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Chaos v1.7
~ until destiny comes to pass...
  Coverboys: Shirou Kamui & Monou Fuuma
  Manga: X/1999
  Comes with: Wallpaper
  Resolution: 800x600
  Comment: *drools* Fuuma with the glasses...

Chaos v1.7 Wallpaper

Sweet Nothing
(Weiß Kreuz)

Nagai tsuki-hi kimi to hanare
Boku wa munashisa ni oboreta
Yume wa tada no hiniku da yo to
Machi no zawameki ni suteta hazu sa

Yogoreta tamashii kakimushitte
Ano hi ni modoru itami ni nare
Samayou tamashii sagashi ni yukou
Tooku tooku tooku

Utsuro de yasashii jidai ni
Sayonara wo

Amai biyaku kireta sekai kara wa
Kikoenai beat sae
Nikumu koto to ai suru koto no imi
Kagerou ni yurete odoru

Suri-kireta ito tadori nagara
Boku wa kimi e to tabi wo tsuzuke
Dakishimeru hi wo negai nagara
Tooku tooku tooku

Haikyo no machi wo
Yasashiku hato ga tobu

Kitto mukashi okita kiseki no you
Kono hoshi ni kuchizuke
Umareru koto kie-saru koto no imi
Tasogare ni mijimi-shizumu

Amai biyaku kireta sekai kara wa
Kikoenai beat sae
Nikumu koto to ai suru koto no imi
Kagerou ni yurete odoru


In the eternity since we parted
I drowned in oblivion,
My dreams of nothing but nothing
Cast aside in the city noise

Plucking at stained souls
To relive the pain of that day
Seeking for the souls that strayed
So, so far away

To say good-bye to this world
Sweet in nothingness

What cuts through that sweet drunken world
Is only the noiseless heart beat
The meaning of hatred and love
Dances flickering in flames

While my fraying lifeline still struggles
I will keep journeying to you
While I wish for that day I can hold you
So, so far away

In a ruined city
A dove gracefully takes flight

Just as in some ancient miracle
I'll kiss this star
The meaning of life and death
Sink despairingly in the twilight

What cuts through that sweet drunken world
Is only the noiseless heart beat
The meaning of hatred and love
Dances flickering in flames



Sakura Saku

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+~+~+ Friday, November 23, 2001 +~+~+

*grins* Quick blog before I leave for my holiday ^_^ Well deserved holiday, if I should say so myself *L* Exams are finally over~!! High school is over~!! Net restrictions are over~!! Ban on anime and manga is over~!!! And I finally hit my 17th birthday ^_^ All in all, a pretty good week... *giggles*

Went go-karting for my birthday... that was GOOD~~~!!!! Of course, Sutsume-chan was the one who had to overtake me so I had to floor it to catch up to her so when reading Sakura Saku, ignore the bit when she says I'm evil on the Go-karting track~!! *LOL* Afterall, it wasn't my fault that I had to plough a coupla people into the tyres just so I could catch up to her right? *evil grin*

Anyhoo, gotta go to sleep... need at least some of it to catch my morning flight... See everybody in three weeks with a new Chaos layout *grins* Appropriately entitled: "Freedom"

+~+~+ Sunday, October 14, 2001 +~+~+

Okay... I know I said that I was gonna change the Chaos layout... but I'm right in the middle of trying to study for end of year exams ^^;;; So I don't think that Chaos is gonna get updated until later.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Glaring Dream" -- Kotani Kinya ]

Good song~!!! ^_^ From Gravitation again....

But it doesn't really matter.... me love this version anyway~!! *grins* *glomps Fuuma* ^^;;;; Ya know... no matter how good I reckon Kamui looks here, my eyes still tend to get drawn to Fuuma..... *sweatdrops* Must be the glasses.... coz I've seen a lotta piccies of Fuuma but he only REALLY looks good when he has the glasses on..... *grins* Like that piccy of him in a black t-shirt and the glasses on a green-ish background with the rain coming down... *wide grin* Yum.........

