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> 10.22.2002

I feel weird... a bit detached and just basically not altogether here.... waiting for it all to really sink in, I s'pose....

Today started out as any normal day, get up, go to uni, nap on the bus, go to lectures.... which is why it was so weird to walk out of my finance lecture half an hour early to see this entire crowd gathered around the campus centre looking up at the Menzies building... btw, if anyone hasn't known or figured it out yet, I go to Monash University Clayton campus.....

So yeah, me and my friends are by this time wondering what's going on but then we see a police helicopter fly overhead so we figure that they're probably all staring at the helicopter. Figuring that it was none of our business, we walked into campus centre to have lunch and then figured out that police had manned all the exits and weren't letting anyone out of campus centre. Then it was brought to our attention that there had apparently been some people shot up on the 6th floor of the Menzies building.

Needless to say, my first reaction was: "What?!! With what??" Of course, I'm thinking that they might have been shot with BB guns or something. But apparently not. Walking out of the campus centre after the police helicopter had left, I think I was still in mild shock. Saw a couple of my close friends as soon as I walked out -- they'd apparently been on the 8th floor when it happened. Their tutorial room door was apparently locked and they were told to hide under the tables until it'd been safe for them to get out and down the fire escape. Ringing another one of my friends, found that she was in the car and had heard about it on the radio. Thus started the whole 'ring everyone and ask them if they're okay and tell them that I'm okay' episode.

Making our way to the library right after, the PA system then announced that there had indeed been a shooting incident on the 6th floor and that two people were dead with a few others injured. That just totally did not compute. I don't think I really really even believed it until I walked out of the library 40minutes later to find police crawling everywhere and the entire Menzies building cordoned off with police tape.

Figuring out that the entire Menzies building had become a crime scene and that all classes for the afternoon were cancelled, my and my friends decided to make our way home. By that time, all the television crews had been rushed to the scene and were filming everywhere. We had to walk past the Law building on our way out, and I'm really glad that I wasn't there earlier coz that was apparently where the injured people were brought out. Ambulances everywhere and police cruisers. The entire ramp to the entrance of the Law building was crammed with people.

Let's not even mention that with all the mobile phones in the place and everyone calling everyone else, I kept getting network busy signals so that I couldn't even call my dad to tell him that I was okay and going home till I was a fair distance away. I'm just glad that I knew where all my close friends were at that time so I wasn't overly worried about them being in the building like some people were. With network busy signals and everything I think I would've freaked myself out if I couldn't reach some of them to figure out if they were okay...

It was just so unreal... while on the way home, both of us were just kinda talking about it and I dun think either of us were really handling it that well. We were still talking wryly that you know, you thought this kinda thing only happened in america and so on and so forth. It definitely had not had time to sink in.... Not to mention that it was on the news everywhere!

Seriously, news spreads like wildfire. Before even the announcement was made, people we know and friends from other unis had already started calling, wanting to know if we were okay. Makes you sorta marvel at the wonder that is the mobile phone and then want to bash it into the wall when you can't get through to someone you really need to contact because they're too many people using the network.... Seriously... it's just sad to think that someone (mobile companies) is actually profiting from something like this...

Something like this just makes me think that the world is so fucked up.... I mean, you have September 11, then you have the Bali bombings, then you have the Washington sniper on the loose, and now you get this.... I guess with the entire string of events that's happened, it's really hard to feel safe anywhere. It's always been like a shadow in our minds, the knowledge that something like this could happen anywhere and anytime. This is why I scoffed when I saw a couple of tourists came back from Bali and claimed Australia to be the safest country in the world. And then there's the primary school teachers who are telling their students that they'll be safe as long as they stay in school... Yeah, tell that to the two people who died today in the "safest country in the world" and while in the "safety of the school environment" *snorts* forgive my blatant sarcasm...

And what kind of a bloody psycho idiot brings a fucking gun to school?!?!! This is what I absolutely hate about any of the above mentioned incidents. Personally, I don't give a fucking damn what the hell you do with your life or if you're a psycho or not. If you have a bloody complaint to the government or anyone, be my fucking guest to bring that into the light!! Just don't bring bloody innocent people into it!! Goddamn senseless waste of life, not only for those who've lost their lives but also for the families of those involved!! These people make me sick.

