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In Their Gun Sights - Duo Maxwell: Death of Darkness

"He runs... he hides... he does everything, but he never lies. Duo Maxwell!"
- Duo Maxwell

NAME: Duo Maxwell
AGE: 15
SEX: Male
BIRTH PLACE: L2 Colony cluster
HEIGHT: 156 cm
WEIGHT: 43 kg
EYE COLOR: Cobalt Blue
MENTOR: Professor G
SEIYUU: Seki Toshihiko
ALIAS: Shinigami
       MS Gundam Deathscythe
       MS Gundam Deathscythe Hell

*LOL* Ya gotta love that smirk!

Duo Maxwell, the Death of Darkness. The self-proclaimed Death God and perhaps the most alive member of the G-boys. A jokester, a jester, but one that hides as much as he shows and takes everything thrown in his path with humor and laughter. The laughing re-incarnate of the Shinigami.

Once an orphan and brat on the streets of L2, Duo has perhaps had the hardest life of all. Living through the death of his gang leader, Solo and then through the Maxwell Church Masscre, he has known nothing but death all his life. Despite it all, this boy has come out on top with a bright smile and a lust for life that few could expect from pawns in a war. After the Maxwell Church Massacre, the self named 'Duo Maxwell' ('Duo' after Solo and 'Maxwell' after the Church) was picked up by the Sweepers Group in which he learned to be a soldier and then by Doctor G for the ace pilot of the Gundam Deathscythe.

Duo Maxwell

Known for the playfulness, the laughter and the wide grins, Duo could be considered the pilot that is the least serious about missions. However, while the Shinigami laughs on the outside, it's really a mystery as to what Duo feels, one could almost say that the jester's mask is the most effective compared to the emotionless ones of Heero and Trowa. His incessant talk and hilarious expressions also give way to the more serious and caring side of his personality from time to time, often for a while showing what Duo does not want seen. A strong sense of responsiblity though merciless when he is fighting for what he believes, Duo also carries a strong protective sense, as proven when he warned Hilde away from the war before he left for the Space Fortress Peacemillion.

Duo and Hilde, a mystery in itself but it is known that Hilde abandoned her OZ post after her talk with Duo about the war and his position. She also has a great deal of affection for him as she saved him from her OZ comrades, lived with him for a time and infiltrated White Fang to steal Libra's plans for him and the pilots.

Duo's most distinctive features: the black priest's outfit, the knack with which he gets punched in the stomach and thrown into jail, and the butt-length braid we'd all love to get our hands on! ^_^

The braid! The braid!

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