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Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi
- Midorikawa Hikaru -- E.M.U.
(Arai Togo -- Sotsugyou M)

Furu ga souko ni motarete
Shizumu yuuhi wo mite 'ta
Marude moetsukiru inochi da ne

"Yume to ka ashita nante
Watashi ni wa iranai"
Kimi no kuchiguse wo omoidasu

Ano hi kaigansen wo
Hakanaku someta hanabi ga
Unmei wo yokan saseta

Mou ichido waratte
Kuchibiru ni furesasete
Tsumetai kokoro wa
Eien ni
Hi no tsukanai tanro sa

Kodoku wo soba ni oite
Minai furi wo shite 'ta
Doko to naku ore to nite ita ne

Shuumatsu sugosu hazu no
Mizube no resutoran
Nido to kanawanai yakusoku sa

Ai ni kizuita toki ni
Kimi ga inaku naru nante
Kuyashikute mune ga itai

Mou ichido kikasete
Namaiki wo sono koe wo
Hitori-kiri kimi wa
Tasogare no
Hoshi ni natta hanabi sa

Mou ichido waratte
Kuchibiru ni furesasete
Tsumetai kokoro wa
Eien ni
Hi no tsukanai tanro sa

Mou ichido kikasete
Namaiki wo sono koe wo
Hitori-kiri kimi wa
Tasogare no
Hoshi ni natta hanabi sa

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Sakura Saku

Chaos v1.0
Chaos v1.1

Saturday, May 05, 2001

*grins* blogging for what most likely will be the last time on Chaos v1.2. ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Shooting Star" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

*LOL* Just to warn everybody, I do currently have my Midorikawa Hikaru playlist on, on my winamp ^^;;; Hence, most songs featured here today will at least have some form of MH in it ^_^ (I type his name so often that I'm getting lazy *L*)

Anyhow... I was talking about Chaos v1.3... *sweatdrop* Well... seeing that I'm kinda a morbid person, the next layout probably will not surprise most of the people who know me. Although I should warn anybody reading this who's under 18 to view Chaos with extreme caution when v1.3 hits ^_^ This is because the piccy that is the centrepiece is from the "X - Zero" artbook -- restricted to mature audiences and preferably those over 18 ^_^ <-- me still 16 *giggles*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (E.M.U.) ]

*mumbles* I have control.... I have control.... I will not scream.... I love this song but I will not scream.... aw, what the hell... HOSHI NI NATTA HANABI~~!!!!! ^_^ I am so addicted to this song it's not funny... (as you'll notice by the lyrics pasted on the left hand side of this version of Chaos *L*) By far the best representation of MH's voice I've heard!! But then you've heard all this before *LOL*

Moving on... I'm hoping to put up the past versions of Chaos up too... especially because I love this Arai-kun design so much ^_^ And also coz it's just taking too long for Chaos to load since I've got like half a year's worth of posts here ^_^ So from now on, the posts will be limited to those done on that particular version.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "We Are" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (Zelgadis) ]

Haven't heard this song in so long... ^_^ And I still see why I love it.... both Zel's songs are really really good... me LIKE~!! ^_^

Hmmm... what else do I have to say apart from whining about school? Ummm.... oh yeah... ^^;;; Me been a bad little girl and doing massive amounts of wallpapers for desktops for a heap of series. Therefore, I hope to put up those in a Statistical Analysis special edition ^_^ the wallpapers will not only include GW but also some X ones. I'm obsessed with X... I really am.... blame Sutsume-chan!! She's the one who brought home the Zero artbook!! (*blinks* Every time I say that I keep thinking of the Zero system... *sweatdrops*)

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Zero" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

*major sweatdrop* I swear my life is filled with the word "Zero" nowadays.... and that's NOT GOOD coz I keep getting GW flashbacks! Bad bad when my chemistry and university accounting exams are coming up in a month's time and I'm trying to study *cringe* But this is a good song ^_^ From MH's "Cool" album....

Oh, and the special edition is also gonna include some winamp skins that I had made a long time ago and not bothered to put up ^^;; But the update will most probably be after my exams, since I need every single second since then because I also have two english assessments, one chemistry one, one specialist mathematics one right after exams and a coupla chinese ones to finish between then.... *sighs* life really sux...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Motto Tookumade" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (E.M.U.) ]

Ooohhh... this is a nice song too ^_^ But that goes beyond saying since I love all the songs on this list ^_^

*sighs* and now I just found out that my relatives invited us over for dinner tomorrow... which means I'm gonna be lugging my homework to my cousins' house where I probably won't get any work done coz they'll be too busy bugging me..... Yup.. life really sux at the moment....

