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For too long, the human race have wondered at the existence of other species upon the Earth. Other species that, being neither human nor animal, wield exceptional power and the ability to crush the reality upon which every belief is based.

Throughout history, though the human race have always wondered, they have also always feared. Feared the unknown, the mysterious, the different and the incomprehensible. With the fear, came the urge to destroy the object of that fear as proof that the human race was the strongest of all... That, and the urge to banish that object from human knowledge so that humanity could continue living within their self-contained, ignorant bliss.

And they have succeeded...

Down the ages from the beginning of human history, strange occurances became obscure legends, fearsome creatures became those of mortal imagination, miracles became that of mere mythology, and reality was reduced to the colorful world of fiction. Decade by decade, century by century, the darker and often brighter side of life on Earth was banished, feared for their inexplicable causes and their disruption of the otherwise smooth course of human existence.

As the years wore on, those that were banished began to fade. Their existence denied, the weaker of them could only perish and only the stronger survived. While the brighter of those exiled from reality were often the weaker, the darkness gathered its strength and merged itself with the human world, no longer needing human belief to keep them alive.

In a world where technology and rationalization are the basis of human life. A world where the most lethal weapon is the human brain, though contained in all its navet . A world where reality is all that matters and War tears at every corner of Earth and its Colonies...

For seven young people, legend, folklore, myth and fiction will once again become reality... And they will discover that the infinite darker side of what was once actuality, and banished... already walk among them...

Reunion of Sorts
Youko Sutsume
The story that begins it all... Prelude to the Stygian Sagas! The appearance of old friends and new enemies... will they be one and the same?

Through the Rain
Youko Sutsume
The sadness and despair of a childhood filled with painful memories... and always the rain...

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