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Through Another's Eyes - Yaoi Fanfics

Duo: "Don't you just admire my ability?"
Heero: "I've been counting on your skills right from the start."
Duo: "Boy, am I glad to hear that!"

 Letting Go
   Angst and 1+2 - very mild lime
   Author: Shikami Yamino
What would Heero's reaction be if Duo died... defending Relena?

 Wish Upon a Star
   Angst with very, very mild hints of yaoi
   Author: Youko Sutsume
My birthday ficcy from Sutsume-chan~!! Waaii~ Domo arigato gozaimasu! Sooooo good but very very sad. *sniff*

 Hold Me
   Angst, nightmares, fluff and 1+2
   Author: Shikami Yamino
Ever wondered what demons would haunt the dreams of soldiers?

   Introspection and 3+4
   Author: Shikami Yamino
*sweatdrop* I dunno... this just came to me on a spur of the moment... I'm not very good at writing Trowa/Quatre ficcies ^^;;;

 Little Sister
   POV, 1+2, 3+4
   Author: Shikami Yamino
Just a little piece that got itself into my head and wouldn't leave me alone ^^;;;

 Strangers in the Night
   Angst, fluff, very mild yaoi hints, 1+2
   Author: Shikami Yamino
This one's been sitting on my "To Do" list for a while so I figured I might as well finish it ^_^ Didn't turn out like what I really wanted but I'm too lazy to rewrite *L* The shounen ai hints in here are so mild, I could even stick it over to the non-yaoi section ^^;;;

 Omae Shikainai (Only You)
   Part I - Part II
   Angst, POV, 1+2, OOC-ness?
   Author: Shikami Yamino
One would think that life after the War would be easier. But even with the one you love, life is hardly ever what it should be.

 Loving Promises
   Songfic - Fluff and 1+2
   Author: Shikami Yamino
It's time for both to face up to their feelings. One is prepared to let go... is the other?

 The Songfic Arc
      1.  The Hardest Thing
      Songfic - Angst and 1+2 - very mild lime
      Author: Shikami Yamino
Will Heero risk Duo's death, or break Duo's heart?
      2.  It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry
      Songfic - Angst and 1+2
      Author: Shikami Yamino
The sequel to "The Hardest Thing" from Heero's point of view.
      3.  Right Here Waiting
      Songfic - Angst, sap and 1+2
      Author: Shikami Yamino
Six months after the war, Duo is ready to give up until something appears to change everything. The final addition to the "The Hardest Thing" timeline, ending the "Songfic Arc".

Waii~!  Right Here Waiting won 2nd place!

 It's Too Late
   POV, depressing, angst, 5+M and 5+13
   Author: Shikami Yamino
Hehe ^^;;; One of my favorite songs by Wei and I figured it just fit Wu-chan so perfectly! This is however very very depressing. *pout* I have this thing for angst and depression ^^;; Not a suggested read if you're not in the mood.

 Death's Heart
   Angst, deathfic, 1+2
   Author: Hibiscus
Hibiscus is new here at ED ^_^ But she has a really lovely writing style. And though I usually don't take to death fics, this one is really really beautiful. A marvellous job for Hibiscus's first yaoi fic! Thanks for letting me host!!

 Deliver Me
   Angst, deathfic?, 1+2
   Author: Depa Myra
*blink blink* I inspired someone? ^^;;; Wow... I never actually thought I'd inspire someone to write ^_^ And such a good writer too!! Everyone please welcome Depa to ED and I must recommend reading this fic! Go read! ^_^

 Will You Wait For Me?
   Video Clip - Angst, death and 1+2
   Author: Shikami Yamino
One life shattered and Heero is left to pick up the pieces.

 It's All Coming Back To Me Now
   Video Clip - Angst, fluff and 3+4
   Author: Shikami Yamino
What did happen when Trowa lost his memory?

 I'll Let Her Know
   Video Clip - Angst and 1+2
   Author: Youko Sutsume
What will it take for Heero to tell Relena about his love? Sutsume-chan's very sad vid clip... ^^;; tissue alert!

 Eternal Love
   Video Clip - Angst and 3+4
   Author: Youko Sutsume
Trowa's emotionlessness and Quatre's uncertainty. Is this the end, even before the beginning? Sutsume-chan's other very sad vid clip... tissue anyone?

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