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Chaos v1.8
- can't you just taste it?
  Coverboys: Genjo Sanzo, Son Goku,
                   Cho Hakkai & Sha Gojyo
  Manga: Gensoumaden Saiyuki
  Comes with: Wallpaper
  Resolution: 800x600
  Comment: *grins* Current

Chaos v1.8 Wallpaper

Nomiyama Masaki
(Gensoumaden Saiyuki)

Sora wo tobu tori no mure ga
Jiyuu da nante
Ningen no migatte sugiru hanashi

Omou mama sono tsubasa de
Ikeru toshite mo
Kaeru beki basho wo sagashi madou

Yondeiru kisetsu no koe ni
Seki taterarete
Tobu koto wo kuyande naiteru mitai

Tsubasa no motanai  Oretachi dakara
Daichi wo kanjite  Ikite ikou
Kaereru basho ga  Wakatte hajimete
Jiyuu no imi wo  Satorun darou
Iki isogu tsubasa wo  Tooku mioteru

Sora kakeru tori no you ni
Naritai nante
Ningen no oroka sugiru negai

Oikakeru kisetsu no keai
Kakureru you ni
Nigenagara obiete tonderu mitai

Habataki wasureta  Oretachi dakedo
Kimochi de dare yori  Takaku tobou
Jibun no ibasho  Wakatte hajimete
Ikiteru imi wo  Tsukamun darou
Toki wataru tsubasa wo  Tooku mioteru

Mienai tsubasa wo dare mo ga
Senaka ni kakushiteiru

Tsubasa wo motanai  Oretachi dakara
Daichi wo kanjite  Ikite ikou
Kaereru basho ga  Wakatte hajimete
Jiyuu no imi wo  Satorun darou

Habataki wasureta  Oretachi dakedo
Kimochi de dare yori  Takaku tobou
Jibun no ibasho  Wakatte hajimete
Ikiteru imi wo  Tsukamun darou
Toki wataru tsubasa wo  Tooku mioteru



Sakura Saku

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[-- Monday, January 14, 2002 --]      

*grins* 2:30am... good time to rant... and hence blog... *L* And what coupla days it's been...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Believe In" -- Nomiyama Masaki ]

*giggles* And first of all... Saiyuki~~~~!!!! *squeals* I have officially become addicted! ^^;;; If I wasn't already.... It's Soooo good~~!!! And this song is from the second Image Album... such a good song~!! With such a good beat~!! ^_^ Very tempted to get out to my anime supplier and buy the third Image Album... I constantly find myself getting addicted to Saiyuki songs *L* They are THAT good!!

But anyways, back to the actual anime... ^^;;; Sutsume-chan and I got the whole first season done in two days *giggles* And it's good good good good good~!! ^_^ Can I stress that enough??

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Calling My Soul" -- Manabu Enuma ]

I am SO addicted to this song~!!! ^_^ Yet again from Saiyuki... Go GET~!!

Long haired Goku, long haired Goku!!! Long haired Goku is just COOL!! Pretty pretty golden eyes~!!! *L* But Goku is cute anyway you look at him... "Haraheta~~~!!" *giggles* Kawaii~~~~~~!! And you just gotta love Sanzo's fan!! *LOL* Especially in the last few eps after Goku willingly took off his power controlling thing to fight Kougaiji and then ended up almost killing everyone... ^_^ He was feeling guilty that he'd tried to kill Sanzo and the two are looking at each other and all of a sudden, Sanzo just whips out his fan and starts pounding Goku with it~~!! *LOL* God I love that bit!! ^_^ "Bakazaru!!!"

One of the many things about this series I love, is that it canNOT stay serious... I mean, it was a bloody serious scene, with Sanzo all bandaged up and Goku feeling guilty... *giggles* Kawaii~~~!! *LOL* And then Goku and Gojyo start the whole "Bakazaru" and "Ero Kappa" thing again~~!! *LMAO* I swear I love this series...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "From Way Before" -- Laynah ]

Once again from Saiyuki... ^_^ An all english song actually, and the pronounciation's pretty good as well as the grammar ^_^ And the words just completely remind me of Goku.... *huggles chibi-Goku*

