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[-- Saturday, April 07, 2001 --]

Quick blog!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "104 degrees" -- Ishikawa Hideo (E.M.U.) ]

Waaiii~~~~ Easter Break!!!! Not really a holiday since I have so much work to do -_-;;; So this will be affectionately termed the "Non compulsory attendance working period" or, more tastefully abbrieviated to NCAWP! So much homework... so little time.... but that still doesn't mean that I'm not gonna take the time for some much needed relaxation!! ^_^ And I've still got to go to Uni for accounting on wednesday ^^;;; and chinese school tomorrow... *sighs* Now you see why it's called the NCAWP!

But, better news... Everything will be updated this week!!! This includes ED and the Official Archives of BSSMEmotions which is now hosted by Sutsume-chan. *cheers* And I think I will officially open Chaos to the wider public as well as giving it a better layout ^_^ What, I haven't decided, but I think that I'm taken with the idea of frequent layouts for Chaos since it is one page, much easier to work with ^_^.

Oh, btw, this song really really really rocks!! Ishikawa-san's voice is good!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Bokutachi no Kotae ~ Rule" -- (E.M.U.) ]

*grins* E.M.U.!! Goood~~~!!!!! *LOL*

So anyhow, gotta go soon.... but... I'm also starting up an ML for ED updates, since they will be few and far between this year and it would be a much better way to find out rather than asking me when something's gonna be updated.... Hmmmm... Maybe I should do one for Emotions too.... *shrugs* Yeah... but that'll have to wait till monday I think..... ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Namida ga Oboeteru" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (E.M.U.) ]

AAhhhhh~~~!!!! So can't get enough of this song!! *LOL* I had one version before and I already thought that that was really really good but this one.... AHHHH!!! ^^;;; Seriously good good good!! Reason? He talks in the beginning!!!!! *LOL* Yes I know I'm obsessed, but but but.... I love his voice!!! The other version obviously cut out the talking bit but... I love the talking bits!! *LOL* I am so ranting right now but who cares... I presume that this was recorded off one of their live concerts, probably EQUAL, coz I can hear girls screaming in the background *giggles* appropriate ne? Gaaah... seriously need to stop gushing about this song....

Okies okies... better get going now ^_^

[-- Thursday, March 08, 2001 --]

Finally.... on the net again!!! ^_^ Tomorrow.... well... technically today since we're on summer time so it's an hour later than what's displayed at the bottom... is a day off coz I'm too lazy to drag my ass to Athletics Day... *grins* All the more free time for me.... although I don't have *that* much free time anyway... And Monday's Labour Day!! So that's an extra long weekend... *grins*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Reminiscence" -- Instrumental ]

Okay.... this is a nice instrumental... sorta.... as instrumentals go. The actual instrumental bits of this is really nice and soft and flowy and I like it... the one thing I do *not* like is when the lady in the background starts wailing like a banshee. No, I'm not kidding, there is a lady wailing in the middle of the instrumental and if you've ever had this song come on at 2am in the morning when you're almost asleep while trying to finish up some last minute homework, it is very *very* disturbing... Especially since after around 12am I turn all the lights in my room off so that the only light in my room is coming from the compy screen. Lemme tell you, it's not a pretty experience... ^^;;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Scarlet" -- Iwao Junko ]

This is a NICE song! ^_^ Very flowy and dream-like. Despite what a lotta people think, I actually reckon Iwao Junko's voice is okay here, though I like the piano solo as well. There are apparently a lotta people on the net who like the piano solo better. I dunno... the piano solo, while more angsty just doesn't have the same effect as this version, IMHO. This could be of course that they're going for different moods. This is more dream-like and the piano solo is more angsty. But both are good in my books and I wanna see Ayashi no Ceres..... or finish reading it.... *makes pleading eyes at Sutsume-chan who has bought the entire series when in Taiwan and won't let this deprived girl read it because she's in year 12* *pout*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (E.M.U.) ]

Waaaaaaiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~ Midorikawa Hikaru~~~~~~~ Hoshi ni Natta Hanabi!!!!!!!!! *coughs* *sheepish grin* Well... I did warn you... But this song is SSOOOOOO good!!!!! The music, the beat, the guitars, the vocal ^_^ and the speaking part!!! God I love the speaking part!! But then I guess I just love Midorikawa Hikaru's voice ^_^ He has such a nice voice!! Or maybe it's coz of the characters that he does... ^^;;;; Oh well..... I love his voice anyway~~!! Definitely agree with the Midorikawa Hikaru fan who said that this was his "sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy *swoon*" song *grins* By far, the best representation of his voice, IMHO!! If you're a Midorikawa Hikaru fan and you haven't heard this... GO GET!!!! It's a must!!!!!! *grins* *would hug compy if she wouldn't dislodge the line of Deathscythes perched on top*

-- Intermission as Shikami continues listening to the song in peace --

-- Intermission ends --

*sweatdrop* Okay.... I'm over it now... Looking over the last paragraph, I just figured out how many times I mentioned Midorikawa Hikaru's name ^^;;;;; Oh well... it's a good song!! And no, I'm not crazy *evil grin* just love the song too much *LOL*

And if anyone's wondering about my comment on my Deathscythes, ^^;;; I have one 1/144 model of Deathscythe, one 1/100 model of Deathscythe Hell Custom, one SD Deathscythe and one SD Wing Zero Custom... as well as a miniature Heero, a Duo figurine and a Duo key-chain ^^;;; Obsessed..? Oh yeah! ^_^ And damned proud of it!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tamashii no Refrain" -- ?? ]

