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    << Tuesday, June 18, 2002 >>

Long time no blog~!! two weeks, in fact... But I am officially on hols~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! *dances for joy* Finished my exams on the 14th, then tutored that night, then did a day of work at Animezone on Saturday, then did a day of finishing Pretear with Sutsume-chan on Sunday and finally crashed when I slept till 2pm today... -_-;;; me been a busy busy girl...

To clarify, yes, I did say did a day of work at Animezone... ^_^ I am now working alternate saturdays at my anime supplier *L* Helps pay for my anime obsession *grins* Which reminds me, the shipment of stuff (40 boxes *sweatdrops*) is coming in later this week from Scott's latest trip to Japan and HK... *cringe* Will SO be broke by then.... Want so many things... like the DVD of the Saiyuki movie~!!! ^______^ And must paw through the artbooks once they come through... and see what other DVDs are on offer....

And I finished Pretear~!!!!!!!! *L* Surprising as it's not that bad for a totally shoujo series... It didn't take itself too seriously as some series like to, therefore very good for a laugh (Hayate's a glutton for punishment I swear! ^_^). Despite the ending being very predictable (thus obeying the golden rules of shoujo anime ^^;;) I quite liked it... which is VERY surprising as you won't find me liking a lot of the totally shoujo stuff... And considering that it is a remake of Snow White *L* it's a good spin-off with very creative adaptations of the dwarves (I'll take bishis over dwarves any day!! *L*) and the villain...

But I swear I have to laugh every time Tanaka comes on... What did they do to Koyasu Takehito's voice?!?!! *LMAO* And we thought Sakano from Gravitation was bad... *giggles* "Shindou-kun Shindou-kun Shindou-kun Shindou-kun Shindou-kun Shindou-kun Shindou-kun..." ^__________^ But Tanaka is SO much worse!! I guess its good to know that Koyasu Takehito can do humor as well as he could do the deep and cool voice that I keep expecting from him... I LOVE his voice!! Come to think of it, I recognize a lot more male seiyuu voices than I do female, and most of my favorites are male or females that do male roles (Ogata Megumi!!) ^^;;;; Dunno... guess I have this thing against high squeaky voices...

And one last thing about Pretear: Hayate is a DAMN bish!! So's Sasame!! Seriously, I'd kill for eyes and hair like that~!!! ^_^ Love my bishis... and their voices~~~~~!! *sighs in happiness* DAMN they are smooth~!! Sasame's voice especially~!! Can SO relate to Mawata who fell in love with Sasame just from his voice on the radio.... If only real life radio announcers had voices like that........ *pout*

So yes, Pretear gets an overall thumbs-up from me ^_^ which is high praise indeed when you consider it's a shoujo anime... Next project in line: FruBa~~~~~~!!! Must watch FruBa!! Will probably get tapes either tomorrow or the day after... Am considering getting Pretear DVDs *L* Although I cringe to think of the subtitle quality considering that Sasame's name went from Sasame to "Ayame" to "Satsu" to "Sally" to "Ayami" to "Arashi" <-- which is also incidentally what Hayate gets referred to as ^^;;;; Bad bad DVDs... had to resort to watching the last few eps raw because the bloody subtitles SO ruined the mood *LOL*

So yes, that is the latest from me... And despite how much I love this layout *huggles Subaru and Sei-kun* Chaos will most likely get a new one in the next few weeks depending on when I actually choose my coverboys for the new one <-- notice how I already know that it's gonna be a cover*boy* as opposed to a cover*girl*... When you think about it, the only covergirl that Chaos has gone through is Arashi... ^^;;; Me? Bias? Nah..... *giggles*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 2:24 AM

    << Monday, June 03, 2002 >>

*sweatdrops* I don't consider myself a big football fan... I never got into rugby and I find aussie rules just plain boring... I don't think I'm such a big soccer fan either, I don't particularly follow any teams or watch any matches regularly (unlike one of my friends who is a mad ManU fan ^^;;) So why is it that every time the world cup rolls around, I just find soccer so bloody addictive?!?!?!!!

I don't really watch team sports... the only team sports I'll really watch is hockey and water polo... and now that i think about it, I don't watch much individual sports either... only swimming *shrugs* dunno why, just do... And one of the reasons I don't like to watch soccer is that for most of one and a half hours, you're just basically sitting there watching them dribble the ball up and down the field... ^^;; But somehow, everytime the world cup rolls around, I will be able to just sit there and watch a match from end to end and not really feel bored... *L*

It's the only thing my dad and I will seriously sit down to watch together... mum hates it of course but being outvoted by the majority, she gets relegated to the tv in their room while me and dad hog the big one in the family room... *LOL* Thank God with this world cup being held in asia that we actually get some broadcast in civilised times and not 3am in the morning like it when it's been held over in Europe -_-;;;;

But anyway, here's my problem... I don't really like soccer... so why the HELL am I willing to give up valuable assignment time in order to watch it? Even if it is the world cup??

