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.: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 :.   

.: Sunday, April 21, 2002 :.   

.: Saturday, April 20, 2002 :.   

Feel strangely wiped out.... which is weird coz I really didn't do anything apart from getting up, going to the airport to pick up my aunt and uncle and then tutoring.... I shouldn't have a headache and be yawning all the time.... especially considering I had coffee earlier... *frowns*

Anyhoo, did tutoring... which most importantly means income... therefore meaning manga... therefore meaning more Saiyuki... therefore meaning Recca... therefore WOULD mean more X if X11 was THERE!!!! *growls* therefore meaning HAPPY DAYS~~~!!!!! ^^;;;; Looking back over the last sentence, if I was one of my students, I'd have to say: "And to think... this girl tutors english..." *sweatdrops*

But, off that topic... Need to stick up those two X posters that I still haven't put up yet ^^;;; I'm suffering from X-depravation... need more....

While on the topic of posters, I wonder if I'm ever going to get sick of anime and manga... *L* Seems pretty unlikely right now and anyone who takes a look at my room will probably say that it's impossible ^_^ But seriously... If I ever go off anime and manga, I wonder what I'd think about my posters... probably that that's over $100 worth of interior decorating which was a waste of money... maybe... Let's not mention the several hundred dollars worth of anime/manga that I already own and will own by then <-- I'm talking about WAY down the track because I obviously am not getting out of animanga any time soon! *L*

Why am I thinking about this? *shrugs* Dunno... probably because I was thinking about how I tend to migrate from fandom to fandom, eg. Sailormoon to GW, GW to TB/X..... I don't do a lot of it, and I never totally leave a fandom (still enjoy the occasional BSSM fic every now and then ^_^), and I also dabble in other fandoms along the way (eg. Saiyuki, Recca...etc), but there is a definite pattern of migration... and it definitely has something to do with the fandom ^^;;;

Now, not to discriminate against the people who watch the dubs or anything, but I find that I'm more keen to migrate to another fandom once there's an influx of people who first watched the dubs... *shrugs* Really couldn't tell you a definite reason why, but that seems to be the case. Personally, I've always been of the opinion that dubs generally take a little something away from the subs/raw-Jap versions, but I'm not opposed to dubs. Maybe it's the influx of dominant personalities (as someone from my legal class said about being intimidated by the younger people *L*) or maybe it's simply because it was simply my proverbial time with that particular fandom, or maybe it's because I put in so much effort into getting to know existing personalities in the fandom and I just don't have enough effort to put into getting to know all the new ones... *shrugs* who knows... maybe it's a combination of those things...

But to the point, why all these thoughts? *sweatdrops* dunno... just something for myself to think about...
Shikami Yamino @ 12:24 AM

It is Thursday, the 11th of April.

I'm sorry... I had to state that... and must emphasize the fact that I am also alive and well to say it~!! ^_^ *blinks* Okay... maybe just alive... the "well" part is debatable....

Why? An 800 word court report due 2pm tuesday was finished 3:30am tuesday. A 1500 word marketing assignment due 12pm wednesday was finished 5am wednesday ... I have been running on strong coffee on the average of every 7-8 hours since monday morning.... I have also been running on only approx 10hrs of sleep in the last 72... I have also managed NOT to fall asleep during any of my lectures despite marketing being the ultimate bore that it is... In this time, I also found the time to read the latest TB/X fanfics, download X23 and X24, watch X23 and X24, and basically pass for a normal person, not on a caffeine high and not suffering from sleep deprivation...

^_^ Achievement in my book!!

Let's not mention that I just crashed off my caffeine high when I missed my last caffeine hit which should have come around 5pm.... ^^;;; But me fine now~~~!! Love second winds.......... and NO I am NOT addicted...

Anyhoo... just happy that I got all those assignments out of the way.... and I even got out of it reasonably unharmed.... ^_^

And shall now begin to rant about the X ending... ^^;;

Firstly: Overall, LOVED the bgms, the animation, the fight scenes and the seiyuus (Suwabe Jun'ichi as Fuuma... Sugita Tomokazu as Subaru... Kawano Otoya as Sei-kun... *hearts*). LOVED the beginning... followed the manga pretty closely, WAS GOOD.

