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Shikami Yamino

Dedicated with love to Yoru-chan

Please note that the song "Will You Wait For Me?" belongs to Kavana.

[I need to talk with you again]

Heero stares out the window of his small bare dorm room at the rain that pours outside, his face emotionless.

[Why did you go away?]

In his fist, he clenches a battered and scratched silver crucifix on a delicate silver chain while his face is changed by a mask of sadness.

[All our time together]

The scene dissolves into an empty desk as rapid photos of the happy times Heero and Duo spent together is thrown on to the desktop haphazardly, the last one of Duo with an arm slung around Heero's waist with a broad grin and happy violet-blue eyes dancing.

[Just feels like yesterday]

Fade back to the picture of Heero at the window as he closes his eyes and a single tear streaks its way down his cheek and he lowers his head to his hands.

[I never thought I'd see]

Flashback: A picture of Heero and Duo lying on their backs on a small hill with their Gundams in the background, watching the stars.

[A single day without you]

Actually only Duo was watching the overhead stars while Heero was gazing over at Duo's animated face with a tender expression. End Flashback.

[The things we take for granted]

An image of Duo's grinning face superimposes Heero's tears while he sits on a messy bed of black sheets and stares at the bloody silver cross that lies a few inches away from him.

[We can sometimes lose]

A close up of Heero's face and we can see the anguish in it before he finally loses his cool and slams one clenched fist into the wall next to him, creating a large hole in the plaster wall.

[And if I promise not to feel this pain]

Heero withdraws his hand and stares at the bright crimson liquid oozing over the white-clenched fist in a detached way, no expression showing on his face.

[Will I see you again?]

The fingers of the bloody hand unclench and reach hesitantly over to the bloody cross.

[Will I see you again?]

Bright crimson and darkened crimson mingle on the brightness of the silver cross as a dim reflection of Heero's cobalt eye is seen in the cross, accompanied by Duo's violet blue one.

['Cause time will pass me by]

Heero lowers his head while he gathers his knees in his arms while the camera pans out until he is a small figure in the left lower corner of the screen. The screen behind him fades to black and various screens of Heero's life flashes past, mostly of him and Duo.

[Maybe I'll never learn to smile]

Focusing on a particular frame, camera pans in and we see Duo facing Heero, a teasing smile on the braided-boy's face while Heero's lips quirked but not quite managing a smile.

[But I know I'll make it through]

Duo grinned back and then said something before throwing himself into Heero's arms and burying his head into Heero's shoulder.

[If you wait for me]

Heero lowers his own head to Duo's sweet smelling hair as he closes his eyes and a small smile comes over his face while he tightens his arms around his lover.

[And all the tears I cry]

Scene dissolves in a picture of a small room that contained twin single beds while Heero sits at his laptop reading the message with an incredible look as fresh tears streams down his cheeks.

[No matter how I try]

Shaking his head furiously, Heero squeezed his eyes shut before with a quick swipe of his hand, smashed the laptop off the desk to crash into the small bedside table that had a small portable CD player sitting on top.

[They'll never bring you home to me]

Heero flys around the room in a blind rage, eyes tightly shut as he rips the room apart, unable to come to terms with the news that he has just read on the bright computer screen.

[Won't you wait for me in heaven?]

Suddenly Heero collapses on himself in the middle of the room and sobs, shoulders wracking with the inner pain. Shadowy arms enclosed the shaking Japanese pilot and we see an apparition of Duo with an unusual sad face embracing the shaking form of Heero though without any effect. Scene dissolves.

[Do you remember how it was]

Gundam Deathscythe flew through the air, its pilot laughing maniacally as the bright blade of the thermal scythe slashed across the Mobile Suits in front of him.

[When we never seemed to care]

Inside the Shinigami's cockpit, Duo grinned as a video image of Heero appeared on the screen but Duo waved a careless hand before returning his concentration on the larger view screen.

[The days went by so quickly]

Screen flashes with images of countless battles but with a constant of a grinning Duo and a softened Heero superimposed on the screen.

['Cause I thought you'd always be there]

Screen dissolves into a scene of a struggling Heero, caught in the grip of a nightmare but calming down as soon as Duo's hand descended on his arm.

[And it's hard to let you go]

In a dream sequence, Heero clasps Duo tightly to him while the dark shadow of Death stands by, allowing them a tiny moment to bid farewell.

[Though I know that I must try]

Duo lifted his head and stared into Heero's tear-stained face with a gentle expression before raising a hand to brush back some of the unruly bangs and placing a gentle kiss on Heero's lips.

