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 Chaos v2.0

 Heavenly Mischief:
        Sometimes... even
                Gods need a little time off...

Coverboy: Son Goku
Manga: Gensoumaden Saiyuki
v2.0 Theme Song: Party Night
Artist: Dejiko, Puchiko & Usada
Theme Song from: Di Gi Charat
v2.0 comes with: Wallpaper
Resolution: 800x600
v2.0 also comes with: Winamp Skin
Skin comes with: Matching playlist
Comments: Damn, is this boy cute or what??!! ^o^ After the pink-ness of V-day, this soothing purple layout is just what I need *L* Especially with my favorite bakazaru as the coverboy *wide grin* The title stems off the fact that Goku used to live with all the other Gods and Goddesses up there *points to the sky*, hence, being a God himself. *tackle-glomps Goku* I swear, just looking at him makes me wanna glomp him ^^;;;..... *cringe* and I can't believe I'm using such a cute song for a theme song..... it's from Di Gi Charat for God's sake~~!!! *melts into floor* But at least it fits...

Chaos v2.0 Wallpaper

Chaos v2.0 Winamp Skin

  Current Obsessions/Addictions...
Anime: X, Saiyuki, Hunter x Hunter
Manga: X, Tokyo Babylon, Saiyuki
Song: "Strength" by Koizumi Kouhei and
         "eX Dream" by Miyuji
Character(s): Sakurazuka Seishirou, Sumeragi Subaru, Son Goku, Genjo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo

Lookee~!! Me got my very own Sei-kun!! \^o^/

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-- Sunday, March 24, 2002 --   

*blinks* has it really been 12 days since I blogged last?? ^^;;;; What have I been doing??

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Forever Love" -- X Japan ]

Yes, yes, for those who know me well enough, this song is enough to show that I am STILL on my X craze... Have been for... *blinks* I dunno.... can't seem to recall... coupla months at least since I definitely saw/read X before my trip to QLD... *blinks* or was it after my trip to QLD? *blink blink* *thinks hard* I remember threatening to take Sutsume-chan's TB volumes to QLD... and I was definitely printing out X/TB ficcies to take to my trip to QLD so it must have been before~!! Now I'm just trying to think... *sweatdrops* Brain not functioning properly.... But I reckon it was more towards the very very beginning of this year that I got totally hooked on X.... which means that I've already had this obsession for almost four months and dammit it just won't stop~!!! ^^;;; Not that I'm complaining mind you..... 'Tis Good~~~!!!!

Which reminds me, I gotta start changing Chaos's layout since it's already been a month since v2.0 came online... *grins* And DAMN do I love the coverboys for v2.1 *giggles* But I'll see what I can do to fix it up first.... still not completely happy with the way v2.1's turning out... especially the wallpaper.... *pouts* That's the problem with working with coverboys you love.... I'm perfectly contented to just sit there and stare at them when I should be working on them.... ^^;;; Oi oi......

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "eX Dream" -- Miyuji ]

Just as a note, one of my friends informed me that she wanted to do karaoke for her birthday which is coming up... *sweatdrops* with my current TB/X obsession, you know what I'm gonna be sitting there doing... ^^;;;; Imagining Sei-kun and Subaru and Hokuto-chan.... kyahhhhh~!! Just can't seem to get them outta my head~!!!! *blink blink* *cringe* And I did NOT just make reference to a Kylie Minogue song! I didn't! I didn't! I didn't!!! *hides under the table*

Anyhoo, saw X19 and X20 a coupla days back.... *sniffles* Poor Sora-chan~!!! That's just SO completely not fair~!!! And I just wanna hit Arashi over the head!! *growls* What was the meaning of leaving Sora-chan alone like that?!?!! And if she's defecting, which she probably is, how could she do it under those circumstances?!?!?!?!?! *glares* Majorly pissed off here~~!!! *whaps Arashi over the head* You go back to Sora-chan right now!! *pouts* Mou....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Secret Sorrow" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

*sighs* Damn I love this song.... And I still cannot believe that Koizumi Kouhei is a guy.... ^^;;; But I still love this song!