But there are also some really nice piccies of him doing..... *coughs* ungentlemanly things... *snickers* to Kamui..... Well... at least things that are better kept behind doors anyways *LOL* But they look so good together~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Crucify My Love" -- X Japan ]

English song~!!! ^^;;; surprisingly well sung and understandable.... *L* Even the grammars not too bad... bad grammar being a trademark of Japanese people trying to sing in all english ^_^ But this is a really nice song.... in league and similar style to Forever Love, though a bit more melancholy... It's nice.... sad but nice.... Definitely not a song I'd wanna listen to on a bad day.... *nodnod*

But speaking of Fuuma's attitude towards Kamui.... it really reminds me of the Muraki and Tsuzuki relationship from Yami no Matsuei... Which will finally bring me to talk about the one series that has Sutsume-chan so obsessed that she's willing to pull all nighters for it... *giggles*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "To Heart" -- KinKi Kids ]

Lovely song~!!!!! Ballad... very nice vocals~~~~~!!! ^_^ Becoming one of my favorites...

But yeah... since she has cable *glares coz I want cable~!!* she's been downloading eps.... Me watched Ep 1 - 4 at her house, then me downloaded eps 7-9 (on a dial-up connection~~!!! ^^;;;; Must have been crazy....) and it's good~~~~~~~~~!!!! But of course, you probably knew that already ^^;;;

Anyways, the Muraki and Tsuzuki relationship is.... weird..... lessee.... Tsuzuki is a shinigami... his partner is Hisoka (Wai~!! ^_^)... Hisoka saw Muraki murder someone under a Sakura tree... Muraki kills Hisoka... Hisoka vows revenge and becomes a shinigami (shinigamis are dead by the way ^^;;) Muraki tortures Hisoka even in death (long story... part of which involves a curse so you KNOW it's a LONG story *L*)... Tsuzuki is protective (and maybe more *grins*) of Hisoka... hence, Tsuzuki hates Muraki... but now Muraki wants Tsuzuki... not to kill but more to.... do Fuuma-like things to him... *snickers* So obviously Hisoka's not too happy about that... *giggles* It's a fun relationship to watch...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Junk Boys" -- Rintaro, Ayumu & Hiroshige ]

Me LOVE this song~~~!!! But me not too sure of the singers.... ^^;;; There's a guy in here that sounds SO MUCH like Hayashi Nobutoshi.... ie Tasuki from FY or Nakamoto Shou from Sotsugyou M.... that I'd swear it was him.... the others don't sound familiar but I'm always picking up Hayashi Nobutoshi's voice when I listen to it.... ^^;;;; Dunno.... maybe it's just me...

Anyways.... so yeah.... the Muraki/Tsuzuki relationship reminds me a LOT of the Fuuma/Kamui relationship..... although Kamui doesn't hate Fuuma.... ^_^ If you asked me, I'd say Muraki and Fuuma could probably be good friends and exchange tips on the sadistically sensual things they can do to their respective prey... *grins* Like that scene in Yami no Matsuei ep 7 with Muraki playing with the wine glass.... *evil grin* So innocent yet so suggestive..... *snickers*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "My Will" -- Dream ]

Inu Yasha ending~~~~~~!!! Very very good~~~~!!!! Very catchy~~~~~~!!!!! Wanna see~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pout*

But if the Muraki/Tsuzuki relationship reminds me of Fuuma/Kamui, then the Muraki/Hisoka relationship definitely reminds me of the Seishirou/Subaru relationship *grins* I mean, Hisoka sees Muraki killing someone under a Sakura tree.... Subaru sees Seishirou killing someone under a Sakura tree... Muraki marks Hisoka as his prey for having seen him murder someone.... Seishirou marks Subaru as his prey for having seen him murder someone..... Anyone see a pattern here?? *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Eden" -- To Destination ]

Wai~~~!!! YamiMatsu opening~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ LOVE THIS SONG~~~~!!!!!!!