*blinks* oh wait.. I'm the queen of procrastination... -_-;;; that explains it....

    << Saturday, May 25, 2002 >>

It's been a while since I blogged ^^;; but here I am again, having handed in my marketing assignment, my crim letter of advice, will start on my crim plea in mitigation and also my legal process research assignment... okay... that's school out of the way...

In today's anime news: Finished Saiyuki~~~~~~~!!!!! \^o^/ I love this series~!! I do I do I do~!!!! Sutsume-chan came over with borrowed VCDs and we finally finished eps 40-50~!! Sanzo's just a big BIG softie at heart~!! *giggles* He'd kill me for saying that, but it's true~!! Him and Goku are DAMN cute!! And then there's their past lives... Nataku and Goku are so damned cute together~!! But the weirdest thing is recognizing Kanoe's voice (from Xtv) as Nataku's *cringe* oi... And then there's the special relationship between Tenpo and Kenren~!! ^______^ Waaaiii~~!!!

She keeps insisting that Konzen's hair is furry ^^;;; Well.. that's what Minekura-sama says in the character sketch/profiles in Backgammon... but still~!! And we figured out that the motto for that last three to four episodes was "Grr.. Argh.." a la the Mutant Enemy alien at the end of Buffy episodes *LOL* No, we are not kidding~!! And then there's the bit when they first barged into Homura's sanctuary and are waylaid by the horde of youkai inside the front door... the way they were animated as they ran out from behind the lead youkai just reminded me so much of the damned Russian dance in Fantasia I swear~~~!!! You know, the one that the mushrooms dance... ^^;;; Can't help it~~~!!! Weird images pop into my head... *pouts*

But yes, LOVE Saiyuki~~!! ^_______^ Chaos will therefore be experiencing more Saiyuki layouts in the future... especially considering the extra fodder that came with Backgammon and those that will come with Backgammon 2 and 3 *WIDE grin*

In yesterday's manga news: I GOT X11~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! Happy days~~~!!! My manga supplier finally replaced it and I borrowed X11-14 and CCD1 for the week.... *grins* Am going scan happy tomorrow ^_^ Subaru~~~~~~~~~~!!! My only complaint: needed more Sei-kun *L* But him and Fuuma having ice cream was SOOOOOOO cute~~~~~~~!!! And then there's Fuuma and the frog!! *giggles* Oh yeah, and one more complaint: Subaru~!! You do NOT need to stand THAT close to Kamui in order to help him tie his tie~!!! *growls* *glares*

^^;;; okay... I'm done... and now to the main news of today... July Asuka came out over the last few days... And finally after a year and seven months after Sei-kun passed away, we finally have another death... *sniffles* It's been pretty obvious over the last few issues that something major was going to happen between Aoki-san, Karen and Nataku... A coupla months ago, I'd been hedging my bets on either Aoki-san or Karen, but as the Asukas came out, it became obvious that if anything was gonna happen, it was gonna happen to Nataku...

I dunno... uncharacteristically, considering my morbid side, I'd been wanting a defection... Out of all of them, Nataku is the most innocent and it's unfair that someone as sweet as what Nataku has displayed it can be, would be killed off second *sniffles* (of course, it was the ULTIMATE injustice that Sei-kun was killed off first, but we won't get into that ^^;;) Myah... *sniffles* Nataku... CLAMP really likes to screw us over with the plot... *sighs* But, as yet another Angel falls, we'll be prepared for another Seal to defect to the other side... *coughs*arashi*coughs*...... And I want more Subaru dammit~~~!! I wanna see Subaru with two eyes~~!!!! *sweatdrops* btw, I just saw that right eye be poked out by Fuuma in X12 ^^;;;; <-- yes, I'm weird.. ^^;;

So yes, that has been the catch up for the past 10 days *L* And considering that it's been a month since v2.2 came out, I really should be working on a new layout... but I'm not coz I love this layout too much~~!! *huggles layout* So this is definitely gonna say at least for another month *L* Especially coz my exams come up in two more weeks... *shudders* oi...... *cringe* bad thoughts... will now return to good thoughts... *wanders off in search of Sei-kun and Subaru ficcies*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 1:56 AM

