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Chaos v1.4
the Calm before the Storm
  Covergirl: Kishuu Arashi
  Manga: X/1999
  Comment: My favorite female
  character in X~!! ^_^

Aoi Arashi
(Blue Storm)
Touma Yumi -- Hongo Yui
(Fushigi Yuugi)

Nemuru mori o zawame kase
Tori no mure ga nigete iku
Kowai kurai utsukushii
Hoshi no shita ni saa tatsu no
Me o tojite inoru toki
Kono sekai ga owaru

Hashiri dashita inazuma ga
Watashi no koe matte iru
Shinjitai to omotte ta
Anata no kao utsushite iru
Komi ageru nikushimi ni
Kokoro o kimete iku

Kiete shimae ai sareteta
Maboroshi tachi yo towa ni
Uragira reta mune no itami
Ima omoishire ba ii
Aoi arashi ga kuru

Kaze wa ikari arekurui
Sora wa koware kudakete mo
Sou yo negai kanau wara
Ashita nante hoshi kunai
Anata dake shiawase ni
Kesshite sase wa shinai

Awarema rete ataerare ru
Ai nanka wa iranai
Nido to dare mo watashi no koto
Kizutsu ketari dekinai
Unmei wa kono te ni

Kiete shimae aishite ita
Maboroshi tachi yo towa ni
Uragira reta mune no itami
Ima omoishire ba ii
Aoi arashi ga kuru


By rustling the sleeping forest
A flock of birds is flying away
Beneath the frighteningly dark
Beautiful stars, yes stand up
The time I close my eyes
And pray this world will end

The lightning flash that came
Awaits the sound of my voice
I wanted to believe in you
Reflecting on your face
The hatred that is filling
My heart decides

Disappear for eternity
Illusions of those who loved me
The pain of betrayal in my chest
Itís now good to realize
The blue storm comes

Though the wind rages with anger
And the sky smashes to pieces
Thatís right, if my desire comes
True, I wish for no tomorrow
Iíll never make it so
You have the only happiness

I donít need things like
Love that gives me pity
Never will I ever be able
To be hurt again by anyone
Destiny is in my hands

Disappear for eternity
Illusions of those I loved
The pain of betrayal in my chest
Itís now good to realize
The blue storm comes



Sakura Saku

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Chaos v1.2
Chaos v1.3

.: Thursday, July 05, 2001 :.

.: Sunday, June 17, 2001 :.

Wai wai~!! I'm done with my exams!! *cheers*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Rinbu Revolution" -- Okui Masami ]

Now let's just hope that I pass *crosses fingers* And now I gotta study for my last school assessed task before the June/July holidays!! YAY HOLS~!!!! My friend's birthday is coming up and we are going PAINTBALLING!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!!!! *cough* *sweatdrop* But can you imagine me with a paintball gun in my hands? *evil grin* It is SUCH a good thing that we get to wear overalls and they have showers there... *LOL*

Best thing is, it might not even be on the day Sutsume-chan is going to that anime marathon... which means I can go~!!!! (in which case I would need to bring lots of junk food *giggles* What could be better? No homework, good friends, good food, good anime..... THAT'S the life!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Innocence" -- Hidaka Noriko (Soujirou) ]

But I still wanna see Kenshin!! Me wanna see Sou-chan and Ken-chan's last fight! *grins* Hiten Mitsurugiryu no Ougi: Ama Kakeru Ryuu no Hirameki!!! Shukuchi!! Shun Ten Satsu!! *giggles* I'm sorry.... everytime I think of that fight, I get these names stuck in my head.... and then there's Sou-chan as a kid... isn't he kawaii??!?!! *nodnodnod* Extremely so!! But so sad.... His family deserved to die!! =P

It's the same thing with Shishio ^^;;; His fight with Ken-chan is sooooo cool!! Me like! Me like!! ^_^ Kuzu Ryuu Sen!! Ryuu Kan Sen!! Tsui no Hiken Kaguzuchi!! *LOL* Gomen gomen... I'm on a high....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Y'know" -- Akira Sudou (Priss) ]

Oooohhhh... this song gets more and more addictive the more you listen to it ^_^ Usually I'm not into the type of heavy guitar songs, but this one is good~!!!! *grin* And if anybody is unfamiliar with it, this is the opening of Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040... of which I just saw another episode.... *pout* only one every week is just NOT satisfying! We're only up to ep 5!

So anyhow, back to the anime marathon... Sutsume-chan tells me that they're gonna show Spriggan... which I have tried to watch but then couldn't get through it ^^;;; I'm sorry, but the thing is weird.... or maybe that was just me itching to watch Ayashi no Ceres..... ^^;;;; But I doubt it.... It was definitely weird...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Tsuki no Nai Yoru" -- Satou Akemi ]

Ooohhhh... FY music... LOVE FY music.... WORSHIP FY music..... ^_^

So yeah.. Spriggan... made by the same people who did Akira... which I didn't really like either... ^^;;; Weirdo little wrinkly green men!!! And Spriggan talks about Noah's Ark... *sweatdrop* which, no offense to any believers out there, I don't particularly think is a plausible story under any circumstances... I mean, tell me that Noah got two lions (predators) and two antelopes (prey) on the same boat, and then tell me that they *didn't* try to kill each other.... Or two penguins and tropical birds... Or two elephants! In which case I would really have to ask how big the ark was.... ^^;;; but I think I make my point.... Like I said, no offense to any believers out there!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ashiato ni Hiraku Hana" -- Seki Toshihiko & Yao Kazuki ]

I LOVE Seki Toshihiko's voice~!!! ^_^

However, the main guy in Spriggan really reminds me of Hee-chan... ^_^ The same untamed dark hair flopping into his face and then there's the ingenuity and obvious strength that he displays while being chased by those guards in that market place (I forget where)... Yup, definitely the same display of cockroach-like behaviour in which you just can't kill them!! *giggles*

And then there's the weird thing about that guy on top of the school building who just strapped bombs to himself and blew himself up... what is up with that?!? But then I never got to the end of the movie so I guess I'm not in the best position to ask that ^^;;; But like I said, Spriggan isn't exactly my thing so maybe I'll skip that ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Destination" -- Hayashi Nobutoshi (E.M.U.) ]

E.M.U.!!!!! ^_^

Anyways, enough of my ranting... How's Chaos v1.4 look? As much as I loved the layout for v1.3, I've just had this idea stuck in my head too long so I thought I'd better put it up ^_^ One of my favorite characters in X is Arashi.... And the song on the side is sung by Yui from Fushigi Yuugi. It's a dark little song that's really really nice!! By far the best Yui song that I've heard... and Touma Yumi's voice sounds good too! I especially included the translations because I love the actual words.... It describes Yui and it also fits the title "the Calm before the Storm" perfectly! ^_^

But I must admit that "the Calm before the Storm" was chosen for a reason because I think that after this, Chaos will be experiencing a trend of darker layouts... most likely from X... (that X craze still hasn't passed ^^;;) so I think this'll be the last lighter layout for a while... Certainly Chaos v1.5, which is already planned out, is gonna be dark indeed ^_^ Featuring who? You'll have to guess *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Girl ~ Namida ga Niji ni Kowarumade" -- E.M.U. ]

I love this song!! One of my very faves by E.M.U.!!

Oh and another thing, I'll probably be making small appearances on Sutsume-chan's Sakura Saku since she invited me to join ^^;;; adding more on my list of things "to do".... *L* But yeah... you think I'm bad by myself? Wait till you see how insane we can be together!! *LOL*

Oh well... better get going... still gotta lot of things to do before I have to go to bed...