Anyway... as far as the markings go, I'd say Subaru got the better deal.... I mean, his was only a mark on the hand... Hisoka's on the other hand, is all the way down his chest~!!!! It looks really cool~!!! *sweatdrops* But that's the morbid streak in me... *LOL* And anyway, Subaru didn't actually die.... Hisoka was tortured for THREE BLOODY YEARS before he died~!!!! I mean.. no wonder the boy wants revenge.... Not to mention that even in death, Muraki still has his claws in him... ^^;;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Hi no Ataru Basho" -- Houshin Engi Cast ]

Waaii~~!!! The cast of Houshin Engi singing together~~~!!! Sounds so good~~!!!! ^_^

But anyways, me thinks me've rambled on enough tonight... ^^;;; So the bottom line is: Watch Yami no Matsuei~~!!! You'll love it~!!! ^_^ Especially if you like CLAMP's X~!!!

+~+~+ Thursday, October 04, 2001 +~+~+

Last time blogging on Chaos v1.7

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Super Drive" -- Sakanoue Yousuke ]

I love this song~!! As I love all songs from Gravitation~!!! *LOL* Do I really wanna get started on Gravitation? Yeah, why not? ^_^

Gravitation is actually a shounen-ai anime/manga... which obviously may not be to everyone's tastes *shrugs* In my opinion, to each his/her own.... But even if you don't like the plot, you have to just listen to the songs coz they are just SO good~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Freedom" -- Nomiyama Masaki ]

*grins* And this is the title song for Chaos v1.8... but as to which series it is, I'll keep that a secret for now... *L* And have I mentioned that I LOVE this song?? ^^v

Anyways, Gravitation is about this band, "Bad Luck" who is just starting out, made up of Shindou Shuuichi (featuring the voice of Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi fame, and Ken from Weiss Kreuz fame: Seki Tomokazu~!! ^_^) and Nakano Hiroshi (featuring the voice of Gourry Gabriev from Slayers fame: Matsumoto Yasunori~!! ^_^) *giggles* Hiro-kun for short.... remind anybody of a certain spandex-wearing, gun-toting, blue-eyed gundam pilot? *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Eden" -- To Destination ]

Yami Matsu~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \^o^/ Ahem... *coughs* Sorry.... bad habit every time this song comes on ^_^

So the anime follows them as they perform live, get to meet Shuuichi's idol -- Sakuma Ryuuichi from the band Nittle Graspers (who's such a big BABY when he's not performing..... Just think a five-year-old in an adult's body and you get a pretty good idea of how Ryuuichi acts most of the time *giggles*) and also line up a contract... with Seguchi Touma -- who I'm lead to believe is also a member of Nittle Graspers and the owner of the record company that they're signed up with...

Of course, the interesting thing about Touma-san is that he looks almost EXACTLY like Quatre *L* Including the blonde hair, the tailored clothes, the works.... Not to mention being president of a vast multi-million dollar company.... and also his voice~!!! Because Touma-san's voice is done by none other than Orikasa Ai~!! *LOL* Note: this is why Sutsume-chan got the idea of the G-boys being in a rock band with Qua-chan as the manager *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Bukkirabou na Ai ni Oboretai" -- Akira Sudou (Priss) ]

From the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Soundtrack "As Sekiria" featuring Akira Sudou ^_^ Excellent song~!! Especially considering that I've never really considered myself a heavy rock fan as a lot of Sekiria songs are.... but they're good... and I like them~!! ^_^

So yes... back to Gravitation.... Well anyways... Shuuichi developes a crush on Yuki Eiri... who we find out is a famous author *snickers* But with them I guess the first impressions think doesn't work very well coz their first meeting wasn't exactly anything to laugh about *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Blind Game Again" -- Bad Luck ]

*grins* Speak of the devil... this is the second opening for Gravitation and it is REALLY good~!!! I got it at around 2am... and I sat there for almost half an hour bopping along with this song on repeat *giggles*

But yeah... Yuki Eiri... was a total bastard first time he met Shuuichi... but eventually the two get together and yada yada yada.... but the interesting thing is, he has a sister.... and also a brother in law.... the brother in law whose name is Segumi Touma! *snickers* Yup... the record company owner.... who, I'm led to believe, also likes him and really only married his sister so he could get closer to him... ^^;;; not completely sure on that point, so correct me if I'm wrong.... ^_^

So yeah... I haven't really watched the anime... only seen the first few eps... *rolls eyes* I seem to be getting in a habit of that... seeing the first few eps of a LOTTA series... *sighs* like Yami Matsu.... Inu Yasha.... Utena... Saber Marionette J... Angelic Layer... Ayashi no Ceres... Houshin Engi...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Sleepless Beauty" -- Nittle Grasper ]

*grins* Nittle Grasper~!!! Very cool song~!!! Featuring Sakuma Ryuuichi of course ^_^

Anyhow... from what I've seen, it's a pretty good series.... with extremely cute scenes such as Shuuichi's big BIG eyes every time he... *snickers* I won't spoil it for people who don't know....