But then there's everybody else~!! Sanzo is just bloody cool!! *grins* Kinda makes me think of what happens when you cross Duo with Heero's personality ^_^ It's the voice, I swear it's the voice~~!! Seki Toshihiko~~~!! *squeals* And then there's Hakkai~~!! *giggles* You gotta love Ishida Akira's voice for those kinds of cheerful in all situations people... ^_^ It's so cute!! "Hakkai! See, Sanzo's got a really really small heart!!" "Well I did say "I think", didn't I?" *falls over laughing* That's just such a precious scene!! Waaii~~! And let's not forget Gojyo... but then who could actually forget the perverted kappa?? *snickers* The fights between him and Goku are just too hilarious... and then there's Sanzo joining in... *huggles* I just can't get enough of this series... must go get the manga and read the gaiden... Waaaii~~~!!!

*sweatdrops* Can I acutally stop gushing about this series?? *LOL* Trust me, if you haven't seen it, you definitely should!! *snickers* And then you can laugh at the Sanzo/Lirin situation too... *dies laughing* Oi oi... me on a high... ^_^

Gojyo: You probably couldn't even remember his name!
Goku: I could too!! Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai Hakkai!!
Hakkai: Question! How many times did Goku say "Hakkai"?
Sanzo: *looks at Hakkai* Hak-kai.. (eight times)
Hakkai: *grins* Bingo!!

Waaii~~!! Gomen~~!!! ^^;;; But that was such a cute scene!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "eX Dream" -- Miyuji ]

*giggles* Okies okies... I'll stop gushing about Saiyuki now....

So onto a more serious note, finally saw the first few eps of X the TV series~!! Of which this is the Opening... to which I'm also addicted... *sweatdrops* I'm addicted to too many good songs at the moment....

X the TV series, I gotta say is absolutely much better than the goddamned movie!! I mean, by the first five minutes of the movie, both Seishirou and Subaru were already dead!! *pout* What was the fun in that?? The TV series, I reckon is much better, at least I could follow the plotline without having read the manga... unlike when I watched the movie *cringe* That was just sitting through an hour and a half or so of gorefest... not that I don't like that kinda thing, but X is supposed to have such a deep plotline that the movie just didn't do it justice!! *puts on Wufei voice* There is no Justice!! *snickers* Sorry... I'm seriously on a high....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Secret Sorrow" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

*grins* The ending to the X tv series... slow ballad, good vocal ^_^ Nice angsty song!

But anyways, IMHO, the TV series is much better! The graphics are absolutely beautiful, both in artwork and in detail! And I'm led to believe that it actually follows the manga storyline pretty closely with a few minor changes ^_^ Waaii~~!!! I've only seen the first three episodes plus the OVA "An Omen" and I'm already addicted!! ^^;;; But then I was always addicted to X manga piccies... CLAMP does such detailed artwork!! *hearts*

So yeah, definitely gonna see more of the TV series, and then borrow the manga ^_^ Finally got membership at my local manga supplier *sweatdrops* So now I can waste my money on both anime *and* manga~!! *L* God I need a job... ^^;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Yasashii ii Ko ni Narenai" -- Hidaka Noriko (Akane) ]

*blinks* *snickers* My newly acquired Akane song from Ranma fame... *giggles* This is the infamous "baka" song, and I seriously can't help but laugh everytime this comes on... especially because I can't imagine Hidaka Noriko singing it~!! *L* Admittedly, I've never seen Ranma, so I've never heard Akane in action, but I have seen Rurouni Kenshin, which also features Hidaka Noriko as Seta Soujirou *major sweatdrops* Now compare the ever calm (^^;; well.. sorta) and smiling Sou-chan to this song which features Akane yelling at Ranma about how he's just a "Baka" and that he should just go die... ^^;;; Very very amusing!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Devotion" -- Okui Masami ]

*happy sigh* This is such an awesome song!! For me, the ultimate test for a singer, is if s/he can sing without any music... and Okui-sama just proves herself with this song!! Lovely lovely song!! Must get if you're an Okui-sama fan!!

So anyways, what else did I do...? ^_^ Oh yeah, finally finished Houshin Engi ^_^ It was a pretty good series, but considering that I was watching Saiyuki while watching Houshin Engi, it didn't quite match up to Saiyuki ^^;; But on it's own, it's a good series once you get past the names *giggles* Raishinshi and Nataku just crack me up... And Youzen!! Gotta love Youzen and the big white doggy~!! *huggles* *grins* As well as my personal favorite, Tenka~!!! *L* Bishis galore!!