Okay okay... will attempt to shut up about X.... ^^;;; although that'll probably be a chore in itself considering that I've been reading nothing else in terms of fanfics lately ^^;;;

Uni sucks... Actually no, correction, uni homework sucks!! ^^;;; Uni itself is pretty good... fridays off.... ooohhh, which reminds me, went to court on friday with Sutsume-chan and that was pretty interesting... got a whole buncha minor offences which were pretty boring, but then there was this case of this stalker... but see, the stalker was actually stalking crime stoppers... not an actual person... ^^;;;; Breached his bail terms three times *major sweatdrop* And demanded to represent himself when it was obvious that he wasn't gonna do an adequate job... ^^;;;; All in all, that case was pretty interesting... should be enough to do my court report on and if not, I'll just go back for another day during the mid-semester break.

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Strength" -- Koizumi Kouhei ]

How much does this song remind you of Subaru?!?!?! I'm serious!! Read the lyrics and tell me it doesn't remind you of Subaru~!! ^^;;; Okay right.... off X...

So yeah, friday... *WIDE grin* Then we did the Saiyuki 2nd season marathon since Sutsume-chan FINALLY got her Saiyuki DVDs ^_^ And I gotta say I love the boys~! Especially when Goku and Gojyo fight... and you know that Sanzo's preparing to step in with his gun or his fan and tell them to shut up or die *LOL* And then there's Goku *giggles* "Hareheta... Samui... Haraheta... Samui... Haraheta~!!!" *bursts out laughing* 'Twas SOOOO CUTE~~~~!!!!!! *huggles Goku* I love this monkey, I swear I do....

And Homura is BISHI~~!!!!!!! *cringe* I've been doing too much Recca.... Now I can't think Homura without following up with Setsuna.... ^^;;;;; But speaking of bishis, I haven't had time to rant about Pretear yet.... ^^;; Pretear, despite being the mahou shoujo type anime isn't as bad as I thought it would be.... Of course, that could have something to do with the bishis such as Hayate and Sasame... ^_^ Eye candy~~!!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Yakusoku" -- Suzumura Kenichi (Shirou Kamui) ]

*sighs* But anyhoo, Saiyuki.... turned out that the second DVD box set, which was supposed to contain the full second season, only had the first 13 episodes... *pouts* which means more waiting since Saiyuki goes up until 50 episodes... No wonder... Our anime supplier kept telling us that Saiyuki was only 39 eps long and I remember thinking that that was an extremely short second season considering that both Recca and GW were only one season animes and both went on for 42 and 49 eps respectively...

I wanna more Goku~!! More Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo~~!!! I wanna more Homura~~!!! *pout* I wanna see if Goku's gonna get his memories back... and I wanna see what actually happened in their last lives in the Gaiden....... *sighs* more waiting..... I have no patience as it is, what with this constant waiting for X.... now I have to wait for Saiyuki too......... Myah.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Yakusoku" -- Suwabe Junichi (Monou Fuuma) ]

Anyhoo... better finish ranting here... Need to actually knuckle down and do some homework.... I mean, I finished my criminal law tute homework on time tonight but I wanna get some of my other subjects done and then get onto the assignments considering that I have an 800 word court report and a 1500 word marketing assignment due the first week back from mid-semester.... need to actually get started on those so that I actually have some free time during break.... not to mention I have my first microeconomics tutorial test coming up this week which means that I can't bludge like I did last week and turn up at the tute without having done my homework... *sweatdrops* It wasn't my fault~!!! I was planning to do it~!!! Blame the damn good X fic that distracted me!! *nodnod* ^^;;;;

Yup yup... better get going... ^^;;; And hopefully Chaos v2.1 won't be too far away ^_^

-- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 --   

Oohhh~!! and forgot to mention~!! ^_^ me got 2 X posters today~!!! *L* I actually still have wallspace left after two wallscrolls and 41 existing posters... *L* These two take my tally up to 43 posters *L* and yet I STILL have room....