Furthermore, I've gone back into an SM kick *sweatdrop* And I have this weirdo idea for a Rei/Jadeite ficcy in my head that just won't leave me alone.... Let's not mention all the other one's I have sitting on my "To Do" list... eg. To Fall From Grace, What Dreams May Come... *sighs* Bad bad...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Girl ~ Namida ga Niji ni Kawarumade" -- E.M.U. ]

The latest addition to my growing Sotsugyou M/E.M.U. collection ^_^ And I love it!!

Okies okies... better get going.... got an early day tomorrow so I can get some work done before heading to my cousins'... =P

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Waaaaiiii~~~ blogging again~!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Myself" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

This is a nice song~! ^_^ From his "Cool" album... it's not that great when you first hear it, but it definitely grows on you ^_^ and his english is definitely better here than in Spiritualized~! *giggles* I think some time before I mentioned Spiritualized and how I thought that there was a line in there that said "Go buy stretch clothes" *snickers* When I finally got a look at the lyrics a coupla weeks ago, I found out that it actually says "Goodbye fresh dead" ^^;;;; Yeah... *major sweatdrop* Gives you just a little clue of how bad his english pronounciation was ^_^

On another note... I've finally totally run out of wall-space for posters *L* Ya could say that right now, any available space besides my actual desktop (not my compy one, coz that's anime as well ^_^), and the floor is covered with anime... If anyone's wonder of what, lessee... I have... two wallscrolls.. one of the G-boys and one of Hee-chan by himself with Wing next to him... and about 33 more standard-sized posters ^^;;; of various animes like Weiss, Sailormoon, Saiyuki (Wai~!), GW, FY, Slayers, RK, YYH... ^^;;; pretty much a smorgasboard really.. ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Shooting Star" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

Another song from his "Cool" album~!! And a slower song, the kind that sorta makes you wanna melt into a puddle ^_^ Me like~!

So anyways ^_^ the newest additions are three GW ones of, Quatre, Wufei, and Duo, as well as a Saiyuki one that I just couldn't resist ^_^ Now if I wanna get anymore, I'm gonna hafta start taking my old ones down... ^^;;; which would most likely be my SM ones... some of them are like 5 years old *LOL*

And speaking of Saiyuki, me planning the next Chaos layout already ^^;; which would most likely be Saiyuki... and if not, then X ^_^ Me just got a whole buncha nice piccies from the X "Zero" artbook... so me might use those instead of the Saiyuki ones.... gah~ Me starting to ramble...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Nanka Shiawase" -- Oystars ]

And what better thing to ramble about than Recca??!! *LOL* I really really wanna see more Recca... even reruns would do considering that the fights are just simply AMAZING~!! If you haven't seen Flame of Recca, then I suggest you run to your nearest anime supplier and get it~! It is THAT good~!! ^_^

Before anyone says, I know that it is a lot like Yuu Yuu Hakusho... I mean, superficially, things are pretty much the same -- I won't be the first to admit that Mikagami Tokiya (Mi-chan~!! *L*) looks a lot like Kurama with those ear tails ^_^. But when you really get down to it, they're about as different as different can be ^_^

I'm not gonna rant too much as you'll probably see my "Flame of Recca VS Yuu Yuu Hakusho" rant on Sutsume-chan's Expanding Memories pretty soon ^_^ But suffice it to say that don't think you know what the other one is about if you've seen one~!! They are BOTH awesome in their own right~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "For Real" -- Tokuyama Hidenori ]

Saiyuki~!! Can't wait to see it~!! ^_^

Ack... gotta go soon so I'd better stop this rambling... still got a chapter of chemistry to catch up on ^_^ Thank the gods that I have tomorrow, or techinically *today*, free ^_^ four free periods in the morning and then a cancelled afternoon due to some internal assessment for psychology *LOL* Love days like this....