And I also watched Vampire Hunter D... ^^;;; usually I don't watch dubbed anime unless I have to.. but considering that VHD was made in english originally, and on recommendation from my anime supplier, I decided to give it a try... ^^;;; It was... bloody... *L* That's pretty much it... The graphics were awesome!! But the plot was somewhat predictable and kinda bland... ^^;; but that could just be me... The good thing is that I actually managed to sit through the entire thing and actually understand it all... I don't have a good track record with anime movies... I didn't like Akira *cringe* Slept through Spriggan twice *double cringe* and I didn't really like Mononoke Hime... So yeah, I've never had a good record with anime movies, so considering that I did manage to stay awake and watch the entire thing gives it a pretty good rating in my book... ^_^ But then I'm morbid, so beware, this isn't a movie for the faint hearted!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Yakusoku" -- Suzumura Kenichi (Shirou Kamui) ]

Kamui's image song from the X tv series and OVA... ^_^ Fuuma has the same one, but I gotta say I like Kamui's version better... Fuuma's is just a little too gruff for me to really get into...

But besides anime, me been stuck into manga... ^^;;; namely "Tokyo Babylon" *cringe* yet another obsession... which fuels my X obsession coz X basically picks up the Seishirou/Subaru relationship where Tokyo Babylon left off... ^^;;; Myah... so don't be surprised if a TB Chaos layout turns up sometime in the future *L* It could very well happen, though I'm thinking more Saiyuki layouts first ^_^ And of course, a surprise for V-day coming up in a month's time!! *giggles*

Anyhoo, this is what happened to me in the course of the past week and a half ^^;;; pretty hectic, but loving it all the same! But me better get to sleep... need at least some of the elusive stuff... *LOL*

[-- Sunday, January 06, 2002 --]      

Waaaiii~~!! I just got my first flame!! ^^;;; Sorta.... So must note this day down in my diary!! *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Minna de WAHAHA" -- Tokio ]

And now for the stupid music to go with it!! *snickers*

Anyhoo, just randomly checking my guestbook, and what do I find, but this oh so un-surprisingly un-original flame *L* Complete with bad grammar, pointed accusing fingers and missing email address! ^_^ So anyways, below is the flame from a certain Mina Maxwell from L-2:

your mp3s dont work! how can you expect anyone to come back to your site if nothing works?! well I'm never coming back!
ps (I know it's not my computer because Igot it for x-mas and it's a windows XP a dell and I have 321k conection so it's YOUR pages falt!!!)

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Dance or Die" -- RoST ]

*evil grin* I've been waiting for this day~!! *LOL* I'm sorry, do I sound strangely elated to have received a flame?? ^_^ Or maybe it'll just coz I haven't had the chance to be a bitch for a long time... need to catch up`!! *L*

So as Ms Mina Maxwell from L-2 unfortunately declined to reveal her email address, I'll just type my responses here.

Yes, I am completely aware that my mp3s are NOT working! (My sincerest thanks and apologies go out to everybody who has seen fit to inform me of this through email) And if she had bothered to read the updates, she will have noted me making apologies since July about the absence of said mp3s from the ED multimedia archives ^_^ As for expecting people to come back to my site, well as much as I know that an mp3 archive would be a big attraction, my aim for ED was to provide a broader range of services for fans rather than just mp3s... such as the character profiles, winamp skins, image gallery, etc.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tsuki no Fune" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

So really, I protest the term that "nothing" works!! ^_^ Because as most people who browse the whole ED site will realise, only the mp3s are unavailable at this present time... and everything else is working perfectly *L* And as for never coming back well, *grins* that's really no loss to me... afterall, I didn't make this site just for the purpose of getting people to come back to it! *LOL* Afterall, there must have been some people who browsed ED and totally hated it ^_^ And I KNOW that there are much better GW sites out there on the net. I mean, if people do come back, I'm very pleased that you enjoy ED, but if not *shrugs* it really doesn't affect me in any serious way ^_^

And is there a sign on ED that says "If anything's not working, it's your computer's fault!!"?? ^^;; coz I don't remember putting one up... So there's really no point in defending your computer ^^;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Hoshi no Manazashi" -- Orikasa Ai (Quatre) ]