And now I'm ranting... but I kinda think I needed that... And what I've found is that we can say we sympathize with the people who were in Bali all we like. The truth is, we know absolute jack about what they're really feeling. Until something like this actually happens to them, there is absolutely no way for people to understand what other people who've suffered something like this is going through...

This world is a fucked up place....

And despite it being a spice girls song, I found this line strangely appropriate to what happened today. This was incidentally the first line of the song I heard on the radio when I got into my friend's car for the drive home:

Never be the same again...

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 1:46 AM

> 10.6.2002

Yaho~!! *slumps* I am sooo dead.....

Waitressed at my friend's sister's 21st all friday night from 7pm onwards.... spent most of that night in the kitchen helping with the cooking and stuff, then got dragged onto the dance floor by my friend *sweatdrops* then had to help clean up and load the cars (which was a humongous job coz they made WAY too much food... I swear they're gonna be stocked with drinks and finger food for the rest of the year... if the stuff doesn't go bad ^^;;;)... that took until 1:30am-ish Saturday morning... Then we went out to Pancake Parlour for drinks to chat and relax so I didn't end up getting home till 4:30am... and then had to take a shower and didn't get to bed till 5am... then had to get up at 9:30 for a full day's work at Animezone.... which I would be fine with normally -- I mean, it's not like I've never survived on four hours of sleep... I usually function fine on four hours of sleep... but then I've also never been on my feet rushing around for ten hours before that either..... *sighs* So yeah.... me is fucked in the head........ almost fell asleep at work yesterday.... thank all the gods for the existence of coffee.... *worships*

So yeah... that was the start of my weekend.... ^^;;; and today's the only free day I've got till school starts again next week... so I must study tonight... and also work hard for the next three weeks... *decisive nod* Will definitely do that!! No more slacking!! *nodnod* But yeah... will hopefully relax a bit more today *L*

Watched HikaGo 34-39 yesterday... and all I can say is "Please... no........" *pleading voice* I knew this was coming, but it's still a shock to the system that the seemingly perfect rapport between Hikaru and Sai is getting disrupted. I dun wanna Sai to disappear~~~~~~~!!!! Half the reason for even watching HikaGo is for Sai~!! *L* He's just so damn cute!! *snickers* *does exercises* Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, shichi, hachi... ichi, ni, san, shi.... *LOL* He is just So CUTE!! Myah..... wanna Sai........

Also watched the first 6eps of Tokyo Underground.... First impressions.... Asagi Rumina's voice, done by Seki Tomokazu is like a cross between Shuuichi from Gravi and Kyou from Furuba... Ruri Sarasa's voice sounds nothing like Ririn's from Saiyuki even though they're both done by Morota Kaoru.... Ruri is also gonna majorly piss me off coz she's one of those helpless damsel in distress kinda characters that I love to hate... Isugu Ginnosuke reminds me of a sleepy and whiny Goku ^^;; although I just can't help but like him *L* And in the tradition of anime characters with swirly glasses, is meant to be really bishi when he takes them off... *L* So I'm waiting for that.... And Chelsea Rorec is okay for me.... she doesn't appeal to me the way that Fuuko from FoR or Misao from RK does despite the fact that they're all fighting females... *shrugs* dunno... maybe she'll grow on me....

In terms of villains, Seki seriously reminds me of an ugly Tsuzuki considering his hair style and voice done by Miki Shinichirou.... The other two water users are okay... although Pyron reminds me of that Kyo-somethingorother dude from YYH that hired the Toguro kyoudai to fight in the Ankoku Bujutsukai.... weird.... In terms of plot... okay so far, though I suspect it'll get better soon when they actually go to Underground...... Myah... otherwise, a fairly mediocre start as far as overall impressions go...

