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Quatre Raberba Winner: Noble in the Desert

"There is nothing more valuable than life in this universe. Sandrock has taught me that."
- Quatre Raberba Winner

NAME: Quatre Raberba Winner
AGE: 15
SEX: Male
BIRTH PLACE: L4 Colony cluster
HEIGHT: 156 cm
WEIGHT: 41 kg
MENTOR: Instructor H
SEIYUU: Orikasa Ai
       MS Gundam Sandrock
       MS Gundam Sandrock Custom

Nothing if not adorable!! ^_^

Quatre Raberba Winner, the Noble in the Desert. The innocent golden Arabian boy that defied his pacifistic upbringing to fight for what he believes is right. The peacemaker among the G-boys and the most compassionate of all when it comes to the completion of each mission but determined to see to the ending of the war, Quatre is the embodiment of the determination needed to always see the good when surrounded by nothing but the turmoil of war.

Born as the sole heir of the rich and mighty Winner family of L4, Quatre was brought up in what can be considered as the most sheltered childhood possible in war. With a pacifistic father and twenty-nine sisters (^^;) Quatre grew up with a love of music and a great sense of honor. However as time progressed the Winner heir began to see beyond his surroundings at the destruction that war caused for the people. Thus, defying his father's wishes, Quatre began taking a more active role in trying to end the war. Finally being trained by Doctor H, who fostered an unusual fondness for the boy and determined that this innocence was to be preserved at all costs, Quatre became the ace pilot of the Gundam Sandrock.

Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre, compassionate and caring but strong at heart, he usually sees himself as weak because of his ineffectiveness to kill without mercy. Unsure of himself and his abilities, he doesn't see that his determination and his mental strength far outweigh any 'weakness' he might see in himself. With his uchuu no kokoro - Heart of the Universe - Quatre can be considered an empath as he sometimes feels the pain others are in. It is this that also allows him to understand not just his comrades but also his enemies as seen in the duel between himself and Dorothy Catalonia on the Space Fortress Libra.

As the Winner heir, Quatre also commands the respect and admiration of forty Maganac fighters, his servants, all who are willing to die for him. While some may wonder how this unpresuming boy would be able to command such a force, it is Quatre's iron will and his philanthropy that wins him the affection of so many.

Quatre's most distinctive features: the politeness and the lovely manners, the ability to play almost any musical instrument and the ever-present slacks and vest combo that he never seems to tire of ^_^.

Everybody all together now: 'Awwwwwww~~~~' *L*

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