Anyhoo, so for all the things that are my "pages falt!!" *L* Excuse me for having a life offline and excuse me for giving up the net to not stuff up the most important year of my life to date! ^_^ But also excuse you for not making sure of all your facts before you expressed your opinions in such a more-than-public place. *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "A Love Before Time" -- CoCo Lee (Chinese ver.) ]

*grins* Now that I'm done ranting... I do have to say that now that Year 12 is behind me and I did find out that I did do okay *happy sigh* the mp3 section is in the process of resurrection~!! ^_^ Not too long to wait now... So even though there are more than enough places on the net from which to get GW mp3s, "Final Performance" will be reinstated and will be up soon!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kooritachi no Pride" -- Tanaka Atsuko (Soi) ]

*LOL* And so, I think I've blogged long enough for today ^_^ Till next time~!! *giggles*
Shikami Yamino at 12:13 AM

[-- Tuesday, January 01, 2002 --]      

HAPPY NEW YEAR~~!!!! *grins* felt compelled to blog coz it's the first day of the year ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ai wa Ryuusei" -- Nakahara Shigeru (Trowa)]

New year new year new year new year ^_^ I dunno... I tend to get hyper whenever new year rolls around... Or maybe this is coz I got to do Recca reruns and see bits and pieces of Kenshin.... *grins* maybe.... Can't help it~!! It's RECCA~!! And Kenshin~!!! \^o^/

Speaking of Recca, I LOVE THIS ANIME~!! If people haven't seen it yet, I am now currently gawking at you and asking "Where the HELL have you been?!?!?!?!" *giggles* It is THAT good.......

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Spirit of the Globe" -- Okui Masami (LIVE) ]

*giggles* And it is NOT weird that I am still able to name all the Hachiryuu after.... well almost two years since I watched it for the first time... ^_^ It's not that hard... especially considering that they look very very different and Recca has different interactions with them when you can really get to recognise them!! =P So, unlike what Sutsume-chan thinks, it is NOT weird!! ^_^ I just like the Hachiryuu *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Cross My Heart" -- Daybreak ]

And the other very VERY nice thing about Recca is Mi-chan~~~!!! Wai~~!!!! For those uninitiated to the world of Flame of Recca, Mi-chan refers to one very cool Mikagami Tokiya... voiced by none other than Midorikawa Hikaru ^_^ But I'm told that I only started being obsessed with Midorikawa Hikaru's voice AFTER Mi-chan... *giggles* Surprisingly enough...

Anyhoo, really can't blog too long, gotta get some rest so me can go over to Sutsume-chan's house for Gravi tomorrow... ^_^ So anyways, hope everyone has a safe and happy new year ^_^

[-- Sunday, December 23, 2001 --]      

Blogging again~~~!!!! *grins* For the first time after coming back from holidays~!!! *LOL* Genki Genki~!!! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tamashii no Refrain" -- ?? ]


But yes, anyways, got back from holidays and lots and lotsa shopping~!!! *grins* Found out I didn't totally stuff up my final exams~!! *cheers* Wai~!!! And so now I have nothing to do but waste all my time on anime and manga while I wait for the first round university offers to come out!! *sighs happily* What a time to be alive...

*giggles* And hence, this appropriately titled version of Chaos ^_^ Freedom is what I have right now and the three lines after that is exactly how I feel right now *L* The ability to be who I want to be, when I want to be and also be careless enough to say "to hell with the rest of the world!!" *LOL* And it helps that I have four yummy Saiyuki boys to drool at doesn't it?? *grins*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "I.D.E.A." -- RoST ]

*grins* Addictive new song downloaded with recommendation from Sutsume-chan, who downloaded this song simply because Miki Shinichirou is one of the members of RoST *giggles* She who is going through serious Yami no Matsuei addiction will soon be dragging me down with her because I just promised her I'd write a Tsuzuki/Hisoka ficcy for her.... *sweatdrops* And with the idea in my head, I have a feeling that this is gonna turn into another one of those "the-fic-that-ate-my-life" things... *cringe* As if I didn't have enough of those already... Namely: To Fall From Grace, What Dreams May Come, Breaking Down the Walls and who could forget my monster of a fic "BSSM:Emotions" (which will be finished in a few days~!!! *whispers* thank Shinigami!!) All from different series and now I'm gonna have to add a YamiMatsu one to that *L* Shinigami knows when I'm gonna get all this finished....