One is the Fuuma poster... *blinks* *coughs* Well.. the Fuuma AND Kamui poster... but Sutsume-chan and I both refer to that poster as the Fuuma poster coz the damn sadistic and evil boy looks so damn good in it~!! *L* It is where the base piccy for Chaos v1.7 came from... ^_^

The other is of Kamui in white shirt and blue jeans surrounded by seagulls with this angsty look on his face *grins* LOVE these posters~!!

Of course... if I could just find one of Subaru and Sei-kun..... *trails off* *grins*

X! X! X! X! X! X! Of course, do I rant about anything else these days?? ^^;;;;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "The Rage Beat" -- Kotani Kinya ]

Saw X eps 10-18 today~~!! \^o^/ Happy about that... but all I gotta say is "HOW COULD THEY KILL SEI-KUN AFTER ONLY HAVING HIM ON THE SHOW FOR FOUR EPISODES?!?!?!?!?!?!?" *evil red eyes* *hyperventilates* *coughs* okay... I'm calm now.... *sniffles* How could they?!?! And he didn't even get to play with Subaru-kun much.... I mean, the Seals and Angels were gathered in X14... Saiki died and Subaru had his eye poked out by X15... not to mention a little Kamui-torture ^^;;;.... and then Sei-kun was bloody dead (no pun intended!) by X16... someone please explain that to me~!!!! How could they kill Sei-kun so bloody early?!?!??!?!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Until Strawberry Sherbet" -- Hayashibara Megumi ]

^^;;; Well.. considering that X is a 24 episode anime, I guess it's not THAT early but STILL~!!!! *pout* They shoulda made X into a double season anime like FY... span it for about 40+ episodes... believe me, people will definitely watch it for that long!! And it just makes it that much easier to squeeze in the mega-twisted (Sanzo voice: not mega-twisted... ULTRA-twisted... *snickers* Gomen... couldn't resist!!) plotline of the X manga.... I mean, right now, everything just seems so rushed... they have practically no room for character development at all... although I guess comparing it to the X movie, it does a helluva better job... *sweatdrops* But then anything would do a better job at character development than the X movie... *cringe*

They spent too long doing the whole introduction episodes.... but then I guess it took CLAMP 10 volumes to do that so it ain't that bad... but manga volumes can contain so much more action and thoughts than a single 22 minute anime episode!! *sighs*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Soba ni Iru" -- Midorikawa Hikaru ]

But despite the rushed-ness of the plot, I gotta say I love the anime.... the graphics are just SO good!! Unlike a lotta animes I've seen, there hasn't been an episode with the usual bad graphics yet!! And the CLOTHES~!! Goddamn gotta love CLAMP clothes.... *snickers* and evil Fuuma's dress sense... He looks so good with the black overcoat~!!!! *drools* And then of course, there's Subaru and Sei-kun.... not that they don't always look good anyhow... *giggles*

OOhhhhh~!! And also the blood~!!! ^_^ though the anime is definitely is not as explicitly gory as the manga (ie. no stray body parts), it's definitely not afraid to give you a spray of blood every once in a while... *grins* Even in places where there wasn't blood in the manga... I mean, when Subaru went WITHIN Kamui after Kotori died (btw, she WASN'T decapitated *pouts*) and Kamui put up all these defences to prevent Subaru getting in, Subaru was actually shown getting physically hurt and there was blood coming out of his ears.... *cringe* That is apparently the worst place to bleed coz of something about its nearness to the brain.. ^^;;; dunno... can't remember properly, need to look at my anatomy thing again...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Sakura Saku" -- Hayashibara Megumi ]

But yeah.... and then there is of course Fuuma pinning Kamui to the rock when they first awakened... ^^;; though this time it was just the Shinken actually pinning him.... no Kamui-pin-cushion this time... ^^;;;; BTW, Kamui already did the "FUUMMMAAA~~~!!!" scream... *giggles* seriously couldn't help giggling at that bit........ you'll get the joke if you've watched the last scene of the X movie...