    << Wednesday, May 15, 2002 >>

I got Backgammon today~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! *wild cheering* *huggles backgammon* I LOVE Minekura Kazuya art!! (and CLAMP art ^_^) Lots and lotsa Saiyuki piccies although there are lots of piccies from other Minekura Kazuya works ^^;; Made my anime supplier promise to get me Backgammon 2 and 3 (which are full Saiyuki images) if he can get his hands on them when he goes to Japan soon... And just so people know, no, I don't ever intend to walk in and be spending large amounts of money ^^;;; It's just that every time I happen to simply walk in, there happens to be something that I want... eg. X OST 1 ^^;;; Completely not my fault!!! =P

And I must mention that Sutsume-chan traumatised me yesterday over the phone when she made me listen to snippets of conversation from the dub of Tokyo Babylon....... *hides under the table* I swear, if I'm never touching the X movie again with a ten-foot pole, I'm not going anywhere NEAR twice that distance to the TB dub *shudders* First of all, learn to say their goddamn names right~!!!!!! SeiSHIrou *shudders* I was so traumatised that I was incoherent (bad when you're trying to finish an assignment) and then had to run to my X OVA so that I could hear Kawano Otoya's voice *hearts* as Sei-kun just to cure myself.... ^^;; No, I'm not kidding..... and she's evil... kept saying Sei-kun's name their way over the phone.... =P

And as a last note... Yes... with Sei-kun in his life, Subaru will feel NO pain~~!!!! *gags* How can they get it SO wrong??!?!!! And a relationship between Sei-kun and Hokuto??? I mean, it's okay to think that they make a cute couple in the fandom... although I personally think that Hokuto's far more likely to be berating Sei-kun for not spending time with Subaru than anything else ^^;;; but then I'm a Sei/Sub fan *L* Anyhoo.... but a relationship in the actual series?!??!!! Hell NO~~!!!! And how can they make chibi-Subaru KNOW that it was Sei-kun who made him that promise/curse under the Sakura....

So yes, TB dub... not good... plot holes... plot CHANGES... bad voices *shudders*... bad pronounciation.... *cringe* this is why I generally stay away from dubs.... And you know the better news?? ^^;;; it was dubbed by Pioneer... the self-same people that bought the rights to the X tv series.... *double shudders* I'd hate to hear how they pronouce "Yuzuriha", "Kusanagi" and "Arashi" ^^;;;;; Ya know, how that I think about it, they'd probably pronounce the Ho's name "Ka-noo" as in "Canoe" coz her name's spelt "Kanoe" *snickers* now THAT'D be a funny sight!!

*coughs* *cringe* Oi.... think I'm really coming down with something... Worked my butt of to finish my marketing assignment that was due today... got about 2hrs of sleep last night... am running (again) on a caffeine dose every 7-8 hours... *sighs* expect to crash sometime tomorrow after my friends force me to play badminton for an hour after my tutes *sweatdrops*... and I have cut so many classes this week that it's not funny anymore. Didn't go to a single one of my legal process lectures ^^;;; Need to finish my crim assignment tonight, and then do my economics tute test work.... although I'm considering not working that hard considering that they take the best three of four marks... pretty happy with my marks so far, so I guess I can fail this one ^^;;; but best not bet on anything...

Important thing tonight is definitely crim.... *sighs* now if I could only tear my eyes away from my Backgammon.... ^^;;;;

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 5:23 PM

    << Saturday, May 11, 2002 >>

Will attempt to not mention anything CLAMP-related for today's blog... ^^;;; Doubt that it'll happen, but let's try shall we?

In other anime/manga news: watched eps 59-74 of YYH today~!!!! The subs totally sucked, but they've sucked for a while now... and the freaky thing is that I can actually tell that they suck because I understand approx 30-40% of what they say in raw Jap... *sweatdrops* No, this anime-addict has never taken a Jap lesson in her life.... *sweatdrops more* Yes... this is a cue that I've watched way too much anime.... *shrugs* But anyways, I LOVE YYH~~~~~~!!!! *giggles* It's been a while <-- read: a few years, since I read the manga and I loved it then, but then it sorta pittered out until I started watching the anime this year.... *huggles YYH* Definitely a throw back to my YYH-loving days ^__________^

And the characters... can we say drool-able?? *L* No matter what anyone says, Kurama remains one of the bishi-est bishis to ever grace my eyes *nodnod* And Hiei.... he's so CUTE~~!!! *L* He'd kill me for saying that, but he's so cute!! And cool with the kokuryuuha~!!!! I would huggle him, but he's Kurama's *snickers* Kurama dake no mono da!! And I don't care what you say! Hiei did NOT dump Kurama for Mukuro~!!! =P