Now, Samurai Deeper Kyou is interesting *L* A much better start than Tokyo Underground and I've only seen 3 episodes. ^_^ Lots and Lotsa familiar seiyuus, Konishi Katsuyuki, Horie Yui, Ogata Megumi, Ishida Akira...... Although it could be interesting simply because I love those sword-fighting/samurai/ninja kinda genre... must see more!! My one gripe with Kyou is that bits of it are extremely extremely reminiscent of Kenshin.... ^^;;; So originality is a bit lacking, but everything else is really good!! ^_^ Although I doubt it'd ever rank as high as RK does in my opinion... *L* But definitely looking for a good show... And as a side note, I love Kyou more than I love Kyoshirou... why? *shrugs* Kyou's more evil.... *snickers*

Also finished S.cry.ed... Good series!! And both Ryuuhou and Kazuma's fully evolved Alters are GORGEOUS~!!!! Ryuuhou's especially!! *droools* And of course, as soon as Sherrice stops bugging me for being overly cute, they kill her off... *rolls eyes* Why couldn't they bloody kill off Mimori?? *pouts* Myah... overall, loved this series!! *nodnod* Especially at the end when it is confirmed that Ryuuhou and Kazuma will never get along *LOL* I swear, is like "Uhh... Guys...? You can stop fighting with each other now..... Please don't kill each other...." *giggles* And Ryuuhou with long hair is droolable too ^_______^ Highly recommended!!

So yeah... that's it in recent anime news.... ^_______^ The new Gundam Seed looks promising too... will probably watch that... with an opening by T.M.Revolution and an ending by See Saw, from .hack//Sign fame, it's a guarantee that I'll at least pick up the first few eps to try *L*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 3:27 PM

> 9.30.2002

Mid-sem break~~~~~~!!! ^_^ NO SCHOOL~~~~~!! *grins* That's the good part.... *droops* The bad part: MUST STUDY~~~~~~~!!! *cringe* Oi oi....

But anyway will try to ignore that for now, although I do plan to get studying very soon... possibly tomorrow night after brunch at 10:30.... ^^;; I swear it's hell to get eight people together for a catch-up session when you have to work around uni timetables, part time work shifts and studying...... So yeah... since there was absolutely no way to get us all together for lunch/coffee/dinner, we decided to have brunch instead at the Pancake Parlour.... ^^;;; Which, strangely enough is something that we've never done in our five years of friendship... *LOL* Seems quite strange actually.... but then when you consider my sleeping habits, it prolly won't be too strange.... *L*

In recent anime news, Scryed is turning out to be really good~!! ^_^ Will prolly finish the series tomorrow when I go to get more tapes... *blinks* so uhhh... scratch those plans for studying tomorrow, I'll study tuesday...morning...before tutoring..... *cringe* Damn I really need to study.... But anyhoos, Scryed... VERY GOOD~!! Addicted to the opening and the BGMs are quite fitting... may consider getting the OST..... But the ending doesn't really appeal to me... *shrugs* No particular reasons save that it just doesn't....

But Ryuuhou and Kazuma just crack me up... *LOL* I mean, banding together in the face of adversity and all of that but seriously, those two will never ever get along *snickers* Even when they know that they're gonna hafta depend on each other to get through this and also share many similarities, they still conveniently find things to bug each other about... for example over who did/didn't praise Kanami's cooking skills.... *snickers* That was Ryuuhou's fault entirely... ^^;; Although he was retaliating for something that Kazuma had said before.... *LOL* But really... those two crack me up.... especially when Straight Cougar had to kick them both down to stop them from being rash... *giggles* And then lugged them two into their cabin unconscious... ^_______^ And Tachibana used to bug me... but he's cute now *L* Also recognised Yuuki Hiro's voice as Kigetsuki... and Touma Yumi as Banka, one of the Eternal Summer Sisters... *cringe* Oi Kigetsuki pissed me off.... But it's funny to note that despite other male seiyuus' voices getting deeper as they get older (eg. Okiayu Ryuutarou's and Koyasu Takehito's), Yuuki Hiro's voice still sounds like a pre-pubescent male... *LOL* No offence intended of course ^___________^

So yeah... will finish Scryed prolly tomorrow..... debating what I wanna see next..... Tokyo Underground maybe..... or maybe continue with HikaGo since I've sorta put that on temporary hiatus until I've finished Scryed...... hmmmmmm.... choices choices choices.... Also see a lotta new animes I wanna see... like Kiddy Grade coz that looks cool... *L* And Get Backers.... and other stuff... ^^;;; The bad thing about being able to flip through the new Newtype every month *L* I see all these things that I really wanna see that haven't even come out yet... ^_^

I've also recently been relapsing back into old fandoms since I'm sorta floating between then at the moment with a foot still stuck in the X/TB fandom.... ^^;;; Even did a tiny relapse into SM a coupla weeks ago *L* That's unusual for me... but I still enjoy the occasional good SM fic every now and then... though I seem to prefer a General/Inner fic more than an Usagi/Mamoru fic.... possibly because the Usagi/Mamoru pairing is too perfect and predictable... afterall, you do get a glimpse of 30th Century Crystal Tokyo and their future... The General/Inner fics appeal to me coz they have more potential -- including how the past betrayals of said Generals are explained and what they're gonna make of the future... *L* A lot more potential........