Oh and here's a bit Sutsume-chan will find it funny to hear... when Subaru was preparing to go Within Kamui, he did the whole reaching for the screen with his hand thing a la a-particular-doctor-in-white style *giggles*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kaze no Uta" -- Sakamoto Chika (Nuriko) ]

And then there's Daisuke's death... DAMN was there a lotta blood.. ^^;;; just no actual wounds.... *L* And then the black-winged-Kamui crucified in Kakyou's dreamscape.... damn that was cool~!! And then there's Tokiko-san giving birth to the Shinken... I mean, she kinda disintegrated, but she wasn't so polite as to not leave a HUGE puddle of blood beneath her... ^_^ *sweatdrops* Okay... so I like blood... I think we've established that already....

Oohhh.. but the one scene that strikes me as the one of the best piccies of Kamui I've seen... when Kotori sees Tokiko-san's blood and kinda goes crazy and Kamui's trying to get her to look at him.... I LOVE his expression there~!! So ANGSTY!!!!! *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Time Distortion" -- Two Mix ]

But the one bad thing about the anime series... NO CLAMP CAMPUS DETECTIVES~~~~!!! *wails* No Nokoru, or Suoh or Akira~~!!! *pouts* Instead there's this really old guy with brown hair and a mustache as CLAMP Gakuen's Rijichou......... *growls* I wanna Nokoru and Suoh and Akira~~~!!!

But yeah... what else... oh, I LOVE the piccy of Sei-kun, Subaru and Hokuto-chan that was panned into at the end of X16.... *sniffles* So sweet.... And I seriously have no doubt that Sei-kun told Subaru he loved him in those whispered words that CLAMP just doesn't want us to know!! ^^;;;; Oh and from what Kusanagi did in X18 -- prevented Fuuma from killing Yuzuriha by threatening to kill Fuuma~!! ^^;; -- I wouldn't be at all surprised if he decided to defect in the anime.... dunno about the manga, but in the anime definitely~!! And it's a wonder if Subaru will take on the Sakurazukamori position in the anime as it was never really specified.... afterall, in the manga you actually get to see him disappearing after the talk with Kamui... in the anime, you just see the aforementioned piccy of the Tokyo Babylon trio... *sighs* Need more anime... and manga!! Definitely manga!!

All in all, LOVE this series~!! Can't wait to get more!! ^_^

And now I should actually go and attempt to finish some of my ecnomics tutorial questions... especially considering that I spent three hours glued to the TV today with 9 X eps... *L*

-- Friday, March 08, 2002 --   

Compelled to blog today... even if it's because me wanna rant...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Dame" -- Izumi You ]

Sutsume-chan's heard all this but I thought I'd just put it down here anyway.... Got my first look at some translations and scans of the latest Asuka issues containing X...... *cringe* Can we say "ow"????? I swear what Sora-chan went through was bloody painful.... let's not even mention that he's now got internal inujuries and lost the use of his right hand.... *sniffles* Sora-chan...... dun want Sora-chan to get hurt....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis" -- Hayashibara Megumi (Ayanami Rei) ]

But then of course, the interesting thing about that is that after Sora-chan got hurt protecting Arashi, Arashi decides to go pull a TB Subaru.... ie. when Subaru was banging on the doors of the emergency room desperately calling for Sei-kun... I mean, this is ARASHI we're talking about!! Miss "Ice Princess"!! @.@ Somehow, I really can't imagine Arashi reacting violently to anything... ^^;;; and I REALLY can't imagine people calling Sora-chan "Sorata-san".... that just... doesn't sound right... ^^;;; I LOVE "Seishirou-san", "Aoki-san" is pretty fitting, "Yuuto-san" is good too... but "Sorata-san"???!??! *sweatdrops* Dunno... Sora-chan just doesn't strike me as a "-san".... He's too cute! ^_^