[I feel like I've been cheated]

Heero responds with anguish and sadness but loses himself in the kiss until their lips part. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Duo was pulled from his arms and into the shadow of Death's dark cloak, face peaceful and resigned but silent.

['Cause we never said goodbye]

Heero falls to his knees and screams what Duo's name but only received a small shake of a braided head before Duo's image vanishes completely, leaving a lone Heero on his knees in the middle of emptiness.

[And if I promise not to feel this pain]

A shot of the inside of Shinigami's cockpit and Duo's resigned face as he reaches a finger towards the small red button on the left of his console. He manages a last grin as the button is depressed.

[Will I see you again?]

Duo sat back into his seat and smiled as explosions began all around him but kept his eyes trained on the small photograph of Heero and himself that was tacked up on a corner of his view screen.

[Will I see you again?]

Duo's vision faded out as a flash of black and red stained the screen but the photograph of Heero and Duo remains, although there is now a slash of bright crimson across Duo's half, leaving only the Heero half unscarred.

['Cause time will pass me by]

Red screen fades to a misty white while it shows an image of Heero and Duo walking together superimposed by another of Heero carrying a bloody and limp Duo with a closed-off expression.

[Maybe I'll never learn to smile]

Camera pulls back out of the misty white scene and we see that it is actually a tear that is slipping off Heero's impassive face, eyes staring but not seeing.

[But I know I'll make it through]

Camera continues to pull back and we see Heero stading, eyes shut and head bowed next to a grey headstone with no name but only an inscripition, "For our partner, friend, and brother..."

[If you wait for me]

Ghostly hands reaches up and finally Heero opens his eyes to see a smiling apparition of Duo stading on the freshly dug grave.

[And all the tears I cry]

Heero stands shocked as Duo grins at him, tears once again making their way down his cheeks while he tries to get words out of his mouth.

[No matter how I try]

Speechless, Heero reaches for Duo with a desperate look only to have the sadly smiling apparition move out of his reach with a slight laugh.

[They'll never bring you home to me]

Heero's arms dropped back to his side while he turns a desolate look on Duo, eyes pleading with what his words could not. Duo smiles slightly before stepping closer to Heero as something shiny slips out of the corner of one eye.

[Won't you wait for me in heaven?]

Heero gazed into those vivid amaryllis eyes once more before Duo's cool lips danced over his own in a light brush. Then the spirit raised a hand to lay it on Heero's cheek in a tender gesture before his body was pulled up by an unseen force and Duo shot Heero a loving look before vanishing into the clouds.

['Cause I miss you so]

Scene changes back to the scene of Heero in front of the window, knees drawn up to his chest as he stares listlessly out the window. His hand is helf up to his mouth, the silver crucifix lying next to full lips.

[And I need to know]

Kissing the cool surface of the tiny cross, Heero pulls back the hand to stare at the cross in a confused manner.

[Will you wait for me?]

Then a slight smile crosses his face and he gently slips the silver chain over his head so that the cross lies right next to his heart. Feeling his heart beating next to the cool metal of Duo's cross, Heero's eyes soften as the ringing of Duo's laughter is heard in the background. Fade out.

['Cause time will pass me by]

The war rages on and the bright red beam sabre of Wing Gundam cuts through everything in its path, dancing the steps of Death as its brother Gundam had danced before.

[Maybe I'll never learn to smile]

Inside Wing's cockpit, Heero's face remains emotionless as he carries out his mission with the precision of the "Perfect Soldier".

[But I know I'll make it through]

A particularly strong explosion rocks through the cockpit and Heero manages a small smirk, hand automatically coming up to clasp something around his neck.

[If you wait for me]

Zoom in on the hand and the barest flicker of silver is seen through the slender but scarred fingers. In the flicker of silver, a bright violet eye is seen smiling as the flicker grows in intensity and then blinds the screen.

[And all the tears I cry]

Heero stands at the edge of a cliff, staring into the setting sun while the camera turns so that we see an upper body profile of Heero standing, hand clasped around the silver crucifix, a single tear trailing its way down his cheek despite the satisfied look on his face.

[No matter how I try]

The sky turns from a bright pink into the violet of sunset and Heero lowers his head as the first stars begin to shine in the night sky.

[They'll never bring you home to me]

Raising his face, to catch the last rays of sunlight, Heero smiles slightly up at the brightest star and whispers what can easily be seen as "I love you" before turning and walking out of the picture.

[Won't you wait for me in heaven?]

Camera leaves its position and pans up to the sky as it darkens completely into a navy blue although some flecks of violet still remain. Out of two of these violet flecks, a pair of laughing violet-blue eyes appear, full of cheer and happiness.

Screen fades to black.

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