But must say that my recent forays have been in the RK fandom... *L* the Aoshi-Misao pairing is still my absolute favorite... ^_^ Sano and Megumi fics work as well but not to the extent that Aoshi-Misao fics do... And for some reason, I tend to try and avoid anything Kenshin/Kaoru centered.... I dunno... I'm kinda weird about that coz even I don't understand the reasons... ^^;;; I mean, I used to read Kenshin/Kaoru ficcies a lot... but since a while ago, I've found that they don't move me as much as Aoshi/Misao does... Maybe because Kenshin's pretty much sorted out all his problems... and again, like the Usagi/Mamoru pairing, you do know that he and Kaoru do get together in the end.... So maybe the whole more potential factor comes into it coz Aoshi-sama's still gotta lotta issues to deal with and also coz I tend to like my female leads strong-willed... like Misao *L* Even after all this time Aoshi-sama is the only anime character I "-sama" instinctively.... A habit most likely picked up from Misao-chan... ^__________^ They're just really cute together..... *LOL*

But speaking of fanfics, the new policy to ban NC-17 rated ficcies are sparking a lotta debate over all MLs.... and I can't deny that I do have complaints against this policy....... *snickers* and the rumour that the inception of such a rule could be because of the appearance of NC-17 rated fics in the Harry Potter section just makes me laugh.... But given the extent of my rant, I think I'll save it for when I have time.... ^^;;; It'll definitely be a rant to eclipse all my previous rants... *L*

For now... I need bed.... and the cover and tarot piccies for X18 but that's another story... *LOL* Suffice it to say that I'm really looking forward to Nataku's piccy... I definitely have high expectations from CLAMP given the absolute gorgeous-ness of Nataku's pic from August's ASUKA ^_^

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 3:28 AM

> 9.22.2002

Haven't blogged in sooo long..... myah... blame mid-semesters and group work and assignments..... *sighs* But.. all of that is all done now, so I'm just left with exam prep... *cringe* Joy....

And please allow me to lament the horrors of my exam timetable... We officially finish semester 2 on the 25 of October, and I finish my exam period on the 1st of November... which gives me four full months of summer break... Why am I not jumping for joy?? Because I have to get through four exams in three consecutive days..... *thumps head against the table* And I thought my exam timetable last semester was bad.... *thump* *thump* *thump* Somebody shoot me... shoot me now...

So yeah.... mid-semester break coming up... must start studying now... not to mention looking for a job.... *cringe* I hate job hunting... and I have to redo my resume and I absolutely hate doing cover letters...... *sighs* But definitely hope for a good-paying job this summer so that I can make some bucks to see me through next year without working as much as I am this year... Doubt I could handle that with doing a whole year of management and stats -- which is basically all assignment work... -_-;;;; Not to mention all the anticipated expenses of next year, including that ski trip with everyone... *sweatdrops* Myah... need cash... so need cash...

Also thinking about investing if I make enough this summer... prolly on the share market considering that I'm not exactly happy with the term deposit interest rates that I'm offered.... miiiii........ dunno... but definitely wanting to invest because I'm earning practically zip interest on my bank balance anyway.... *slumps*

But yeah... enough of my money woes.... me is starving uni student, money woes are one of the requirements of being one *L* Onto more pleasant subjects~!! Finished Hellsing!!! ^____________^ That was an extremely gore-y and disturbing anime... which makes it an anime right up my alley *LOL* But the only bit that pissed me off was that at the end there were two screens with two red lines of jap on black backgrounds -- which I assume was like a little ending thing.... But considering that red anything on black, unless it's in a really big blotch, blurs horrifically, I wasn't able to read those last two lines.... *pouts* But other than that, it was extremely good!! *nodnod* Alucard is SO COOL~!!! I love his guns~!!! *wide grin*

