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Youko Sutsume

Tell me where to begin.

Heero walked into a hospital building, heading for the elevator. His face was emotionless.

How did I get so empty within?

He enters a hospital room with the name tag - "Maxwell".

What's the use without you in my life?

We see Duo lying on the white bed, face nearly as pale as the sheet, his eyes closed tightly. Heero sat down beside him. Watching Duo's face intently.

I wish that we could start at the beginning.

His eyes dropped and he held one of Duo's hand in both his own. Scene fades

Just a moment in time.

Flashback: The scene is set in a meadow, the Gundams can be vaguely seen in one part of it. Zooms in to see Duo, braid flapping, running to catch up to Heero who was walking out towards the hill.

How could I be so cold and so blind.

Duo runs up to Heero (who we can only see the back of) happily, a big grin on his face. Heero half-turned and said something that made Duo's face fall immediately, and stood there, head hung, as Heero walked on, hands in his jeans pockets. End flashback.

Boy, you gave me the wisdom to see.

Cuts back to the hospital, Heero, still holding Duo's hand, reaches one hand out and strokes Duo's face gently, hoping that he would see a crack of the brilliant violet of Duo's eyes.

You're everything my heart and soul needs.

Heero pulls his hand back from Duo's face, and, clutching Duo's hand in both of his hands once again, he cradled his partner's hand close to his chest. His head hung.

Sometimes the heart is the last one to grow

Scene cuts to the corridor outside, the other three are standing or sitting around, glancing nervously at the closed door. Relena walks toward them, wanting to know Heero's whereabouts.

I swear I didn't know.

Inside, Heero fishes out a silver crucifix -- the one that belongs to Duo -- and stares at it.

Now that I know just the way that I feel

Hearing the commotion outside the door, mixed with Relena's voice, Heero clutched the crucifix tight.

And I promise I'll let her know.

He looked down at the unconscious boy on the bed and made a silent decision. He hung the silver chain around his neck, feeling the cold weight of the crucifix against his chest under his usual tanktop. He leaned to place a gentle kiss on Duo's forehead.

I hear your voice in the night

Flashback: Scene is set late at night in the room of another boarding school. Heero was caught in a nightmare and trembled uncontrollably. He vaguely heard Duo creeping across the room to his bedside, asking if he was alright, his voice full of concern and worry.

Tell me true everything is alright.

Duo cuddled Heero close, and murmured soothing words to his friend -- though he wished they were something more -- he felt the trembling fade as Heero calmed down, but still held on to him.

Suddenly I awake from my dream

Another flashback: Heero sat up straight in the chair from another nightmare, but this time there weren't any soft, soothing voice and the fragrance of Duo's hair to comfort him.

And now I know exactly what love means

He lowered his head and held the crucifix around his neck tightly, the silver metal shining in the pale moonlight. A single tear escaped his tightly closed eyes.

Sometimes the heart is the last one to grow.

Scene cuts to Heero fighting in Wing, killing enemy without a blink of an eye.

I swear I didn't know.

Duo's maniacal laughter ringed throughout Wing's cockpit. His image flickered on the comunit, a wide grin on his face.

Now that I know just the way that I feel

Seeing Duo grinning and waving V-signs at him through the comunit, the corner of Heero's mouth quirked in the beginning of a smile.

And I promise I'll let her know.

Scene cuts to Relena, standing behind Heero, calling out to him as he ignored her and jumped into Wing's cockpit with a cold expression.

One bad mistake, is what it takes

The screen was split into five sections, showing the five Gundams in the heat of the battle, fending off hundreds of Mobile Suits. Cuts to a Mobile Suit firing a laser cannon at Wing. Wing dodged.

A sign that love's in the making

Heero turned Wing around just in time to see Gundam Deathscythe got hit in the back by that very shot, causing a minor explosion. His eyes widened.

I stop pretending

An anguished expression distorted his cold features, as he shouted out Duo's name, rushing Wing forward towards the Mobile Suit that fired the shot.

Our love needs mending

Making quick work of the Mobile suits, Heero rushed to the side of the fallen Gundam while the other Gundams stood guard in case any other MS attacks.

I'll know that next time to be careful.

Heero emerges from Deathscythe's cockpit, an unconscious Duo in his arms, Duo's eyes were closed, his face pale with a stream of blood coming from under his honey-chestnut bangs, his arms and braid hung limply. Heero looked down at the still figure in his arms, worry and concern clearly showing in his expression.

Sometimes the heart is the last one to grow.

Cuts back to the hospital, Relena is still outside the corridor, demanding to see Heero. Inside the room, Heero was on the chair, head hung, dozing lightly.

I swear I didn't know.

Duo's eyes crack open, still fuzzy and unfocused, without the usual shine in the violet-blue depths. He turned his head slightly, and saw Heero, startled from his light sleep by the soft sound.

Now that I know just the way that I feel.

Duo reaches one hand out to Heero weakly, Heero's eyes widened, and took Duo's hand in his own, hesitantly reaching out to touch Duo's face with the other. A gentle smile appeared on his face.

And I promise I'll let her know...

Zooms in on Duo's face, who, eyes still fuzzy from the drugs, smiled back at Heero. As the American boy's eyes slid close once again, this time into a peaceful slumber. Heero gently kissed Duo, got up, and walked outside to the corridors with a determined expression, fingering the thin silver chain around his neck.

And I promise I'll let her know.

A month later: we see Heero and Duo on the grassy hill, Heero walking while Duo bounced around beside him. He catches the American around the waist, pulling him close for a kiss. As the music played to an end, the scene is superimposed by semi-transparent image of a silver crucifix on a chain.


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