Also a good point... it features some of my favorite seiyuus.... such as Okiayu Ryuutarou (as K, Ryuuichi's bodyguard ^_^) and Koyasu Takehito (as Sakano *snickers* the idiot of a manager who as a Hanagata-like voice.....) Sutsume-chan can't stand to hear him talk.... but he's hilarious~!!! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Smashing Blue" -- Kinya Kotani ]

And I'm also obsessed with this song~!! *L* Also from Gravitation.... It's not rock... but almost like one of those euro-dance type songs.... Very cool~!!! ^_^ *giggles* Reminds me of Eiffel 65's "Blue" *snickers*

*sighs* anyways... me thinks me'd better get back to my chemistry........ -_-;;;; Back to stupid Dmitri Mendeleev and how he constructed the stupid Periodic Table...... *growls* I hate chemistry....... especially when I have to catch up on a semester's worth..... double -_-;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Hold the Light" -- Nomiyama Masaki ]

From Saiyuki... yet another series I have to see ^_^ Love this song~!!

So as a last note.... if you haven't seen any of the series mentioned in this blog... you GOTTA see~!!!!!! ^_~ SOOO GOOD~~~~!!!!

+~+~+ Wednesday, September 26, 2001 +~+~+

Blogging again~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Brightness and Darkness" -- Sa Yuri (Lady Une) ]

OOhhhhh~~~~~!!!! This song is SO GOOD~!! Unbelievably enough! I never thought I liked Lady Une's voice... a bit weird especially with all the personality changing things.... but this song is the perfect combination of both sides of the personality ^_^ Forceful, strong yet also soft and sweet and melacholy.... GOOD SONG~!!!! And Sa Yuri has a good singing voice!! *nodnod* Very Nice!!

But speaking of personality/voice changes... I don't believe I've commented on Tobita Nobuo's ~extraordinary~ skills *snickers*. For people who don't recognize the name, he does the voices of Tomo from Fushigi Yuugi (the weird face-paint guy who's gay ^_^) and also Ishijima Domon from Rekka no Honoo (the knuckle-head who's more brawn than brain).

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Let Into Top" -- Ishino Ryuuzou (Chang Wufei) ]

Wai~!! Wu-chan~!! Wu-bear~!! Wu-man~!! Wu-panda~!! Wu-Wu~!! Fei-chan~!! Fei-Fei~!! *snickers* can you guess I've got way too many nicknames for the Wu-meister?? ^_^

Anyhow, back to Tobita Nobuo.... People who've seen both Rekka and FY will know what I'm talking about... Needless to say, I gawked when I first noticed that Domon and Tomo were done by the same seiyuu... Afterall, Domon has this gruff, low voice whereas Tomo's is almost feminine in a sense that it's smooth and soft and... you know...

So anyways, Sutsume-chan's got the two Rekka no Honoo (Flame of Recca) soundtracks, and on the end of one of them is a short drama thing, at the end of which all the seiyuu's say their name and their character's name. So you get the really gruff "Ishijima Domon!" and then total voice change to the really smooth "Tobita Nobuo" *giggles* Both Sutsume-chan and I totally missed Midorikawa Hikaru's intro of himself and Mi-chan the first time we heard it coz we were too busy gaping at Tobita Nobuo's little speech, which was right before MH's.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Beautiful Alone" -- Weiss ]

Needless to say, this is really shocking for me because I hardly ever miss Midorikawa Hikaru's voice *snickers* I can pretty much pick out MH's voice in any anime after a sentence ^_^ Am I obsessed?? Oh Yeah~! But then again, I can also do the same for Koyasu Takehito *snickers* even when he's doing a Hanagata-like voice from Saber Marionette, which is pretty different (not to mention weird!!) when you compare it to his Zechs or Hotohori or Aya voice ^_^.