Bad thing about that is that apparently Hellsing has been licenced... and though they don't usually announce that they're about to edit anime when they do the dubbing, whichever company picked it up has already blatantly stated that there will be editing to the dubbed version of Hellsing -- especially for the European release because of the fact that it's set in England and because of the occult themes.... *rolls eyes* Why pick the bloody damn thing up then if you're so worried that it's gonna offend people?!?! Sometimes I really wanna wring the necks of these guys who ruin anime...... *growls*

But anyways, off that topic, still watching HikaGo, Sai is still cute and I'm about 15eps off from being up to date so I'm trying to slow down on watching it *L* Just so I'm not left with a humongous gap while I wait for the next eps... So meanwhile, I've picked up S.cry.ed....

Regarding S.cry.ed (Scryed) I have really only one thing to say: Midorikawa Hikaru~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!! *hearts* I haven't heard his voice in soooooo long!!! And Ryuuhou is g-damned bish~!!! *nodnodnodnodnod* Heard the guy say two words and I'm hyper already *LOL* Myahhhh... though I usually go for the dark-hair and blue/green eyes kinda guys, I can't deny that Ryuuhou with his green hair and blood-red eyes is damned droolable *LOL* Especially in either his suit or his black tank-top.... ^__________^ Myah...... Ryuuhou reminds me of Hee-chan.... if only because they have the same voice and the same speaking tone and the damned same dedication to the mission *L* Although Ryuuhou prolly has more of a temper than Hee-chan does...

Kazuma's not bad either... *snickers* although he cracked me up once when he started saying "Haraheta~~!!" which, because his voice is done by Hoshi Souichirou, reminded me sooo much of Goku~!!! *LOL* Kawaii~~~~!!!

So yeah... that's what's been occupying my obsession as of late *L* Although the girls in Scryed tend to mildly bug me for some reason.... and not even for the usual reasons........ *thinks* well... Mimori maybe.... she's not as bad, but tends to still remind me of Relena on occasion because of her attachment to Ryuuhou... but other than that, she's okay..... Sherrice just bugs me because she's so g-damned genki (which I usually don't have a problem with -- see Makimachi Misao *L*) and she tends to act as if she's above everyone else while scolding them in that high-pitched genki tone of hers...... *cringe* that really bugs me....

*snickers* the opening also reminds me of Japanese Ricky Martin, given that it's got a tiny little bit of latin influence in it *LOL* But 'tis good nonetheless, also because they don't always use the same verse as the opening... Noticing that animes are starting to do that... eg. Full Metal Panic started to use the second verse of "Tomorrow" instead of the first after about halfway through the series... The Scryed opening doesn't always have the same opening sequence either ^_^ Keeps you guessing.

But that's about enough from me for a while.... mid-semester break coming up in a week.... let's hope I can survive until then... *L*

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 6:56 PM

> 9.10.2002

.......... I think that cup of espresso did me in............. -_-;;;;

My cousin's 10th last saturday so we went over to celebrate..... when my aunty asked whether I wanted coffee, I didn't realize that she meant espresso.... And now my biological clock's even more stuffed up coz I was ultra hyper saturday night after that and couldn't sleep until 5am sunday... and then I got up at 2pm.... and yeah... bad cycles........... not to mention that I now have to get up really early to get to the bus stop to get to school coz dad can't take me anymore..... *drops dead* Oi oi....

Meanwhile, in other news... still watching HikaGo... *L* 'Tis so cute~! Sai is so g-damned cute!! Seriously, all you have to do is mention playing Go to him and watch him super-deform and do all sorts of cute dances!! *LOL* And those igo lessons at the end are really helpful!! *L* Especially in ep19-ish when he got that Go board for his room.... Sai was soo cute!!! ^____________^ *huggles Sai* Very much loving this series at the moment...