Yuusuke is what I term "the perfect boyfriend that you couldn't bring home" *snickers* Seriously, I'm amazed that Keiko's parents like him so much, given the type of girl Keiko is and him being the obvious juvenile delinquent. Although taking into consideration Keiko's abusive behaviour, I probably shouldn't be so surprised *LOL* And Kuwa-chan, let's not forget Kuwa-chan... *grins* him and Yukina and therefore Hiei... that's seriously a relationship that I can't see... *bursts into laughter* I mean, can you see Hiei being his older-brother-in-law??? *falls off the chair laughing*

*climbs back up* Okies okies... enough of that... but yes, to sum up, I love YYH to bits ^_^ And out of all the animes I've seen, YYH is the one that follows the manga most faithfully -- giving it major points in my book, not to mention the AWESOME animations made in the days when there were no CGIs available... The fights are simply breath-taking! Definitely a good feeling to be reminded about how much I love an older series as opposed with all the new ones I'm addicted to at the moment ^_^

Also along this line of thought: I love FY... everybody I know, knows I love FY to bits... It is in essence one of the few truly shoujo things I will watch and it is a perfect kaleidescope of emotions, plot, characters and humor... not to mention eye-candy ^_^ Sutsume-chan and I have done at least two full sleep-over-marathons of FY together, going through 52 episodes, 6 eps of OVA2 and boxes of tissues at a time <-- read: Ep 33~~!!! *sniffles* not to mention all the mini re-runs we've each done by ourselves...

However, the thing that turns me off watching the third OVA to come out: Eikou Den, is the fact that they really don't know when to quit. As the saying goes "quit while you're ahead". I was just reading the spoilers for it, and I just have to say: "WHA.......?" The plot doesn't make a lot of sense and apparently in the end all the seishi lose their memories of ever being seishi in the first place... *shrugs* I dunno... that just doesn't appeal to me for some reason... the ending for OVA2 was perfectly appropriate I thought... there's the satisfaction (yes, I've been doing too much marketing -_-;;;) that the deceased seishi were reborn and the remaining seishi were living happy lives. Whether they had their memories or not was irrelevant, only that they were happy...

It was in my opinion a more poignant ending than a straight "yes, they were reborn and lost their memories"... it basically has a greater impact because it was the sort of ending that left fuzzy feelings in your stomach as each of the images were clicked through and you got to see glimpses of each of the seishis new lives. I still get the fuzzy feelings every time I re-watch those last scenes of OVA2 episode 6.... And why I'm reluctant to go watch Eikou Den is because I have a distinct feeling that it will dissipate those fuzzy feelings for good....

I'm not a big fan of losing memories... In my opinion, it basically belittles what the characters have gone through. And in a series such as FY, it's definitely each characters' experiences that shapes them into the characters that we love so much. Me for example, I love Nuri-chan to pieces... but would I love him as much had he not lost Kourin, not felt confused as to his gender and basically sacrificed his life for the miko...? I, for one, doubt it... So basically in telling me that he was reborn, but without his memories creates conflictions in my head... would I still love him as much in his new life? Or do I simply love my perceptions about him that could have nothing to do with his new personality... <-- I also don't believe that a person's personality is dictated by his/her genes. Yes, the blue-prints are there, but they are ultimately nurtured by experiences, and hence memories...

So yes, I'm reluctant to see Eikou Den, mostly because I don't want to destroy the perfectly good feelings that the end of OVA2 brings about.... It's the same reason I'm reluctant to see the new RK OVAs, no matter how much I love the series... I don't like the idea of Kenshin and Kaoru (as much as she annoys me ^^;;) dying of TB (that's tuberculosis! NOT Tokyo Bablyon~!!! ^^;;; and there goes my resolution of not saying anything CLAMP-related... *sighs* maa naa...) I prefer the good feelings that the current endings give me, where I know that they're happy and can basically just day-dream about the possibilities that could have happened to them... just telling me that they died, or don't have memories is just so abrupt... ^^;;; I'm not making much sense... so I'll try to stop there...

And the "quit while you're ahead" thing... Note that neither the new FY or RK OVA happened in the manga (technically, neither did the RK anime ending which is one reason why I'm not particularly satisfied with that ending either... I prefer the manga ending ^^;;) This to me, says that the authors, Watase Yuu and Watsuki Nobuhiro, felt that the series came to a perfect conclusion there... why ruin it just to make more $s from more OVAs when it is so possible that you'll lose a portion of your fans that aren't happy with the OVAs?? (*cringe* Oi... I find marketing creeping into my everyday processes too much... loyal customers and all that shit... -_-;;;)

Okay... me thinks me've ranted enough for today... have to go out for yum cha with my uncles and aunts in a little under 8 hours ^^;;; need sleep...