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Take Off To The Sky" -- Midorikawa Hikaru (Heero Yuy) ]

Anyhoo, here's the weird bit... Arashi and Sorata finally lift their game and basically starts getting cozy... but the last page of the latest Asuka issue has Arashi waking up from Sora-chan's bed (nekkid ^^;;; so it's probably a reasonable indication of what happened) and then we see her looking at her hand -- the one that the sword comes out of -- with this funny expression on her face. Now this leads me to think that something funny's going on, and when you think about the fact that Arashi is meant to be a "miko" and the hidden miko of Ise, how can she still be a miko after what happened?? And if she can't be the miko any more, does that mean that she can no longer make the sword come out of her body??? And if she can't, what other powers does she have?? And if she doesn't have any, then how the Hell is she gonna continue being a Seal?!?!?! @.@ Interesting questions...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Eden" -- To Destination ]

Then, of course, there's the Subaru situation.... ^^;;; of course!! When ISN'T there a Subaru situation? *giggles* But yeah, Fuuma finds him in Sei-kun's old home... (btw, he's got himself a new white coat.... ^^;;; guess he didn't want the old one anymore, what with Sei-kun's blood on it...) and offers him Sei-kun's left eye! *gapes* Basically if Subaru takes the eye, then he also accepts the responsibilities of being the Sakurazukamori... (which he is meant to be already, considering that he just killed the present Sakurazukamori) and if he doesn't, well.... ^^;;; nothing would happen.... But Subaru, of course, poster-boy for Angst that he is, has to take the eye... *rolls eyes*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "I Don't Wanna Cry" -- Romantic Mode ]

So when Kakyou's talking about the Angels in his Dreamscape with all the cloaked figures of the Angels, one figure disappears and the cloak falls to the ground, signifying Sei-kun... but then you see a figure rising up under the cloak and finally you can see Subaru's face, BOTH eyes intact *cringe* don't need to try very hard to figure out how that came about.... ^^;;; and with the gloves back on his hands.... So in effect, Subaru defected to the Angels... *pout* In which case it would be extremely unfair to the Seals... I mean, here they are, having killed what was probably THE most powerful Angel aside from Fuuma himself, so you'd think that they had the upper hand... but now, not only have they failed to get rid of the Sakurazukamori power, they've managed to lose what was probably THE most powerful member of their own team -- Subaru -- to the other side... so basically whereas the score should have been Angels 0, Seals 1, the score is now Angels 2, Seals 0 ^^;;;;;; I dunno about you, but I find this extremely unfair...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Finale" -- L'Arc en Ciel ]

Now here's the even more interesting thing... Kakyou's predicted that another Angel will die (there's the figure under the cload disappearing thing again)... but then that a new power will rise to fill the empty place among the DOE -- and this time, we don't get to see the face of the new Angel... just what might be long dark strands of hair... and considering the precident that Subaru's set, could this new Angel be a former Seal?? And if it is a former Seal, then the only Seal with long dark hair is, of course, Arashi.... @.@ And of course, if that happens, then the way Sorata interpreted the Ojiisan's words on Kouyasan was wrong... He will die for the sake of the woman he loves, but not by protecting her... instead, he would most likely die by her hands..... *major sweatdrop* Now allow me to reiterate... poor Sora-chan.....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Bokurachi no Riyuu wa Iranai A to Z" -- E.M.U. ]

Sutsume-chan and I were taking bets on which of the Angels would die... and for some reason ^^;;; both of us managed to pin down the choices to either Satsuki or Yuuto-san, with both of our money on Yuuto-san.... ^^;;; We'll have to see how that turns out.... We are also both of the opinion that Subaru should have died when Sei-kun died.. ^^;;; morbid I know, but he certainly isn't any more alive in the emotional sense now anyway.... *giggles* either that or just die-hard Sei-kun/Subaru fans.... or maybe a little bit of both... *L*

But if Kakyou didn't mean that an Angel disappearing by way of death, then could it also be that Kusanagi would defect to the Seal's side?? o.O;;; They could certainly use the numbers, especially considering the impending doom about to fall upon Aoki-san and Karen, after which very possibly only one of them will be able to walk away with their lives....

