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Through Another's Eyes - Non-Yaoi Fanfics

 Hope and Memory
   Author: Shikami Yamino
A very short look inside Duo's head

 The Light of Darkness
   Author: Shikami Yamino
A short scene between Heero and Duo

 Spoils of War
   Author: Shikami Yamino
War does a lot of things but perhaps this is the cruelest of all...
This was a creative emotional piece that was done as an assignment for my English class, after it was done, I changed a few circumstances to make it suit GW so here it is. Beware morbidity and overall dark outlook of the fic ^^;;

 Soldier at Heart
   Author: Youko Sutsume
Sutsume-chan's very very well written piece that touches upon the thoughts of one Quatre Raberba Winner.

 To Fall From Grace
   Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V -
    Part VI

   Angst, violence, death, drug usage,
   psychological problems

   Author: Shikami Yamino
After a year of peace, it is once again threatened... but this time is the source closer to home than the G-boys would like?
Please be warned that this series is more violent than most things you would find on this site, if you don't like the thought of people dying without mobile suits or if you're having a bad day, I suggest that you don't read it ^^;;; Characters are slightly OOC.

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