And look~! Only one CLAMP reference~!! Pretty good in my case ^_^

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 2:37 AM

    << Wednesday, May 08, 2002 >>

I swear I can't look at the word "satisfaction" any more... seriously, every time I see that word now, all I think is marketing... *drones on like my lecturer* satisfaction is what customers are looking for and should be what your company holds as top priority and be the goal of determining the buyer behaviour process.... drone drone drone.... ^^;;;;

But good news, finally got started on my marketing assignment... and I sorta think I have somewhere to go with this now.... Hopefully, I'll get a lift home from school tomorrow from one of my legal process classmates and come home for a nap then get all the rest of my research done... I hope to have the research done by friday at the latest, which leaves me saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday to write up my draft, edit it, and then do my good copy.

In that time, I also have to do my letter of advice for my crim assignment, which I s'pose won't be that bad <-- although watch me eat these words later... ^^;; We arranged a study group at 3pm on thursday to discuss the letter, which therefore means that I'll have nothing to do between 1pm and 3pm which therefore = homework time... and the law library is so quiet that I can actually do work there ^^;;; maybe I'll plan my marketing thing there...

Also have to prep for my final eco tute test, which is also on thursday but me decided to go to the week 2 crim tute instead of my usual week 1 one so that I dun have to be stuck doing my homicide tute questions this weekend when I'm gonna be doing my letter and marketing thing... *nodnod* so hopefully everything will go to plan...

Oh, btw, started homicide for crim today... ^^;;; pretty interesting as far as I'm concerned, but then crim has always been interesting... *pauses* except for procedure... procedure is a major pain in the ass... but anyhoo, homicide... ^^;; didn't really there were so many different categories.... murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, culpable driving, suicide pact, abortion, infanticide, child destruction and so on... *sweatdrops* mind-boggling isn't it: how many things you can get charged with... ^^;;;;

*sighs* and I think I'd better get to sleep after I go through just a few more of the search results for my marketing research.... I was nodding off during legal process today... *cringe* I really shouldn't do that anymore.....

    << Tuesday, May 07, 2002 >>

*grins* and I'm procrastinating yet again, but here're the full lyrics of "Say Anything" with translations:

Sawameki dake ga Kokoro o sashite
Kikoenai Mune no toiki
Toki o wasurete Motome samayou
Takanaru omoi Nurashite

Only the heart's pounding Stab my heart
The silent sight of the heart
Forget the time the plea roams about
Wet the feeling that makes the heart pound

Run away from reality, I've been crying in the dream
Kouritsuita toki ni furuete
Yugande mienai Kioku kasaneru
Kanashimi ga Kieru made

Run away from reality, I've been crying in the dream
Shiver in the time that was frozen
Piling up distorted memories
Until the grief vanishes

You say anything Kizutsuke au kotoba demo
Say anything Tachikirenai kokoro ni
You say anything Just tell me all your sweet lies
Say anything Enji kirenai kokoro ni

You say anything, the fitting word blesses but
Say anything, to the heart that cannot sever
You say anything, just tell me all your sweet lies
Say anything, to the heart that cannot lie

If I can't go back to where I have been
Yume no naka ni dake ikite
Owaranai ame ni nureru
Nagareru namida wo hakujitsu yume ni somete

If I can't go back to where I have been
Live only in dreams
Getting wet in the endless rain
Colour the running tears in my day dreams

You say anything, whatever you like to say to me
Say anything, you leave me out of my eyes
You say anything, all I can hear is voice from dream
Say anything, you can dry my every tear

Akari no kieta -on the stage- hitori mitsumete
Touritsugita hibi ni dakareru
Kowashite kure Nani mo ka mo Kazatta ai mo
Toki no suna ni kieru made

The lights have gone out -on the stage- staring lonely
Embraced by the days that have gone
Destroying everything, as well as the adorned love
Until it vanishes in the sand of time

You say anything Kizutsuke au kotoba demo
Say anything Tachikirenai kokoro ni
You say anything Just tell me all your sweet lies
Say anything Enji kirenai kokoro ni

You say anything, the fitting word blesses but
Say anything, to the heart that cannot sever
You say anything, just tell me all your sweet lies
Say anything, to the heart that cannot lie

Close your eyes
And I'll kill you in the rain
Kirei ni koroshi aeba
Zouka no bara ni umoreta
Shijin no namida wa kioku ni nagarasete

Close your eyes
And I'll kill you in the rain
If a beautiful murder is fitting
The artificial rose is buried
Shedding tears of a poet in the memories

Time may change my life
But my heart remains the same to you
Time may change your heart
My love for you never changes

You say anything Kizutsuke au kotoba demo
Say anything Tachikirenai kokoro ni

You say anything, the fitting word blesses but
Say anything, to the heart that cannot sever

You say anything... Say anything
Now you've gone away
Where can I go from here
Say anything... Say anything...