Also saw Vandread today...^^;;;; All I have to say is that, although it's all said with perfect innocence, the potential hentai content of this series is rocketing through the roof at the moment!! *LOL* I swear that's what makes this series so funny ^_^ And then there's the awesome awesome graphics!! The mecha fights are AMAZING!! Although the Vanguard doesn't look as cool as Al does from Full Metal Panic. Produced by the same company so the use of CG is distinctly similar, but Vanguard definitely doesn't look as cool as Al. The Vandreads and the Dreads, however, are another story ^_^ very VERY nice!! But Dita and Jura fighting over who's gonna 'unite' with Hibiki is bloody hilarious! *snickers* But that may be because I have a somewhat hentai mind... *L*

Will probably finish Vandread tomorrow and then debate whether I wanna see the Second Stage... Although, it does strike me as being one of those series that you wouldn't see over and over again despite the awesome graphics. It just doesn't have the same re-watchable-ness (is there a word...? ^^;;) as Full Metal Panic does. I mean, it does have its moments, but overall, I'd have to say that I like Full Metal Panic better.... ^_^

Myah... need to go and study.... finance mid-semester tomorrow...... and then finish Hellsing ^_^ Alucard~~!!! *LOL* And then continue with HikaGo..... work on saturday..... *slumps* so dead..... need coffee......

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 7:44 PM

> 9.2.2002

*growls* I rush in the morning, having to take the bus for the first time since the semester started so that I could get to my 10am class on time. Running around the house, running to the bus stop, finally get to uni with approx ten minutes to go and what do I find out? My bloody class is cancelled!!!!! ARGH~~!!!! This is SO bloody frustrating!!!

So suddenly, I find myself with a spare hour to kill.... which technically wouldn't be a bad thing considering that I have my macro mid-semester test tonight but really, I could have done with more sleep than studying...... I'll have to get myself an iced coffee later or something... or maybe not... ^^;; I haven't had coffee for so long that the effect is stronger... I think... *L* Anyways, I'll see.... But I definitely wanna be awake for when I drive home at 8:30pm tonight.... Yay... more driving at night...... ^^;;;

But anyways, in better news!! I got Furuba~~~~~!!!!! ^_____________^ Went to work on Saturday and Scott had the second box set for me *WIDE grin* Of course, the shipment comes in in about another two weeks so I should have the first box set by then... not to mention anything else that he may have brought back with him... *L* The bad thing about it is that the subtitles are absolute shit =P So I've been watching it raw -- which ^^;; I can still understand about 50% of it.... *L* But I'm gonna see if David or someone can burn me a copy of the fansubs so I can get more accurate translations from that... *nodnod* Furuba ga DAI DAI DAIsuki!!! *LOL* Shameless imitation of Goku.... ^____^ (btw, did I use "ga" right?? ^^;;;)

After seeing reruns, I've figured out that me love Kyoukichi in any way, shape or form -- he's SO cute!!!! *L* That episode when Tohru got sick and he had to cook leek soup for her!! *grins* But funnily enough, though I still like Yuki, I really only love Yuki when he's in a situation with KyonKyon... ^^;;; And then there's Gure-san *LOL* Sukebe oyaji.... and I only just noticed that the calligraphy painting in the Souma living room next to the door to the kitchen keeps changing *sweatdrops* I seriously never noticed that before...

But yeah, LOVE furuba!!! Almost becoming my equal favorite with FY in terms of shoujo-shoujo animes ^_____________^ It is THAT good!! KyonKyon with neko ears~~~!!!! *huggles Kyoukichi* Soooo cute!! Myah... will stop gushing over Kyoukichi now.... *L*

Anyhoo... better go.... need to study... *drops dead* I hate studying.....

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 10:22 AM

> 8.29.2002

*grins* Chaos was SO overdue for a new layout... So here it is ^_______^ Presenting the Weiss boys in all their glory *L* So very droolable.....

This layout took a helluva long time to do.... Most of which I found when I was sick last week ^^;;; I swear, since this semester started and I got my work schedule, I have never had as much free time as last weekend when I was too sick to work.... *sweatdrops* I mean, I'm usually flat out working from the time uni finishes on Thursday until at least Friday night, if not Saturday night depending on if I was working that Saturday.... This essentially left me with one free day to do my homework and everything... half of which I always slept off because I rarely get the chance to sleep in now.... ^^;;;

But last week, I didn't go to uni on Wednesday coz I was just too sick, went for my usual 2 hours on Thursday and then got home and was basically extremely surprised that I now had not one, but three free days ahead of me... ^^;;;; So yeah... the bad thing about it was no income for that week... and let's not mention I felt like death warmed over... But the good thing was that I finally found the time to finish this layout that's been sitting on my drawing board for ages! *L*

Speaking of being sick, I swear some doctors have absolutely no clue what they're doing... I mean, I walk into this doctor's office and tell the doctor that I have blocked ears (I almost practically deaf by this stage and I almost always get ear congestion when I'm sick). So she takes a look at my ears and then tells me that they're fine! Excuse me?! Here I am, practically deaf, and you're telling me that my ears are fine?!! *rolls eyes* She also told me that I had a minor cold.... *snorts* Yes.... coz a minor cold lasts two bloody weeks!! *shakes head* Never going there again, that's for sure...