Lesse... while on the subject of seiyuus, who else can I pick out..... Okiayu Ryuutarou~!! Definitely~!! He has such a distinctive voice~!! Of course, that could just be me having watched a lotta his characters.... But see, I even picked him out as Hakushaku in YamiMatsu ^_^ Of course, I'm not about to mention YamiMatsu too much otherwise Sutsume-chan might squeal again *snickers*.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Minna de WAHAHA" -- Tokio ]

*LOL* this is such a wacked out song...

Hmmm... other voices.... well... Miki Shinichirou has a pretty distinctive voice (*grins* Tsuzuki-san~~~~~~~~~!!!) and Ishida Akira~!!!! *grins* "Sore wa Himitsu desu~~~~~!!" ^o^ Can't wait to hear him as Cho Hakkai..... and then there's Seki Toshihiko... which I can pick out when it sounds like Duo ^_^ And then Seki Tomokazu... although I admit, him as Shuuichi from Gravitation threw me a bit... at least until I started picking out Ken (from WK) and Chichiri's (from FY) voices ^_^.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "April" -- Speed ]

One of my new Speed songs.... the first one I got and this one's pretty nice... so I tried some other ones, but they're not as nice as this one..... from the ones that I've heard, Speed songs are okay nice... but not really something to squeal and gush over... *snickers* Such as "Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi"~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ But then that could just be my fixation with Midorikawa Hikaru *LOL* But it's a GOOD song~!! It's been on my list of favorites ever since I got it ^_^ which was around October last year ^_^

My other current favorites include "Eden" by To Destination~!!! The YamiMatsu Opening!!! Can you tell both Sutsume-chan and I have YamiMatsu fever right now?? ^_^ Oh and Nomiyama Masaki's "Freedom" from the Saiyuki soundtrack ^_^ Two animes which I MUST watch!! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Seishun ni Riyuu wa Iranai" -- E.M.U.]

Speaking of songs to squeal over~!! \(^o^)/ E.M.U. songs are always good to squeal over ^_^ And most of them make and stay on my favorites list... especially this one!! E.M.U. LIVE!! You can hear the fan girls in the background *snickers* But then it's also coz they play their own instruments and it's just so good and they have such good voices and the song is really really really good and...

^^;;; maybe I should stop before I talk myself to death ne?? But the song is EXCELLENT~!!! Go listen to it~!!! GOOD~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!! Lots and lotsa guitar~!!! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Just Communication" -- Two Mix ]

Anyways, me better end this blog... getting a bit long ^_^

+~+~+ Wednesday, September 19, 2001 +~+~+

Blogging ten days after the previous entry... and how the world has changed in these short ten days...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "White Reflection" -- Two Mix ]

On the morning of Tuesday, 11th of September, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York collapsed and a side of the Pentagon was destroyed in a series of suicide bombings using hijacked planes. To this date, the ultimate figure of the number of dead are unknown and both America and the coalition that it has formed with the rest of the world are preparing to launch a counter-attack, in what George W. Bush states is the beginnings of a war on terrorism.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Everything Is Mystery" -- Hayashi Nobutoshi, Ishikawa Hideo & Okiayu Ryuutarou (Nakamoto Shou, Kato Yuusuke & Takagi Shimon) ]

Why am I bringing this up on Chaos?? Well... I guess just to talk to myself about it and bring some things into perspective.

I live in Australia, and so I am not directly affected by this tragedy. However, I do have relatives in New York and needless to say, it is a bit daunting to imagine the dangers that they could have gone through. Everyone is safe over there... thank god....

But being in Australia, I did not hear about the news until Wednesday morning when I woke up for school. Apparently all television programs were interrupted for special news bulletins since 10 - 10:30pm Tuesday night, approximately 9 - 9:30am New York time.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Reincarnation" -- Okui Masami ]

Waking up to the news on my clock/radio, I was greeted with the words "... surreal images from New York this morning as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapses after two airliners crashed... " Needless to say, while in the process of getting dressed, I stood still and stared at the radio before shaking my head and muttering "No way..." before making my way to the bathroom.