But the difference is, now I actually have the time to do it~!!!! \^o^/

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Sleepless Beauty" -- Nittle Grasper ]

Wai~~!! Ryuuichi-sama~~~!!!! *giggles* Gravitation songs have this effect on me.... Especially this one... ^_^

But before I begin to fully start writing again, gotta get through the 28 volumes of Kenshin manga I scammed off Sutsume-chan *huggles manga* I LOVE KENSHIN~~!!! ^^;;; Actually I love Aoshi-sama more, but overall I love the whole manga~~!!! *giggles* and TV series~!! Need to rewatch!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Love Stuff" -- Kotani Kinya ]

Wai~!! More Gravi songs~!! ^o^

*sighs* but speaking of Kenshin TV series, I actually bought the entire 95 eps in Real Player format while I was on vacation but having come back, I have this sneaking feeling that those CDs will only work in Chinese windows coz English windows won't be able to read the g-damned filenames *growls* Pisses me off~!!!

^^;; Probably gonna have to go to Sutsume-chan's house and test out that theory.... *sighs* And then I'll have to figure out what to do... probably reburn the series when I get my CD burner.... *sighs* *brightens* But meanwhile, I have the set of Ayashi no Ceres to keep me busy *grins*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Dance or Die" -- RoST ]

*grins* more RoST songs~!! They are GOOD!! ^_^

But anyways, Ayashi no Ceres... have seen up to ep12, I can say that it should be rated so much higher than FY!!! *sweatdrops* Nudity and sexual harrassment abound!!! ^^;;; But the Yuuhi/Aya/Ceres relationship is cute *L* And I can't help but see Tamahome whenever I see Tooya... which then leads me to think that Tooya's voice is just completely wrong coz it's so much deeper than Midorikawa Hikaru's -- who does Tamahome *sweatdrops* And this is the place where Sutsume-chan will tell me that I am obsessed with Midorikawa Hikaru's voice.... ^^;;; which she'll be right in saying..........

But I still stand by my observation that Tooya is a mix of Hori-sama and Tama-chan.... See, if you styled Hori-sama's hair in Tama-chan's style (Suzaku forbid anyone touch Hori-sama's hair~!! *giggles*) and dyed it red.. it'd look like Tooya's, and Tooya has Hori-sama's eyes, only green... ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Party" -- E.M.U. ]

E.M.U.~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! *cheers*

But speaking of similarities between FY and AnC characters.... Alec Howell... I believe that's his name... ^^;;; but the blonde scientist in AnC who is kinda an eccentric is voiced by Seki Tomokazu~!! *breathes a sigh of relief that it is not Seki Toshihiko coz otherwise one will be plagued with visions of Watari from Yami no Matsuei while watching Ayashi no Ceres* *giggles* But anyways, being Seki Tomokazu, the director should have had a WIDE range of voice from which to choose.... say like Ken's from Weiss, or Shuuichi's from Gravitation *cringes at the thought of Alec with big bubble eyes* *snickers* or Kamui's from X.... but why oh why did they have to pick Chichiri's voice?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! @.@

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Shining Collection" -- Kotani Kinya ]

Gravi song~!!! ^_^

Yes ladies and gentleman, Alec Howell's voice is currently the close to Chichiri's that I have heard Seki Tomokazu do in any other series apart from Fushigi Yuugi... *sweatdrops* Which sounds just... WRONG, coz Chichiri is Chichiri~!!!!

Which then brings me to Aogiri Suzumi *snickers* Sharing the voice of none other than Kurosaki Hisoka from Yami no Matsuei... *grins* and sometimes, I do hear it~!! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku" -- Chorus ]

*cringe* I can't believe I actually downloaded this song..... ^^;;; This song definitely resides on the wrong side of addictive for me.... For those who have no idea, this is the song that's playing when Utena's climbing the stairs towards the dualing grounds.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Truth" -- Ruka Yumi ]

*sighs* this is a much better Utena song ^_^

But anyways, me should go... still gotta lotta things to do before I get off tonight... ^_^