But, back to the topic at hand ^_^ *huggles the Weiss boys* This layout was done in honor of the original Weiss character designs.... as opposed to the new character designs... *shudders* God I swear those new designs are freaky..... What did they do to my poor Kenken?? The only one that looks half-way decent is A-yan..... *cringe* Will have to see what the reaction to the new designs are when Weiss Glühen starts screening in Japan in September... All I can say is that it's definitely risky introducing new character designs with such a well-established fandom... I mean, if it were a new series, then maybe the new designs wouldn't have that much impact... but considering that Weiss is at least five years old and most likely older, there will most likely be mixed reactions towards the new designs....

*shrugs* But maa... what can you do? I'll just stick to my original A-yan and Yo-tan and Kenken and Omittchi ^___________^ I've gotten into the strange habit of calling them by those names... *L* They're just so cute! But yeah... anyways.... Me is very happy with this layout ^_^ Successfully achieved the effect that I wanted for this layout!! And I decided that a green-blue would suit better than a monochrome background which was what I had originally *L* So me likes!! And as a result, this layout will probably stay for a while *L* Thanks to go Sutsume-chan for being the inspiration for the title!! *grins*

Myah... I would blog more but I really need to head to bed....... got work tomorrow and then tutoring and then tutoring friday and then working saturday..... let's not even mention that my macroeconomics mid-semester test is coming up on monday...... *drops dead* So dead..........

Ranting by Shikami Yamino @ 2:17 AM

Chaos v2.4


Authorization: the cats are back online

    Abyssinian: Fujimiya Aya
    Balinese: Kudou Yoji
    Siberian: Hidaka Ken &
    Bombay: Tsukiyono Omi
    Weiß Kreuz -- Weiß Project
v2.4 Theme Song:
    Never Die
    Okui Masami
From Anime:
v2.4 comes with:
    Wallpaper -- 800x600 .jpg
    In my whole collection of Weiss piccies, this one has got to be my favorite ^_^ They just look so damn good here!! In a bid to feature a wider range of coverboys, Chaos presents a toast to the original and the best White Hunters.
    I was debating whether to feature Full Metal Panic for v2.4 when I remembered that the new Weiss anime "Weiss Glühen" was set to be released in September. The new character designs are looking extremely weird and freaky *shudders* Which is why I decided to honor the original Weiss -- and as they say, the original is always the best! *L*
    This layout took me bloody ages just doing the preparatory work *drops dead* Almost killed my eyes by straining them staring at the computer screen to see all the little lines... But I'm very happy with the way it turned out!! ^_^ Always wanted to do a high-tech looking layout *grins* v2.4 is, of course, named for the reactivation of the Weiss assassin team *LOL* The kitty cats are definitely back in business!!

Chaos v2.4 Wallpaper

Fav Anime:
    Kaikan Phrase
    Full Metal Panic!
    Fruits Basket
Fav Manga:
    Tokyo Babylon
    Gensoumaden Saiyuki
Fav Songs:
    "Datenshi Blue" - /\ucifer
    "C no Binetsu" - /\ucifer &
    "Bokura no Bouken" - Kids Alive
Fav Characters:
    Sakurazuka Seishirou
    Sumeragi Subaru
    Monou Fuuma (evil version)
    Oukochi Sakuya
    Todou Yuki
    Sagara Sousuke
    Fujiwarano Sai
    Souma Kyou
    Souma Yuki
    Hikaru no Go
    Hellsing &
    "To Fall From Grace"
    "Omae Shikainai"
    "What Dreams May Come"
    "Breaking Down the Walls"

Lookee~!! Me got my very own Sei-kun!! \^o^/



Sakura Saku

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