"I believed
If time pases, everything turns into beauty
If the rain stops, tears clean the cars of memory away
Everything starts wearing fresh colors
Every sound being playing a heartfelt melody
Jealousy embellishes a page of the epic
Desire is embraced in a dream
But my mind is still in chaos and..."

*WIDE grin* Now you should see why this is such a PERFECT song... *L*

I've realized something very very bad about marketing... I hate it as a subject, hate it hate it hate it~!! But it's bloody easy to relate to real life! *cringe* I mean seriously, I've been walking around and actually taking notice of people's ads and other marketing stuff and actually thinking about the different values in a product when I don't have to... *sweatdrops* Reminds me of the period right after my chemistry exam when I couldn't even look at an egg without going "an egg has emulsifiers which are the key ingredient in successfully mixing oil and water products together....." and so on.. ^^;;; not exactly helpful...

Listening to the full version of "Say Anything" which Sutsume-chan was nice enough to rip and send me~!! *glomps* Arigato~~~~~~~!!! ^_^ And it is a DAMN pretty song!! Will probably make my addictions list soon enough *L* And it is so definitely the perfect theme song for this layout~!!!

Speaking of this layout, please allow me to introduce the aforementioned "nameless evil muse" of whom these layouts are the brain-child.... *rolls eyes* I told you they weren't my fault~!! *sighs* Anyhoo, without further ado, presenting.... Kalia Alectos~!

Kalia: *smug grin* why thank you~!

*grumbles* Allow me to clarify a few things here... she is evil, she is a smartass, she never listens to me, she does whatever she pleases whenever she pleases, and unfortunately, she'll probably be making more appearances on Chaos in relation to future layouts.

Kalia: *pouts mockingly* You say that like it's a bad thing...

*glares* It is... You're the reason I keep getting whapped by her for my evil layouts...

Kalia: *smirks*

*rolls eyes* Anyhoo... intros all done, I am now shifting all blame for the layout to her! It was not my fault whatsoever! She came up with the idea, I was merely the tool in constructing it!

Kalia: *pointedly* You approved... heartily I might ad-!

*covers Kalia's mouth with her hand* That's quite enough out of you for one night! *drags Kalia away* And now I shall return to my neglected 2500 word marketing assignment that is due next wednesday that I haven't even started.... *sighs* Anybody else sensing a feeling of deja vu here?

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 12:59 AM

    << Saturday, May 04, 2002 >>

Note to self: When one hasn't worn high-heels for a long time, one should not attempt to go an entire day in them -- especially a day that entails a LOT of walking... -_-;;;;;

My feet are killing me.... actually, no... my calves are killing me *sighs* Was out an about since 8:30am and didn't come home until 7pm... in my boots... *cringe* and now my legs kill.... Not to mention I spent almost the entire day on public transport... I so need to learn to drive faster...

So today, went to my orthodontist for, literally, a two minute check-up (I spent an hour and a half getting there and an hour and a half back *growls*) and then went to have lunch with the old gang from high school.... Went to a Jap place and as soon as we walked in, I heard the music and went "Hamasaki Ayumi"... my friends looked at me weird... ^^;;; They think I'm weird for being able to recognize Jap singers/songs ^^;;;; And I got even more weird looks when the music changed and I went "Utada Hikaru" ^^;;;;

*nostalgic smile* Didn't realize how much I'd missed our usual witty/bitchy/amusing banter until today ^_^ But the good thing is despite almost half a year of separation, we're still able to slip back into our usual roles with ease... I find that comforting somehow... Of course, things are kind of strained between two of my friends at the moment, but their personalities have always rubbed each other the wrong way on occasion, so I'll just try to stay out of the middle-ground and hope to weather the storm in peace...

In other news, did three hours straight tutoring yesterday *flops down and dies* After which I figured out why I'm always so tired after tutoring -- it's coz I always do it in blocks of at least two hours... I definitely would not be as tired if I only did it in one hour blocks... *shrugs* but anyways, at least I enjoy it... sorta ^^;;; I reckon I'm gonna take on only one more student, or maybe two more at a maximum if people continue calling... any more than that and I'll never be able to fit anything in...

Also, got my exam timetables... ^^;; Three exams, I start on June 11, I finish June 14.... *major sweatdrops* Good thing about it: More holidays... Bad thing about it: less time to cram.... Oi... gonna be working my butt off... and let's not mention the tutoring I'm gonna have to do the weekend before that because that's when every body else starts exam prep as well... -_-;;; I may have to cancel that week of tutoring....

