mama aruiki da sou
Rakuen made no michinori ga
Kewashikute mo

Ai ga umareta   Ano hi kara
Omae shikainai
Kotoba hodo no yuuki mo nakute...
Ore o waratte okure


By the entrance to the subway
The two of us sit down
The day will soon pass by
And it will never return

If my finger lightly touches you
My heart starts to ache

Love was born on that day
There is no one but you
I don't have the courage to
express it in words...
I laugh in defeat

Born naively honest
I am a foolish guy but
If I could burn into ashes for you
I wouldn't mind

I want to take you in the night
To that distant place
that's thousand of miles away

No matter when, in my heart
There is no one but you
Ray by ray the moonlight appears
The silhouettes are flickering

Believing in destiny
I'll keep on walking
This distance until I reach paradise
No matter how trying it may be

Love was born on that day
There is no one but you
I don't have the courage to
express it in words...
I laugh in defeat

Chaos   EDv2.0

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I'm baaacccckkk~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! *grins*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kimi ni Fureru Dakede" -- Curio ]

Sure, I'm tanned as hell and missing late night walks on the beach already, but I'm back~!!! *giggles* But as much as I missed the beach, I don't think I could be deprived of more anime and manga.... I'm already hopelessly deprived as it is, but then I have a week of fics to go through, which makes me VERY happy~!!! ^_^ So I guess it all balances out in the end...

Anyhoo, must rant about trip to QLD... I LOVE THE BEACH~~!!!!! Can I emphasize that any more?!! I LOVE THE BEACH~~~!!! I ADORE THE BEACH~~~!! Damn, is Surfers Paradise beautiful or what?? Clean white sand, beautiful blue ocean.... heaven~~~!!! *nodnodnod* much better than the beaches around my house...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tamashii no Refrain" -- Hayashibara Megumi (Ayanami Rei) ]

But the one thing about QLD that I don't really like is the humid weather ^^;;; It's not excessively hot, but goddamn it's humid~!! We stepped off the plane for like two seconds and already we were feeling sticky~!! And the sun... god the sun....... I think the one thing I won't miss about QLD is the fact that you have to literally slather on the sunscreen before you even think about stepping outside into the sun.... I swear, first day, I was at the beach for less than two hours and already I'd gotten a tan line *sweatdrops* not pleasant I assure you...

But Movieworld was fun... ^_^ One of my friends and I went on Lethal Weapon... that was SO cool~!!! Sure, getting tossed around upside down and stuff in the air for a minute isn't everybody's idea of fun, but damn was it cool~!!! ^_^ Most of my friends wouldn't get on it though ^^;;; But then we all went and rode Road Runner's Rollercoaster like three times *L* And after Lethal Weapon, lemme tell you that it's just not exciting anymore~!! I mean, we were literally screaming our heads off on Lethal Weapon, but Road Runner was more like "Ahhhhhhhhhh...." in a very monotonous voice... *L* But it was fun.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Messiah" -- Yayoi Yula ]

Oh and then the same friend that rode Lethal Weapon with me rode Tweety's bird cage thing with me *snickers* Just so we could say that we went on the scariest ride and the most kiddy ride of all *L* That was funny.... it was two to a cage but we couldn't fit so we had to sit on the sides..... and then our bird cage wouldn't rise as high as all the others and came down twice as fast... *LOL* All the parents on the side were looking at us funny.... *L*

And then we went on Marvin's Rocket thing that's sorta like a miniature version of the Rainbow but the guy who was operating it just seemed really really bored so when he let us out, he said in this really bored voice "Thank you for riding Marvin's thing in the air" *falls off chair laughing* We just found that extremely funny.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ore dake no Kotoba de" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (Heero Yuy) ]

Anyhoo, Movieworld was extremely fun... and so was Wet 'n' Wild.... we must have gone on Terror Canyon four times each.... not to mention Mammoth Falls and Mammoth Plunge.... *grins* It was FUN~~!!!! But god was the climb up Hell..... and considering that it took you at least two minutes to walk up and ten seconds coming down ^^;;; It wasn't very balanced....

That's the only thing wrong with waterslides... they all need a slope to work properly, which means that you have to climb stairs ^^;;;; Needless to say, we got a BIG workout that day... *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kaze no Uta" -- Sakamoto Chika (Nuriko) ]

And we also rented a cabin boat and took that out on the river for three hours, where we attempted to fish with no success *L* But it was fun.... and I got to drive and I DIDN'T capsize the boat~!! =P But anyhoo, QLD was the ultimate fun...

Oh and we saw this cute guy at the local Muffin Break... who is now dubbed Muffin Break Boy... so one of my friends constantly went back for muffins ^^;;;; But anyhoo, we were there at closing time when we saw Muffin Break Boy cleaning up and throwing all the muffins out.... so we asked and got six Double Choc muffins for free *BIG grin* Had that for breakfast the other day on our twelfth floor balcony overlooking the spectacular view.... *happy sigh* Heaven.......