*sighs* CLAMP really likes screwing us over on the plotline... and at this rate, they're most likely not going to end up killing everybody in the possibly four tankoubon left if we go according to the major arcana of tarot.... which then leads us to the question of who's gonna live and who's gonna die..... and then what happens to those left AFTER the Promised Day??

Perversely, I reckon that if anyone does survive the Promised Day, Subaru will probably be one of them ^^;;;; if he doesn't take his own life, that is.... *sweatdrops*

^^;;; But, there's no denying that this is CLAMP, so we'll just have to see what happens...... but really... the Angels are now so much more powerful than the Seals -- Subaru's defected, Sora-chan can't use his right hand, Arashi might have just lost her sword, either Karen or Aoki-san may just be dead soon... and Kamui still can't figure out how to make a kekkai... *sweatdrops* Makes me wonder if CLAMP'll just make the Angels win and be done with it.... ^^;;;;

Okies okies... think I've ranted enough about this subject........ we'll see when X finishes, how accurate some of these speculations are.... ^^;;;;;

-- Tuesday, March 05, 2002 --   

Quick blog~!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Kiss" -- Two Mix ]

*grins* Uploaded the matching winamp skin to the "Heavenly Mischief" wallpaper that I made a few days ago... dunno.. me have this thing for matching wallpaper and winamp skins... ^^;;; But ya gotta admit that Goku is DAMN adorable!!! C'mon, you know ya wanna glomp him!! *L* Look at him!! ^_^ Okay okay... I'll shut up now...

But now all I gotta say is that if you do read this blog, you should read the intro to each Chaos version coz it'll have at least one or two desktop goodies up for downloading....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Somnia Memorias - Platinum version" -- Takahashi Keichi ]

*snickers* And to the beat of this lovely lovely song, me gonna announce that me adopted my very own Sei-kun~!!! *glomps Sei-kun* Ain't he cute?? ^^;;; Of course, he'd probably kill me for saying that... but just look at him in chibi and tell me that he's not cute!! =P Especially with his glasses and cigarette... *snickers* Kawaii........

*sweatdrops* Me thinks me too obsessed with Sei-kun and Subaru for my own good..... and probably TB and X in general.... ^^;;;; I mean, I was in my criminal law intro lecture and they were talking about how we'd probably discuss whether it's morally okay for sado-masochistic homosexual men to sexually assault other consenting sado-masochistic homosexual men for pleasure... altogether very serious stuff right..?? ^^;;; And wouldn't you know it, the first thing that popped up in my head was... "Fuuma........." *major sweatdrop* I seriously need to get off my X kick...... *pouts* But I don't wanna.... 'tis X~!!! X is good!!!

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "I'm in Trouble" -- Yonekura Toshinori ]

Myoh.... anyhoo.. first two days of school wasn't that bad ^_^ Me pretty happy with my timetable now.... finish at three on monday, tuesday and wednesday and I finish at one on thursday *L* Of course, friday is off.... and I never start before ten in the morning... ^_^ Happy happy.... especially coz I also managed to fit in anime screenings *LOL* *sighs* but they don't have X.................. -_-;;;; Yes I'm obsessed... I don't need you to tell me so!! *L*

Anyhoo... the only gripes about uni I have is that "why do they have to bombard us with information in the first week????" especially considering that we're first years and most likely just trying to get ourselves settled in without too many problems.... *sighs* Legal Process is turning out to be interesting... though after the first lecture and the research assignments already been handed out, I've kinda been going... @.@.... ^^;;; yeah...