No, I'm not being coherent... I think after two nights of full-on formal language, I'm glad to be getting back to my lazy cave-anime-freak language... Anyhoo...

Middle was good, Sei-kun's death being the only bad part... but that's just coz me love Sei-kun.... End was... weird... and rushed... shall forever reiterate "rushed", but still good. Some bits didn't really make sense... eg. Subaru being able to create a kekkai... Nataku's ultimate demise *sweatdrops*... Hokuto's sudden reappearance... Kamui's transfer of his Wish... WHY SUBARU WASN'T SAKURAZUKAMORI~!!!! *takes a deep calming breath* Again will reiterate "rushed" as reason for above stated confusion.

Overall conclusion?? X WAS GOOD as single-season animes go... may have expected a little too much for a 24 ep anime on my behalf, hence the weird reaction to the ending, but still consider it GOOD.... Mostly like to remain one of my fav animes... will DEFINITELY get dvd box set, when it becomes available... *huggles*

Last note: Did they have to drag out Sora-chan's death and emphasize it like they did Nuri-chan's in FY?!?!!!!! Bloody thing had me almost in tears by the end......... ^^;; which also means that it's not as bad as Nuri-chan's death scene, coz in that one, I'm already drowning in tears WAY before the end of the ep...

Okay... think second wind is wearing off.... will now attempt to go to sleep like a normal person and get at least more sleep than I've had in the last two days combined....
Shikami Yamino @ 12:55 AM

.: Monday, April 08, 2002 :.   

okay... I should be finishing my court report... I should be doing my marketing assignment... I should be doing a million other things right now... instead, I find myself staring at this in disbelief.

Does the picture on top look familiar?? Looks a lot like part of the Communication Established layout doesn't it??

Now, I don't, by any stretch of the imagination, go wandering around Gundam sites checking up if they stole ED's layouts. I have much better things to do with my time... not to mention I hardly browse gundam sites any more due to a shift in interests. The only other time I found an image gallery which stole ED's edited pics was by a random fluke back when I was still actively browsing GW sites about 2 years ago.

But this... this takes the cake...

I'm well aware that there are newbies starting out in the GW fandom. I'm also well aware that there is a very small minority among those newbies who will attempt to build a GW site with pictures stolen from other sites. I accept that. There will always be this kind of thing in every fandom. I didn't even bother to email the webmistress about the image gallery where I last found ED's piccies -- considered it, figured it wasn't worth my time.

Despite not actively browsing GW sites, whenever people email me to take a look at their sites, I generally do try to go whenever I have the time. GW is still very precious to me. However, I find it INCREDIBLY IRRITATING (<-- understatement!!!!!!!) when some one emails me, asks to link to ED and for me to take a look at their site, and what do I find on it?? Pictures stolen directly from ED!!

See, if I had just happened, to chance upon this site, I wouldn't have given a stuff... I know it happens, I accept. But the point is that this person actually had the NERVE to email me and ask me to take a look when it's blatantly obvious where the pic came from. He/She didn't even bother to erase the blue line that is Communication Established's border for crying out loud!! Not to mention Trowa and Duo are partly cut off at the top as a result of the ED layout design.

I take this as a direct insult to my intelligence!! ED is mine, has been mine for almost 4 years. I know every inch, nook and cranny of it like it's the back of my hand!! What?? Did they think I would be so stupid as to not recognize the picture?!!!

On top of that, I am extremely pissed off because this picture came from EDv2.0. Upgrading ED to v2.0 is something that took up a vast amount of my time and effort. It was done directly before the start of my final high school year and as a result, was the object of numerous arguments between myself and my parents -- one of which ended in us not speaking to each other for two weeks. Thus v2.0 is very VERY precious to me and I hate the fact that it's being leeched-off from like this!

