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Youko Sutsume

Introduction: Quatre and Trowa sat at a small picnic table, sharing afternoon tea. Both were uncomfortably silent, Trowa maintaining his coolness, though a hint of anxiety and worry shows through his eyes when he looked at Quatre, who was looking into his cup, seemingly distressed about something.

Cuts to Sandrock and Heavyarms returning from a mission, Quatre still seemed distressed as Trowa's face appear on the comunit, a concerned questioning look on his half-hidden face. Quatre forced a reassuring smile, the smile collapsing when the comunit flickered off.

All the time I'd wish for you

Quatre, after tending to Sandrock's repairs, looked at Heavyarms' bulk in the hangar.

The best that anyone could give

He walked to the red Gundam, running his hand on the cold metal affectionately.

Those sleepless nights I'd wait for you

Scene cuts to the middle of the night, Quatre stood at the window, watching the tiny dots of light from the circus tents.

I'd wait I pray and I'd count..

He looked up towards the sky, littered with so many shining stars. A image of Trowa's face appeared in the sky, his one visible green eye uncharacteristically soft.

The moonlight till the sunrise

The image fades as the light from the rising sun began to shine on the horizon.

No shooting stars tonight

Cuts back to the evening. At the circus, Trowa, wearing his clown suit and half mask, bowed to the applauding audience, his features cold.

Only nighting gales in sight

Scene cuts to see Trowa in his usual turtleneck and jeans, leaping up onto a tree branch, startling a few birds. Camera pans out.

The countless tears I've cried

Images of Quatre flashes on the screen, mostly of Quatre crying.

And I've cried my last goodbye

Settles on an image of Quatre standing facing the camera with his head down, eyes shaded by the blonde bangs with Trowa standing a few paces behind him. A tear slids from under Quatre's bangs.

I'd say to end it all (to end it all)

We see Quatre's lips move, but we can't hear what he is saying. Trowa's eye widens.

To stop this hurt you've caused inside

Quatre walks away, keeping his back to Trowa. A few paces away, Quatre fell to his knees, clutching at his uchuu no kokoro, tears falling freely from his face. Scene fades.

And now the stars are falling the stars are falling for you

Quatre running out from his mansion onto a grassy hill overlooking the circus tents. He looks up to see a small meteor shower, the shining stars sweeping across the dark night sky.

Can't breathe on me no more

In the dark bedroom, light filtered through from the half-open door, Trowa approaches the bed, in which the blond Arabian slept, brows slightly knotted. Trowa looks at Quatre for a while, expression tender but a little sad, before walking back out the door, without a backward glance.

Go back to where you've come from

The pilot of Heavyarms walks out onto the hill, and with one last look at the mansion, heads for the circus tents in the valley below.

God help me find eternal love so strong so strong

In the morning, Quatre finds a neatly-folded note by his bedside. His eyes widen at what was written on it in neat writing. *Sayonara, Quatre. Soshite.. suki da.*

'Cause that's where I belong

He sat down, hard, on the soft bed, still staring at the piece of paper. A drop of moisture falls on the paper, blotting the words a little.

I belong with you

The note was folded neatly again, and carefully stored in the bedside drawers, where, it lay on top of a picture of the tall, silent pilot, and the gentle Arabian pilot, smiling happily.

Musical Bridge: Quatre stood in front of the glass-case looking at his violin and the silver flute resting beside it, stroking the glass gently, absently. He carefully took out the violin, poised briefly, and began to play. His eyes slid close as an apparition of Trowa took the flute and joined in the music.

All the time you'd wish for me

Trowa walks towards the familiar cage that held the circus lion captive, he petted the lion gently as he approached the tall pilot, obedient as a kitten.

The best that anyone could give

Catherine fussed over Trowa, surprised to find him back, as Trowa's mind reeled back to a blond boy that fusses over him in a similar way...

Those sleepless nights you'd wait for me

Flashback: Trowa walks into the grand living room of the Winner house to find Quatre dozing lightly on the couch, still murmuring his name.

You'd wait you pray and you'd count

Quatre's eyes snap open as he heard Trowa enter, almost soundlessly, and got up immediately, smiling at Trowa, asking him if he wanted anything to eat.

Till I find what eternal love means

Watching Quatre hurrying off to prepare him a snack, Trowa felt a warmth in his heart that he never felt before, a warmth that envelopes him whenever Quatre is near.

You say to end it all (to end it all)

He watched silently on as Quatre walks away from him, not turning back. His shadow stretching, dark and lonely, in the bleak white surroundings.

To stop this hurt that dwells inside of me

Quatre's brow knit together slightly in his sleep, and turned on his side to ease the faint ache of his uchuu no kokoro. Beside his bed, a neatly- folded note laid quitely on top of the drawers.

'Cause now the stars are shining the stars are shining for you

Focuses on Trowa as he left the dark mansion. Overhead, the many stars of Earth gleamed like jewels embedded in the black velvet of the night sky.

Breathe on eternal love

Leafs of calendar flies past, indicating the passage of time as the pair of boys became young men.

Go back to where I've come from

Catherine watched Trowa as he packed, smiling encouragingly much as an older sister would to a beloved young brother. She turns and walks out, wiping a tear from her eyes discreetly.

God help me find eternal love so strong so strong

Trowa picks the clown's half-mask from the table, and studies it intently. With a flick of his wrist and a determined expression, he deftly tossed it onto the neat bed as he walked out into the fading sunlight.

'Cause that's where I belong

Quatre, holding a steaming cup of tea against his lips, deep in thought. Then suddenly clanked down the cup and rushed out the door towards the hill.

I belong with he

The two young men sees each other on the hill top, both stops walking, few paces apart, and stares at the other, stunned. Trowa smiles, a little hesitant, but gentle and loving, triggering a bright smile to break out on Quatre's face.

I belong with he

Trowa was forced to drop the travel bag he was carrying as Quatre flew into his arms. He wrapped his arms tight around the other pilot as the setting sun cast a brilliant halo of red and gold on the land.


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