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In Their Gun Sights - Heero Yuy: Perfect Soldier

"Life is cheap... especially mine..."
- Heero Yuy

NAME: Heero Yuy
AGE: 15
SEX: Male
BIRTH PLACE: L1 Colony cluster
HEIGHT: 156 cm
WEIGHT: 45 kg
EYE COLOR: Prussian Blue
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
MENTOR: Doctor J
SEIYUU: Midorikawa Hikaru
       MS Wing Gundam
       MS Wing Gundam Zero

Heero Yuy smiling - about as unlikely as they come ^_^

Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier. Dedicating his entire life to the war and the completion of each mission, Heero is a do or die person - even to the extent of killing himself for his mission. Being the suicidal and psychotic type, Heero is always brooding or silent in this thoughts, though never letting up that chilling blank glare. With reflexes that are quicker than a cat's (judging from how fast he pulls those guns out of nowhere ^^;), Heero can be considered a soldier with no sense of 'self' or happiness, living only for the mission and the satisfaction of its completion.

From a very young age, Heero was trained to be a killer and when he was old enough, he was taken in by his mentor Doctor J to train as ace pilot of the Wing Gundam. Thus it is usually from this that people conclude Heero knows nothing but how to kill because he was brought up and trained to be the Perfect Soldier. At the commencement of Operation Meteor, the fifteen year old soldier was given the codename 'Heero Yuy' by Doctor J after the assassinated leader of the colonies.

Heero Yuy

It can be said that Heero does not understand his feelings and so is unsure of how he should react, other than the very obvious violent tendencies. But it is also true that while he may not understand his feelings, he still acts upon his own instincts. Particularly when he saved Relena with the arm of Wing Gundam in battle even when he didn't know that she was the Princess of the pacifistic Sanc kingdom. Heero also possesses a strong sense of responsibility and guilt as proven after he killed General Noventa of the Alliance by mistake and then gave Noventa's granddaughter a chance to end his own life for vengeance.

It is undetermined the exact relationship that Heero and Relena share in the series as she obviously likes him a great deal but he was determined to kill her on more than one occasion. However it can be concluded that he admires her for her courage and is determined to protect her for the peace of the earth and colonies.

Heero's most distinctive features: the cold hard eyes, the thick, messy dark hair and the green tank top and spandex shorts look that he never seems to go without.

SD Tanktop and Spandex!! *L*

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