Topping it all off, this person's reason for emailing is just to: "I have been working on my website for about one year now, and I now would like to generate more traffic." EXCUSE ME?!?!!! From this, I get a distinct feeling about being used... For me, the purpose of a website has never been just to generate traffic. He/She tries to make up for it by saying "I saw your website that impressed me alot." *snort* and then totally ruins it by saying "I would like to trade links with you in order to help each other." *snorts* Help each other.... right....

I guess it's too late to mention that I really would not like more traffic because ED's already hitting the roof in bandwidth allowance as it is...

*growls* these people piss me off... and now I'm gonna go read my TB/X ficcies to take my mind off it.

.: Friday, April 05, 2002 :.   

*blinks* I have just been informed by this that I apparently have a WIDE WIDE WIDE variety of tastes when it comes to my bishis *sweatdrops* While I apparently like the "silent, brooding" types the best ^^;; (not something I wouldn't agree with...) but some of my favorite bishis appear in every single one of those lists... *sweatdrops*

I didn't think I had *that* different a taste in bishis... ^^;;; Although I guess when you compare Aoshi-sama to D-chan (Duo ^^;; Not Vampire Hunter D or Count D) it doesn't match up very well... *L* But still~~!!!

Actually... now that I think about it... most, if not all of my bishis can still be categorized together!! "VERY capable of mass destruction!!"

*blink blink* *sweatdrops* what does that say about me...??

.: Friday, April 05, 2002 :.   

'Tis the 5th!! 'Tis the 5th!! *WIDE grin* And because it's the fifth, must say happy birthday to my favorite monkey~!!! (No, that's NOT my cousin *growls*) Tanjoubi omedetou Goku~~~!!! *huggles Goku* I swear I love this monkey way more than is healthy for me... *giggles* But he's SO CUTE!!!!

Anyhoo, I've figured out that in relation to learning Jap, considering that I do all my learning of Jap from anime, I learn practically none of the basics, and yet I am able to call people names... *sweatdrops* And since watching Saiyuki, I've learned a helluva lot of weird names... *giggles* "Bakazaru", "Aho saru", "Yaki saru" (<-- *bursts out laughing*), "Ero kappa", "Aka gokiburi kappa" (<-- *snickers*), "Aho kappa", "Tarume-bouzu* (<-- *runs away from Sanzo's gun, laughing all the way*). Myah... ^_^ Saiyuki is hilarious!!

But off that topic, read spoilers for X23 and X24... which effectively ends the Xtv series... ^^;;; I won't judge it till I've seen it... (*scowls* though good luck considering that Pioneer has licensed Xtv already... *cringe* I shudder to think how they're gonna dub it...) but I gotta give credit when credit is due to the directors who are willing to kill off the main character at the end of a series... ^_^ Considering that the manga won't end like it, I'm interested to see what ending Ohkawa Nanase will come up with, considering that it's obviously not gonna be the movie ending where Fuuma dies, or the anime ending where Kamui dies...

Me opting for either both die or neither die~!! ^_^ Unless of course, she decides to do something completely weird... ^^;;; which I guess would work as well....

But despite this, I am still of the opinion that the series was too short!! Guess it was too much to expect that they would follow the manga closely but I still think that all the intro episodes could have been condensed so that not a complete episode was devoted to each character's side stories, which would then have made more room for the latter half of the series where all the action and the need for explanations were (eg. Subaru's eye). Of course, if they'd just have made it a longer-running series, I'd be perfectly happy with seeing the whole episodes of character side-stories... god knows "Onmyou" was DAMN cool~!!! *hearts* Sei-kun and Subaru~~~!!!