OOoooohhhh, nice song! I love the start of this song when it just suddenly starts becoming a fast-paced song. For those who don't know this song, it's Soul Refrain from the Shin Seiki Evangelion movies. The Hayashibara Megumi mix of this song isn't bad either, but I like this one better ^_^

Eva Eva, what can I say? I guess I went through the Eva phase like everybody else, but my Eva obsession has never lasted as long as some of my others. I think I was only into Eva for about a period of five or six months, a *very* short time compared to my other obsessions... Some examples... lessee... Sailormoon for me went on for almost five years ^^;;; My GW obsession has been going on for almost three years and is still going strong and same for my FY obsession, both of which I expect to go on for a while longer yet. *grin*

I dunno, Eva has never really captured me like some other series. I agree, the plot's very intricate and the idea is very original. I can see why some people would think that it's the best anime but IMHO it just lacks some quality that would have kept me interested. I think part of that could be that they were rushing the last few episodes of the TV series. My Eva obsession would probably have lasted longer if I hadn't been disappointed with the last episode and the weirdo clapping *sweatdrop* To this date, I still don't get that...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tamashii no Refrain" -- Hayashibara Megumi (Ayanami Rei) ]

Another factor I think is that the plot in some places is a bit too intricate for the one-time watchers to really get into. Eva, I think, caters to a very very limited audience. It is one that makes a really good cult anime because to get every single biblical reference or to get some of the more intricate and more deeply embedded nuances, you'd have to be *very* interested and then do research into things like angels and the Dead Sea Scrolls and then rewatch the series to go "Ahhh, that's why they did that...."

For many of us, I think that we take a lot of things at face value and then go "Yeah..." and move on. This is why perhaps some of us don't like Eva as much as other avid-followers. Seriously though, ask any Eva fan and they'll tell you a basic plotline and maybe some of the more interesting little facts but very little will be able to explain the entire plot and all the little bits and pieces that come with it. I know that while I do know some little facts, if you ask me why Seele picks Touji, sends Kaoru and then all the weirdo Reis and Kaorus that pop up, I'd be going "ummmmm..." right along with you.

Also, Eva drags on for a while... I mean, what is with the kindergarten drawings?!?! Maybe I'm missing some little piece of information and stuff but I just don't get the point of the kindergarten drawings and the weirdo conversations on the train. Sure, we might get a little glimpse into Shinji's head, but can any really tell me that they *fully* understand what Shinji is talking about in his head *all* the time?? It seems to me that he's a bit schizo...

Only recently have I bothered to finish the Eva movies -- I was in between series, having just finished Recca and trying to decide on what to watch, so Sutsume-chan and I decided to get Eva over and done with. Of the three Eva movies, I can tell you that the first two bored me almost to tears and we ended up fast forwarding most of it. Death... was just the series recut and it basically didn't make any sense unless you'd seen the TV series... And Rebirth was the later part of the series recut with a little bridge towards the last movie. In other words, not as boring as Death, but pretty much pointless except for the last bit. All in all, I think the most interesting part of watching the movies was reading the credits to see if we could recognize seiyuus ^^;;;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Will" -- Yonekura Chihiro ]

Ooohhh, Houshin Engi Opening~~~ ^_^

Anyhow, the only movie that I thought was worth my money was "The End of Evangelion" and even then, it was pretty weird. I mean, aside from the occasional R rated scenes and the excellent animation when Asuka fights the swarm of Eva-05s, I could probably summarize the whole movie in one sentence. "Third-impact happens and everyone turns to goo except Shinji and Asuka" ^^;;;;; Now can anyone *fully* explain that to me?? I mean, Asuka was already dead! And who the hell gave "I will not run away"-boy the power to choose what kind of world the world would be? And what's with the strangling?? I mean, first he wishes her alive and then he wants to strangle her?

I dunno.... they should make a movie called "The Concepts behind Shin Seiki Evangelion" or "Evangelion Explained" -- bet you anything that it'll be a mega-hit coz everyone would want a copy so that they could *fully* understand Eva. *sighs* *shrugs* Oh well... ranted on about it enough I guess.... Eva's just never really made an impact on me...

Ack~! Been ranting too long.... gotta stop ^^;;;;

[-- Monday, March 05, 2001 --]

On the net~~~!!!!!!! No winamp though *pout* So no good song reviews...

Candy says "Hi!" since she's sitting next to me at the moment.

School sucks.... I gotta do my english oral on thursday so I really should be doing it now but I can't be stuffed.. Stupid tripod decided to delete my account so now my shi_kami account's gone and I need to reload all of ED's mp3 files again. *growls* Yeah, I'd like at least some notice on what's going on with my account. Yeah sure, just tell me "we reserve the right to delete accounts at our discretion" *stick tongue out* Yeah... see if I use you again!

I'm sorry... do I sound bitter? Me? Bitter...? Nahhh~~~ *snorts* Anyhoo, Sutsume-chan has agreed to host Emotions so I'm happy about that and also will kill anyone who asks me why the damned site doesn't load again!! ARGH!! Stupid stupid tripod!!! *kicks tripod*

Ack ack... should go... bell's gonna go soon and I have chinese ^^;;;; Chinese.... bad bad...... So anyways, gotta go.... Sutsume-chan started uni today.... *grins* HAH!! now you have to go to school too!! =P And now you're gonna tell me that you don't have school every friday... *sighs* oh well.. this poor sleep-deprived girl is going to slink off the class and be the good little girl that she is... *snorts* *evil grin*

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