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Ever Stay Snow" -- Shiho ]

But law is turning out to be good... my crim lecturer is COOL~!! ^_^ And economics and marketing shouldn't be that bad... my marketing lecturer at least has a sense of humour... *L*

But that leads me to my other gripe.... WHY ARE UNI BOOKS SO GODDAMNED EXPENSIVE?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! AND WHY DO THEY INSIST ON USING NEW EDITIONS WHEN OLD EDITIONS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME?!??!?!?!? *takes a deep breath* okay... I'm calm now...... *growls* But seriously, I'm so pissed off at the amount of money that I have to spend on text books alone.... especially my marketing one, which is a draft edition written by the faculty... which means that I'll have to buy it new and can't resell it next year coz then they'll be using the FIRST edition~!!! *growls* Buying text books SUCK!!!!

Okies okies... me done now.... should go and prep for bed... me have crim first thing in the morning and I wanna be awake for that.... ^_^

-- Saturday, March 02, 2002 --   

All set to start uni.... sorta.... *sweatdrops*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Dousureba ii" -- Ishihara Shin'ichi ]

Got my timetable all sorted out ^^;;; thank Shinigami.... Otherwise, I would have had to stay at school till 5:30pm every tuesday and wednesday =P Now, all I have to endure is about a hundred metre rush from my marketing to my crim lecture every tuesday and a fifty metre rush from my crim lecture to my microeconomics lecture on wednesday... A fair trade considering that I now finish at 3pm everyday ^_^ And I have no school on friday~~!!! *LOL* I'm sorry.. I keep stressing that....

But the weirdo thing is that my crim lecture on tuesday is in the campus cinema... *sweatdrops* This is the first I've heard about lectures in the cinema... oh well... at least I'll be close to the food once the lecture lets out *LOL*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "I'm In Trouble" -- Yonekura Toshinori ]

I am strangely addicted to this song... ^^;;; The english ending to "Bastard!!" *LOL* Dunno... it has a cool beat... *sings* I'm in trouble but it feels so good~!! I'm already past the point of no return~!! *giggles*

And I joined the anime club~~!!! *snickers* That was the one stall I was actively searching for on clubs carnival day... Thinking I might run for first year officer or something... maybe I can help spruce up their webpage... ^^;;; it's kinda bland at the moment... And we're apparently screening Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Martian Successor Nadesico on Mondays and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and DNA2 on thursdays *L* Definitely left time for anime screenings in my timetable... *L*

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Mokona's Garden" -- Shiratori Yuri (Mokona) ]

*falls and melts into a puddle on the floor* I can't believe I actually got this song......... I mean, it does nothing but "Puu!!" at me for the duration of 2 minutes and 32 seconds..... *cringe* Maybe it's just for the weirdness-factor.... think I got the Menchi song for the exact same reason.... *sweatdrops* Oi oi....

By the way, for those who haven't seen Excel Saga, Menchi is the white dog that Excel keeps threatening to eat... and it barks (literally!!) the ending song while a girl translates it into Japanese..... *sweatdrops* Like I said, weirdness factor....

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "I'll Trust You Forever" -- Ushima Hitofumi ]

Pretty decent song actually for the G Gundam opening.... I quite like it... But God, is G Gundam bad or what??!! I finally got my first up close and personal glimpse at G Gundam while visiting my anime supplier last week.... and damn did Sutsume-chan and I cringe all the way through it.... Being the Gundam series that was released just before GW, it strangely enough looked like an anime series that was released in the early eighties.... The animation was probably even below the calibre of Dragonball Z... *rolls eyes* And please stop me from ever going on about "Drag-on"ball....

And the bloody Gundams... what is with the attacks??!! "SHINING FINGER~!!!" *falls flat on her face* Let me tell you how much Sutsume-chan and I scoffed at that one.... The fact that the pilots had to "transform" -- *covers eyes* and I am SO still recovering from that -- to "pilot" their Gundams and the fact that they actually had to yell their attacks out before their Gundams would perform them, just reminded me too damn much of mahou shoujo animes.....