Oi... should go... need my daily dose of Subaru and Sei-kun before bed... not to mention I also have tutoring tomorrow... ^^;; well... technically today, but we all know how I calculate my days *L*

    << Wednesday, May 01, 2002 >>

Still listening to X OST 1 ^_______^

Me overslept today ^^;; woke up, looked at the time and went: "oi..." and then flopped back into bed... *L* My friend calls me a minute later and goes "Where the hell are you?" I said: "At home." and she goes: "Hello? 10am?? Marketing??" I paused, shrugged, and went: "nah... wagging..."

^^;; Me thinks this is the first time in my life that I have actually wagged a class... *L* So I feel that I must spend at least a minute to note this down on Chaos... Yes, I know, pathetic aren't I? *sweatdrops*

On another note: When someone tells you that Lain is a headtrip, believe them! Trust me, Serial Experiments Lain is a HEADTRIP! Watched the first 4 eps, and even by the end of that I'm still going: "Huh??!" And the girl has absolutely no personality and no fashion sense -- she bloody walks around the house in a BEAR SUIT for god's sake!! Which could be forgiven if it was even remotely cute -- eg. Shuichi~!! ^_^ -- but she doesn't even make a cute picture!

Let's not even mention that the first few minutes of the first ep was about some school-girl committing suicide off a tall building -- something which distinctly reminded me of Spriggan ^^;; and we all know my record with Spriggan... so probably not a very good first impression.... And the bloody thing is just so damn quiet!! No bg music at all! Which I suppose could have been done for effect, but in essence, it just makes me feel weird, sitting there staring at the tv with no sound and watching the same scene where she walks out of the house over and over again...

At least Eva had the good sense to make sure that you understood to some extent the first few episodes so that you're at least remotely interested when the headtrip begins. Lain is just simply a headtrip and practically nothing else.

Dunno if I'm gonna bother finishing it, since I got the 20min rundown of the plot plus spoilers and ending from this guy at my anime supplier's today.... *shrugs* Lain doesn't rate well with me for a few reasons:
1) No humor... there's nothing that I can watch over and over again and still split my sides laughing over <-- read: Saiyuki *L* There's not even something to even crack a smile about.
2) Distinct absence of bishis <-- Yes, I'm fickle and I need eye candy, ya gotta problem with that?
3) Animation style -- not my style -- reminds me again of Spriggan and Akira...
4) Headtrip -- I'm usually okay with headtrips, but getting me to sit through over an hour of just going: "Huh??!" is asking a little too much...
5) Bloody quiet~!!! I need music~!!! *huggles X OST 1*
6) Recycled footage -- yeah, it may serve a purpose, but DAMN is it repetitive!!

^^;;; and that's all I can think about for now... the one good thing is that because the damn episodes don't really show distinctive plot-development, I can pause to my heart's content to read all the kanji and hiragana and try to understand them without fear of having lost the plot. I know that I'm just gonna press play and go: "Huh??!" again so *shrugs* ^^;;; good way to learn Jap... *LOL*

Myah... better get going... sleep... ^^;;; For some reason, I'm always tired these few days -- almost nodded off during legal process today.... *cringe* and that was a seminar style lecture too... good thing was hardly anyone else was listening either ^^;;;

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My fingers are frozen... and so are my feet... but I'm still going to bitch... ^^;;;

However... first of all... New layout~~~~~~~!!!! *WIDE grin* Replacing TB Subaru and Sei-kun for X Subaru and Sei-kun... Ya like?? Morbid I know, but hey, as I said in the comments section of the v2.2 notes: I love this piccy and yet I hate it at the same time *L* Sei-kun shouldn't have died~~~~~~~~!!!! *wails* Okay okay, I should stop before I get too into that line of conversation ^^;;; You'd never hear the end of it otherwise...

And before anybody decides to blame me for anything else, I'll have to you know that the majority of names for Chaos versions do not originate from me! They are the sole evil-mind-workings of my muses, to which I am their humble slave and servant... Of course, when they come up with evil puns, I'll fully support it *snickers* but that's another story... the point is that I didn't come up with the title "Heartache" <-- this was just the most appropriate title that popped into my head from my Evil-Muse-Powered-Names-Factory(TM).

On the other hand however, I take absolutely no responsibility for the theme song -- that was all Sutsume-chan's fault. If you don't happen to know why the song is so evil, here's a few excerpts from the translated lyrics:

"...Only the heart's pounding
Stab my heart
The silent sight of the heart..."

"...If a beautiful murder is fitting
The artificial rose is buried
Shedding tears of a poet in
The memories..."

"...Time may change my life
But my heart remains the same to you
Time may change your heart
My love for you never changes..."

People convinced yet? *giggles* This is SO Sei-kun and Subaru's song for this piccy... Need to get the mp3, since I've only heard the midi, but DAMN is it a pretty song....