It was only during breakfast, when I turned on the TV to tune in to a few minutes of the morning cartoon shows that I saw the special bulletins and the images of the plane crashing into Tower 2... For a few seconds I just stood still and totally gawked...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Mayfly" -- Sasaki Nozomu (Nagi Naoe) ]

It was Wednesday, and I had a first period class... but I seriously considered wagging class to sit in front of the tv and watch the thing unfold. I couldn't really tell you what my first reactions were but I think the first thing I said after a long time was "The idiots!" -- in my opinion accurately summing up the terrorists in response to their total lack of morals in targeting innocent civilians.

Of course, school that day was all talk and very little learning. I don't think the daily newspapers up in the library were ever as popular as on that day. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about it... recounting the events, illustrating the plane's course to fellow students who had yet to see the video image, speculation over American retaliation, talk of World War III......

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Setsunakutemo... Zutto" -- Hayashi Nobutoshi (Tasuki) ]

Not your average school day to say the least. I remember asking a friend on the bus if she'd heard the news. When I told her, she didn't believe me until we stopped outside a newsagent and she saw the big headlines and pictures in the daily posters which announce today's major headlines.

Ever since, the newspaper's been filled with pictures, stories, liftouts... each proclaiming "war". It's all a bit surreal if I really stop to think about it. I don't think it was in anybody's wildest dreams that we would be completing our final year of high school to probable sounds of the drums of war. It makes me feel so small in relation to the world...

I mean, a week ago on Tuesday night, when this was happening half-way across the world, I was simply worrying about my homework and assessments and complaining about not getting enough sleep...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Minna de WAHAHA" -- Tokio ]

It sorta gives you a feeling that, really... nothing you do really matters.... pretty discouraging especially in my time of working and working to try and get into a uni course I like....

But as always, life goes on. No matter if it's war, or simply a single retaliatory attack, it does actually go on.... In a way it gives me a new understanding of GW... I never really understood how the whole war could be going on and yet, so many people would continue to be ignorant of it, such as all those people in the schools Heero and Duo infiltrated and so on and so forth...

But now, it seems as if I'm living that life... with the great military powers of the world gathering their forces and yet I continue with my everyday dull life of going to school, making my way through class and assessments, come home, do my homework and go to sleep... not much changing in my daily routine......

Strange when you actually think about it....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kiss in the Dark" -- Okui Masami (LIVE) ]

So in closing to this, the first completely serious blog on Chaos, my sincerest condolences to all those who lost loved ones in the tragedy and I certainly hope that all the impending war talk will not lead to an all out "first war of the twenty first century". Because if GW has taught me anything, it has taught me that there are no winners in War, only losers... and some of us may end up losing more than we bargained for.
Shikami Yamino at 1:28 AM

+~+~+ Saturday, September 08, 2001 +~+~+

*grins* New layout~!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Renai Shousetsu" -- Hayashi Nobutoshi (Nakamoto Shou) ]

Figured it was time to change and so this lovely layout featuring yet another pair of "star-cross'd lovers" is revealed *giggles* Ya like?? Me love the piccy~!! Sutsume-chan scanned it from her poster.... *snickers* She squealed as soon as she saw it ^_^ Me... I guess my eye was drawn more to the handcuffs and chains... *snickers* Kinky~!! *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Shining Girl" -- Hayashibara Megumi (Lina Inverse) ]

Fuuma looks GOOD~!!! *drools* ^^;;; Both Sutsume-chan and I have this tendency to name this the "Fuuma" poster, completely ignoring Kamui simply because Fuuma looks so yummy~!! ^_^ But ya gotta admit, the orange sunnies are COOL~!!! ^_^ Too bad the boy only learned how to dress himself AFTER he became evil..........

Ever noticed that...?? Bad guys have better dress sense...... hmmmm............

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "It's Gonna Rain" -- Bonnie Pink ]

So yeah... anyways.... that's it for this blog... me tired..... gonna go find some ficcies before me go to bed....... Ja~!!