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If I had to classify G Gundam in a sentence, I'd say "Magic Knight Rayearth turned extremely ugly and pointless"...

Anyhoo... enough about a bad Gundam series... *huggles Gundam Wing VCDs* I love GW ^_^

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*giggles* This song SO fits one of my favorite characters... Seriously listen to the lyrics and you'll see what I mean... Figured it out as I was working on Chaos v2.1 ^_^ and the new Chaos button~!! *LOL* Figured it was time to change the Chaos button considering that the old button was getting old and looked sorta outta place being a flat 2D one next to the 3D-ish ED button... ^^;;; It took me a while, but I finally got it~!! ^_^ Anyhoo, better get going and keep working on v2.1 *L*

-- Monday, February 25, 2002 --   

No I have NOT dropped off the face of the Earth~!!! *LOL*

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I just realized that I haven't blogged since I came back from QLD.... ^^;;; my bad.... But then I haven't been on the net much either since I've been busy... and now that school's starting again, I'm gonna be even busier... *sighs* I can't believe I'm typing that... "school's starting again"... I mean, looking back over my posts, it didn't seem that long ago that I'd just finished high school and was looking forward to the LONG holidays, and now the long hols are over already.... *pout* Where did my hols go...?!?!?!

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Good thing about uni is that I don't have to go on fridays~!! *grins* Three day weekend~~!!! *L* But yeah, figure I should get used to the full uni life first.... Got a taste of it last year, but should at least settle myself in first before making any wise cracks about three day weekends ne? *L* Bad thing of course about not going to school on fridays is that I miss out on the anime screening *sweatdrops* oi oi.... me obsessed...

But speaking of anime.... Me wanna X~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!! Sutsume-chan's tired of hearing me say that, but I wanna more X~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! Both anime AND manga~~!! I *NEED* volume 11 of the manga.... I mean, Kotori just died~~!! Everything's starting~!! And I can't read it coz X11 is missing~~~!! *wails* And it's really stupid coz I really wanna read X12.... coz that's when Subaru loses his eye~~!! *blinks* Do I come across as too morbid...? that I actually wanna see Subaru lose his eye?? *pouts* But I just wanna see Sei-kun's reaction when Fuuma tells him.... *points to self* Me rabid Sei-kun/Subaru fan... ^^;;;;;

[ Shikami's winamp now playing: "Party Night" -- Sanada Asami, Sawashiro Miyuki & Mikami Kyoko ]

God this song.... I can't believe I chose a Di Gi Charat song as a Chaos theme song..... I mean, I don't DO cute~!! I do CoolCute, I do death, I do blood, I do torture, I DON'T DO CuteCute~~!! And Di Gi Charat is nothing if not Cute~!! *hides head in shame* But then Sutsume-chan just reminded me that I didn't do pink either until my V-day layout.... *cringe* Anyhoo... moving on....

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Isn't Goku gorgeous??? *hearts* I ran across this piccy a while ago and I said to myself, "I gotta have this as a Chaos layout" *grins* My favorite bakazaru from Saiyuki *huggles* Waii~~~~~~~~!!!! I gotta say that this is definitely one of my favorite layouts so far.... and I'm finally getting the hang of combining more layers and transparencies and stuff like that.... *L* although after 10 versions, I'd certainly hope that I've improved.... *LOL*

Oh btw, I LOVE this song~!! This is the Saiyuki movie theme.... definitely addictive ^_^ Have a feeling this song is gonna be added to that list over on the side there about current addictions/obsessions.... *L* If you haven't heard this and you like JRock-ish music, you GOTTA hear this song.... *huggles winamp*

Anyways, on a last note... me got my Learner's Permit today~~~!!! *grins* Now I can finally say that I can starting learning to drive.... *L* and I'll try not to be too homicidal on the road... *LOL*