Anyhoo, just a little more about this layout: this was actually meant to be one of the last Subaru/Sei-kun layouts I was going to do as it effectively symbolizes the end of their interaction -- at least REAL interaction -- in X... afterall, no one knows what loopy stuff Subaru's gonna come up with in his mind ^^;;; Especially as he now seems to have already assimilated Sei-kun's eyeball *sweatdrops* that didn't sound too good, did it...? ^^;;; But this is proven in the latest gorgeous color cover art for the June ASUKA where Subaru is his usual angsty self -- although he seems to have grown his hair ^_^ -- with the shadow of Sei-kun behind him *grins* My only problem with it: YOU COULDN'T TELL THAT THE EYES WERE DIFFERENT COLORS!!!! *takes a deep breath* okay... will calm down now...

And I will shut up about the June ASUKA and Subaru and Sei-kun, just after this last note *LOL* as I told Sutsume-chan a few minutes ago: In the new ASUKA, Fuuma's wearing a suspiciously Subaru-like outfit with a black turtleneck and a white/black trenchcoat... *L* Fangirls are speculating whether Subaru passed his old stuff to Fuuma when he inherited Sei-kun's job, Sei-kun's eye, and Sei-kun's stash of Armani suits *snickers*

*giggles* the guy might not fit Sei-kun's suits, but he'd most likely look DAMN good in a black Armani suit Sei-kun style *L* Not as intimidating as Sei-kun, but DAMN good nonetheless ^_^

Okies... I'm done... now I'm gonna have to make this a short bitch considering my crim tute work still needs to be done and it's already almost 2am...

I HATE TRIPOD~~!!!!!!!

I could probably emphasize that more, but I'm not about to waste my time. Spent all of last night moving sections of ED coz tripod is cutting down the original 50mb free sites to 20mbs, and what do you know, ED is of course just under 30mbs large... *growls* *kicks tripod in the head and impales tripod onto a slab of rock with multitudes of glass shards and large swords a la Fuuma and Kamui style and leaves tripod to rot*

*sweet smile* Evil and Sadistic and Cruel? Who me? Nah~!!

And me is about to go because me have a headache... *sighs* Did approx five hours more tutoring than I should have done this week... which is good on the income side, but bad on my health side (of course, you say, when have I ever cared about my health?? ^^;;) and me fingers and feet are almost frozen solid with at least one more hour of typing to do on account of me crim tute work... (*sweatdrops* and now I sound like an Irish person ^^;;;) *sighs* whatever happens, me is not going to go to bed with frozen feet again... woke up this morning with frozen feet... not a pleasant feeling....

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Chaos v2.2


<< blind as to your one true wish... >>

    Sumeragi Subaru &
    Sakurazuka Seishirou
    X/1999 -- CLAMP
v2.2 Theme Song:
    Say Anything
    X Japan
v2.2 comes with:
    Wallpaper -- 800x600 .jpg
    *sniffles* I love this scene, and yet I hate this scene too. I love it because it's so poetic and I hate it coz I didn't want Sei-kun to die~~~!! *pouts* This was NOT the intended layout for v2.2 ^^;; I was originally going to entertain yet another bittersweet Sei-kun and Subaru layout, however the evil muses were adamant that this layout couldn't wait. *sighs* And as always, I am a slave to my muses...
    Anyhoo, I love how this layout turned out: simple, effective and morbid *L* Kept the background a plain white so that the eye is automatically drawn to the main subject that is Subaru and Sei-kun. Hit F11 for full effect ^_^
    And just to convince you even further of my evil-ness, the title "Heartache" is intended to be able to be interpreted in both the emotional, and the physical senses *WIDE grin* Theme song is courtesy of Sutsume-chan, who led me to the wonderfully appropriate lyrics of yet another heartbreaking X Japan song. *snickers* Yes, I should stop with the heart references now... *smirks* And you may infer whatever you wish from the "blind as to your one true wish..." statement *evil laughter*

Chaos v2.2 Wallpaper

Fav Anime:
    X, Saiyuki
Fav Manga:
    X, Tokyo Babylon, Saiyuki
Fav Songs:
    "Finale" by L'Arc en Ciel,
    "eX Dream" by Miyuji &
    "Happiness" by GLAY
Fav Characters:
    Sakurazuka Seishirou
    Sumeragi Subaru
    Monou Fuuma (evil version)
    Son Goku
    Genjo Sanzo
    Cho Hakkai
    Sha Gojyo
    Magic Knight Rayearth,
    Yuu Yuu Hakusho,
    Martian Successor Nadesico &
    Serial Experiments Lain
    "To Fall From Grace"
    "Omae Shikainai"
    "What Dreams May Come"
    "Breaking Down the Walls"

Lookee~!! Me got my very own Sei-kun!! \^o^/

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