Thursday, April 19, 2001

*grins* Blogging again after so long~! ^_^ And the first time after the new v1.2 layout came out... LOVE Arai-kun~! *LOL* Yes, I am obsessed... Hey! Don't knock it till you've tried it!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Still Time" -- Tokuyama Hidenori ]

However, I've gotta admit that as much as I love this Arai-kun design, it is already a matter of time before it gets replaced! ^^;;; I know I should be doing work... really I should... but I can't help it~!! This song is the second opening of what is turning out to be yet ANOTHER anime obsession... and I haven't even watched it yet~! Only seen the vidclips of the openings and second ending.... Wanna see~~~!!!

Oh, and if anyone's wandering *L* the anime is "Gensoumaden Saiyuki" based on the Chinese story of "Journey to the West" with some mighty strange twists!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "For Real" -- Tokuyama Hidenori ]

^_^ I can't really decide which I like better... this, the first opening, or the previous song, the second opening. Suffice it to say that they are both really really really GOOD~!! Waaaaiiii~~~ Love this song... Both the openings have very very catchy tunes *L*

So... some facts about Saiyuki... Well, as far as I can tell, there's Genjo Sanzo, the priest, who must travel to the west in the company of three demons with human-like features, Son Goku, Cho Hakkai and Sha Gojyo to... I think stop some big demon thing from being released into the world ^^;;; Anybody like to correct me on that?

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Alone" -- Shimokawa Mikuni ]

Waai~!! Second ending song!! Slow song!! Nice song!! *LOL*

Anyhow, Genjo Sanzo is as far from being priest-like as anybody! I mean, ever heard of a priest that was an alcoholic, chain-smoker and loved guns? ^^;;; Yet all of these things define Genjo Sanzo~! *L* As well as the fact that his voice is done by Seki Toshihiko! Duo-chan~~~~!!!!! ^_^

Yup yup, the seiyuus were most of the reason that both Sutsume-chan and I got stuck into this series without even seeing it *L* I mean apart from Seki Toshihiko, you get Ishida Akira as Cho Hakkai~! *snickers* I wonder if he's gonna say anything close to "Sore wa himitsu desu!" that he's known for so well as Xelloss from Slayers fame. ^_^ I mean, he said "Sore wa mada himitsu desu!" in the first coupla eps of Houshin Engi as... urgh, I forget his name.. but Hell if both of us didn't start cracking up and then had to rewind to catch the bits we missed *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Open Up Your Mind" -- Mirai ]

OOoohhhhhh... this is apparently another Saiyuki song ^_^ And their English is really good in this one!

So anyways, I think you also get the voices of Kane from Lost Universe and Trunks from DBZ as the others and I really really really REALLY wanna see it~!! People should go download the clips for the openings too~!! They look SO good! *L* Even though it is pretty new, I'm surprised Saiyuki doesn't have a bigger following on the net at the moment... *shrugs* But oh well... make surfing through Saiyuki stuff much easier when you don't get information overload on the first search ^_^

*pout* Not that I'm not in the middle of enough series already~! *growls* Stupid school~!! *sighs* NCAWP is almost over too... so I gotta start going to school again... But the good thing is that I finally get to go pick up my posters from my anime supplier today~!! Waaii~!! *cheers* D-chan~! Qua-chan~! Wu-chan~! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Precious Love" -- 20th Century (V6) ]

I so love this song~! Sutsume-chan has finally dragged me into her love for V6 though I do have to admit that I was almost there already *L* I mean, how can you NOT love "Change the World"?? But this is really really nice~! Sorta a walking-pace songs that's just really really nice to listen to~!! Go get from Sutsume-chan's "Kikoeru ~ In Silence ~" now!! With two more V6 songs~! *LOL*

Ack... really need to go... gotta head over to the bus stop to get to the city for a meeting with the publishers... *sighs* I wonder how I get myself into these things... A little piece of advice for all out there who are entertaining ideas of being on the Graduation Yearbook Committee while trying to keep up a net addiction and with homework in their final year: GOOD LUCK~!! *L* Considering that our yearbook is completely student-run and student-financed, I'm kicking myself for agreeing to get into this in the first place.... *growls* And I'd like to wring the neck of our FORMER head of senior school (GOOD RIDDANCE!!) for all the crap that she put us through... *sticks out tongue* Sucks to you~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Nanka Shiawase" -- Oystars ]

Okies okies... gotta go before I start the Recca ranting! *LOL* I LOVE RECCA~~!!!! ^_^