As it is, I think that a lot of things in the anime series really will only make complete sense if you watch it while having knowledge of the manga, Subaru's eye being the point in question (of which you'd need knowledge of TB too ^^;;) ... I wonder how well received it'd be for people who haven't read the manga/TB to watch Xtv... Not that you couldn't watch it on animation-quality and bgms alone... DAMN I love the bgms and the animatio-quality is undoubtedly one of the (if not THE) best I've seen of all the anime series I've watched... but perhaps it wouldn't be as rounded of a story as it could have been... *shrugs* Maa naa... I say, read the manga!! Coz nothing beats original CLAMP manga *L*

But speaking of Subaru (of course, when am I NOT speaking of Subaru or Sei-kun these days?? *L*), Sutsume-chan and I had an interesting conversation a few days ago... or maybe that was just me ranting ^^;;; but I was reiterating that if anyone was gonna survive the Promised Day, Subaru was (as proven by the anime). Coz the Sakurazukamori is meant to be killed by the one he/she loves most... at least that's what I gleaned from Setsuka's death anyway, and Sei-kun's death (*wails* Not fair~~~!!) certainly fit that pattern. But the one that Subaru loves most is Sei-kun, who is already dead... Kinda difficult to die if the person who has to kill you is already dead.... *sweatdrops* And it's becoming unlikely that Subaru will learn or allow himself to love anyone else again... Kamui being the prime example coz otherwise, why did he defect?

But then came the crux of the conversation... both Sutsume-chan and I being zealous SxS supporters, we would LOVE to see Subaru die by the end of X (yes, I know... morbid aren't we? ^^;;).... if only coz then he could go and rescue Sei-kun from Hokuto-chan's wrath in the afterlife.... *giggles* I can just imagine Hokuto-chan chewing Sei-kun out for being such an idiot as to invoke her last spell... ^_^ But yes, so anyway as it's more likely than not that Subaru is going to survive the Promise Day, obviously we're not gonna get our wish... (DAMN!! Where's Fuuma when you need him?!?!) I suddenly thought:

I wish the g-damned tree would exercise some bloody independence!! Go kill your own dinner if you're hungry!!!

*sweatdrops* don't ask... needless to say I was probably suffering sleep-deprivation at the time... But 'tis true!! I mean, the Sakurazuka's been fed for how many centuries now?? Why can't it have evolved to have some sort of moving mechanism that could kill for itself when it was hungry?!?!! ^^;;; Weird, I know.... but at least if the tree developed a sense of independence and then kill Subaru and we'd get Subaru and Sei-kun together in the afterlife!!

*pouts* Yes, this is the crazy mind-workings of a shameless SxS supporter.... don't mind me... Needless to say, it's pretty bad when even Sutsume-chan will look at me weird considering that out of the two of us, she's usually the one that comes up with the weirdo ideas... not me ^^;;;;

Anyhoo... better get going... need to nurse my aching muscles after going ice-skating for the first time in four years... ^^;;; at least I didn't fall~!!! But yeah... my legs are killing me... and my toes are freezing now considering that it's 2pm and I've been sitting here barefoot in chilly weather for four hours... I knew I shoulda put on a pair of socks but I just couldn't be stuffed... *sweatdrops* sometimes I really think I'm masochistic....

.: Monday, April 01, 2002 :.   

New month~! New layout~!! *LOL* Chaos v2.1 uploading just in time for Sei-kun's "birthday" ^_^ Of course, we all know that it's not really Sei-kun's birthday *giggles* But 'tis the thought that counts ne?

Waaaiii~!! I love this layout~!! *huggles Subaru* Can ya tell?? *L* As reluctant as I was to let the monkey go, I'm still damn glad I ended up with Subaru-kun as a replacement *grins* "Evanescent Rhapsody" actually means something along the lines of "Fleeting Moment of Paradise" ^_^ which I thought was perfectly suited to Subaru in this piccy of him and Sei-kun in each other's arms... hence the title and the poem thing on the side *L* *holds up sign* "Shameless SxS supporter!!" ^_^

Of course, v2.1 was originally supposed to be of Sei-kun, but the damned man just wouldn't cooperate with me *pouts* But definitely look for Sei-kun by himself in the future looking damn classy as he always does *drools*

Anyhoo, about what I've been doing recently... *sweatdrops* not much... on Easter break right now though from today onwards, me gonna have to get stuck into homework.... *sighs* So please don't let my cousins decide to come visit!! *crosses fingers* My aunt's gone back to China for a month and decided to stick her two kids with my grandmother... *cringe* they're, of course, on Easter holidays so they'll probably be begging to be taken places... and then my parents feel obligated to take them out for at least a day coz of asian customs... *rolls eyes* times like these, I really hate asian customs.... Oh well... just don't take me and don't bother me and I'll have no problems......