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Motto Suteki na Asa ga Kuru yo" -- Hanazawa Kae ]

So yeah, QLD was really really fun and I'm glad I went... Figured out a lot about living on your own like dishes and laundry and shopping and whatnot ^_^ But now, I got a lot of things to do... *sighs* Like get my drivers' license, my mobile phone, do my timetable, go to O week, go to School, do anime and manga.... ^^;;; all before school starts in march ^^;;;; Yup... Goodluck to me...

Anyhoo, better get going... still gotta lotta stuff to do over the net...
Shikami Yamino at 12:44 AM

^^ Tuesday, January 29, 2002 ^^

^^;;; been missing from the net.... but that's completely not my fault~!! *grins* Blame it on my Recca DVDs!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "eX Dream" -- Miyuji ]

Yes, that's right peoples, I have finally bought myself the Flame of Recca DVD box set~!!! *wild cheering* *huggles box set* I love this series~!! Have I ever mentioned that I love this series?? ^^;; I probably have, but I can mention it again ne?? *LOL* Anyhoo, I LOVE THIS SERIES~!!!! It is SOOOO GOOD~~!!!! *nodnodnod* If you haven't seen it... Damn!! You don't know what you've been missing!! The perfect combo of humor, action, eye-candy (Mi-chan~~~!!! *hearts*) and damned good BGMs!!

Of course, this combo could also apply to Fushigi Yuugi... *grins* which I also happen to adore!! But when comparing FY action to Recca action... let's just say that it leaves something to be desired *giggles* Damn, I'd forgotten how bloody painful it was to watch this series... I mean, the Recca and Kukai fight... *sweatdrops* Tell me you don't cringe every time Recca gets hit head over heels... *cringe* It hurts just thinking about it seriously.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Secret Sorrow" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

Of course, this kind of fighting anime may not appeal to everyone's tastes... but it's just soooooo good~~~~~!!!! I like my bloody, fighting and funny animes~!! *nodnod* My tastes definitely run to the more morbid/fighting animes... ^^;;;; part of the reason why I'm known for being morbid and homicidal <-- this is where Sutsume-chan will insert the words "especially on the go-karting track~!!" *snickers* Not my fault~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Strength" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

Prime example~!!! X the TV series~~~~~~~~~!!!! I am so addicted to X, it is not funny..... and if ever there was a morbid anime/manga series, X would definitely come to mind ^_^ Continuing to plough my way through the X mangas *grins* although I think X11 is missing from my manga supplier *growls* And that's just when it was starting to get good too~~!!! *whines* I wanna more X~~~~!!!!

Meanwhile, on the subject of X, I have to ask, why aren't there many nice Sei-kun/Subaru fics out there?!?!?!?!?!! *gapes* I find it so hard to believe that so few people would like Sei-kun and Subaru as a couple~!!! *holds up sign: "Shameless SxS supporter!!"* They're just so perfect together though~!!! And I have to admit that while reading X9, when Kamui sorta hugged Subaru after Subaru fainted after going Within Kamui, my first reaction was "Kamui!! Hand's off!! Sei-kun's!!" *sweatdrops* sorta reminds me of my reaction when Relena hugged Hee-chan in Endless Waltz.... *sheepish grin* Can't help it~~!! Tell me you don't love the couple after reading Tokyo Babylon~!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ohayou" -- Keno ]

Oohhhhhh... and must mention this..... ^^;;; as another sign that I'm addicted (though I hardly need signs to tell me that *L*), while watching Recca and the fight between Uruha Kurenai and Hokage, I was listening to Joker's voice and definitely found it familiar.... Joker has this really strong Kansai accent and after a few lines, me figured it out... ^^;;; It's the same voice that does Arisugawa Sorata in the X tv series *sweatdrops* Of which I've only seen 3 episodes and seen Sorata a mere couple of minutes.... ^^;;; Ahem... obsession.........

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kiss wa Shounen no Roohi Suru" -- Tokyo Performance Dolls ]

*grins* bouncy TB song~~~~~!!!

And here, I must mention that I love Joker~~~!!! Ain't he just sooo cool?? And cute in chibi?!?!!! *LOL* Must go borrow Recca manga... *sighs* though I'm not keen on seening manga Mi-chan.... manga Mi-chan is mean... *sniffles* anime Mi-chan is much nicer... though you wouldn't notice it *L*... and more bishi than manga Mi-chan~!!! *nodnodnod*

But speaking of manga, borrowed the first three volumes of Saiyuki~~!! KYAHHH~~~!! So in love with this series~~~!!! "Bakazaru~~!!" "Ero Kappa~~~!!" "Haraheta~~~!!" *giggles* It brings back so many memories from the anime series... especially because the anime follows the manga VERY closely \^o^/ So good~~~!! *snickers* Sanzo is VERY good at taming wild animals.... *LOL*

Lirin: *launches herself towards Sanzo-tachi in attack*
Sanzo: *grabs Lirin by the back of her shirt and dangles her in mid air* *holds out meat bun* Wanna meat bun?
Lirin: *eyes light up* *grabs the meat bun and happily munches while still being dangled in mid air by Sanzo*

*LOL* I'm sorry... I SO love this scene!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Devotion" -- Okui Masami ]

*happy sigh* I'm addicted to so many series.... but they're all SO GOOD~!!! ^_^

But anyhoo, enough gushing, better get off and get some sleep... still gotta lotta stuff to do before leaving for Queensland on Saturday... *sweatdrops* 6:20am Saturday... *cringe*

^^ Monday, January 21, 2002 ^^

*LOL* Yes, it's almost that time of year again people... hence this very... *sweatdrops* pink... layout....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Calling My Soul" -- Manabu Enuma ]

*giggles* Been planning this layout for quite a while actually... *L* Originally figured that I'd make it either GW or Gravi... but then the Gravi-kick set in... *L* And so I was left with this.... ^^;;; Just didn't figure it would turn out so... pink... though.... *sweatdrops*

In case people haven't really figured it out, I'm not overly fond of the color pink... it reminds me of the pink hurricane from Hell in Sailormoon... aka Chibi-Usa.... ^^;;; and it reminds me of that hideous pink piece of **** that Relena-sama calls a limo... ^^;;; So like I said, I'm not overly fond of the color.... ^_^ But since it was V-day, thought I'd put up with it for a while... *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "From Way Before" -- Laynah ]

*blinks* Although considering that this is a yaoi pairing... wonder who gives and who receives the chocolates.... and what happens on White Day?? *L* And for those of you who can't believe it, yes, Shuuichi is a boy!! *LOL* Yes, he dyed his hair pink and yes he has big pretty eyes... *snickers* although the big big eyes you see in the break at the end of each post is for an entirely different reason *LMAO* and I'm not about to spoil it for those who haven't seen Gravitation ^_^

And before anyone says anything, yes, the piccy in the bigger heart at the top is of Shuuichi with flowers in his hair and wearing a pink sailor uniform... *LOL* Okay, so he cross-dresses... ^_^ But he is a boy~~!!! *grins* Have I stressed that enough yet??

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Secret Sorrow" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

*giggles* Anyhoo... angsty song, so I'll get off my high about the new layout... *L*

So lately... been getting too into X and TB *sheepish grin* I mean, not that it's a bad thing, but I think that if some of my friends ever saw me full-on studying the pages in X6 where the Shinken got born from Tokiko-san just to see if I can identify everything.... they would be very *very* disturbed.... ^^;;;; Not that I'd blame them... but I can't help it if X is such a gorefest~~~!! ^_^ And CLAMP does such detailed artwork that just a single glance wouldn't do it justice!! *nodnod*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Strength" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

^_^ Addicted to this song... from the X OVA "An Omen" *L* Where we get to hear Ueda Yuuji as Kakyou~!! *LOL* I'm sorry... that just cracks me up.... think of Rurouni Kenshin's brash and rough Sagara Sanosuke sharing something in common with the languid, graceful and effeminate Kakyou is just too funny for words~~!! *L*

But speaking of X6 and the birth of the Shinken... for those of you who've read it... how bloody is that thing????!?!?! *gapes* seriously~~!! Tokiko-san had to actually *DIG* into her own stomach for it~~!!! ^^;;; Cringed when I first saw it coz DAMN would that hurt!! Not to mention the way you get cut up afterward.... ^^;;; No wonder Saya ended up the way she was.....

But then, the bit when Kamui was clutching Tokiko-san's head and screaming was just funny... *giggles* Kept thinking of the X movie where all it seemed that Kamui does was clutch someone's decapitated head and scream their name.... *snickers* "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~!!!!"

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ohayou" -- Keno ]

*giggles* Opening to Hunter x Hunter... of which the first season was just recently finished by Sutsume-chan and I on one of our anime-marathon-sleepover thingies *LOL* Pretty good series... ^_^ Killua~~~~~~~!!! ^^;;; Somehow, I always go for the evil ones.... I mean, not that Killua is evil... but he belongs to a family of assassins and so... yeah... *L* Further proof that I am morbid.... *nodnod* and evil *WIDE grin*

But this a NICE song~~!! Nice and genki... which is a change from all the angsty X songs I've been addicted to so far... *LOL* Definitely recommended~~~!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Messiah" -- Yayoi Yula ]

*blinks* And this is just freaky gothic rock song from Angel Sanctuary.... ^_^ Surprisingly, I like these kinds of songs... freaky in a cool kinda way.... this song makes me think of churches and blood and stained-glass-windows and knives and all sorts of sacrificial things... *L* Which again, would be disturbing to people who didn't know me ^_^

Anyhoo... me thinks me better go... *L* Don't wanna be too sleepy for Daddy's birthday today *L*