I have this thing against little kids who are related to me... ^^;;; I have no problems with those who aren't related to me at all~!! *sweatdrops* Maybe I'm just weird that way...

Anyways, off that depressing topic... Better topic... Saiyuki~!!! Did Part 1 reruns today... I swear I love this series!! *L* Saru saru saru~!!! And you gotta love the fan~!! I want Sanzo's fan dammit~!! *L*

Also watched X21 and X22... *sighs* and while I didn't particularly mind the anime before, and though I'm still addicted to it now, I do see the bad bits in it... It's just too damned rushed~!!! I mean, THREE people died in X21!! o.O;; Bad enough that they killed Sei-kun off so early, but three in ONE episode?!?!? At least Karen's death wasn't a "Karen... MOVE dammit!!" kinda death as it was in the movie.. *shudders* not touching that with a ten-foot-pole ever again...

And then there's Arashi~!! What the HELL was that girl thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!! I seriously want to just conk her over the head... Why the HELL did she go and kill Kusanagi?!?! Especially since he was rescuing Yuzuriha from Nataku in the first place!! *pouts* And how could she act so cold towards Sora-chan?!?!! *growls* *whaps Arashi repeated over the head*

I'm glad the manga's not going to end like the anime is... first of all because Arashi will defect before there are NUMEROUS gaps in the Chi no Ryuu to fill so it'll be more obvious who the HELL she's replacing and also because, HOPEFULLY, CLAMP will realize that not many people like how the anime is turning out and steer well away from that with the manga ending... *sighs* Well... we can only hope....

Okay... me ranted enough.... me shall go and attempt to get enough sleep before tackling my 1500 word marketing assignment in a few hours........... *falls off chair* I hate homework....
Shikami Yamino @ 3:14 AM

Chaos v2.1


~ if only this
moment could
last an eternity...

Sumeragi Subaru &
Sakurazuka Seishirou
Tokyo Babylon -- CLAMP
v2.1 Theme Song:
Piece of Heaven
Theme Song from:
Weiß Kreuz
v2.1 comes with:
Wallpaper -- 800x600 .tif
*drools* Is there anything else you can say about these two?? ^_^ Especially together~!! *L* Yes, I am a shameless SxS fan. And I am of the belief that Sei-kun loves Subaru just as much as Subaru loves him, he just doesn't-want-to/can't admit it *pouts* Baka Sei-kun... ^^;; Anyhoo, after my recent X/TB craze, I just HAD to adorn Chaos with one of their most drool-worthy piccies. Definitely look out for more of these two in future Chaos layouts!! *blinks* I just noticed... I've only been away from CLAMP for 3 layouts, and I'm once again using CLAMP fodder... ^^;;; Yup, that's obsession for you...

Chaos v2.1 Wallpaper

Fav Anime:
X, Saiyuki
Fav Manga:
X, Tokyo Babylon, Saiyuki
Fav Songs:
"Strength" by Koizumi Kouhei,
"eX Dream" by Miyuji &
"Secret Sorrow" by Koizumi Kouhei
Fav Characters:
Sakurazuka Seishirou
Sumeragi Subaru
Monou Fuuma
Son Goku
Genjo Sanzo
Cho Hakkai
Sha Gojyo
X, Pretear, Rayearth, YYH, Nadesico & Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
"To Fall From Grace"
"Omae Shikainai"
"What Dreams May Come"
"Breaking Down the Walls"

Lookee~!! Me got my very own Sei-kun!! \^o^/



Sakura Saku

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