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In Their Gun Sights - Trowa Barton: The Silencer

"I know all about danger, I am used to walking a tight rope..."
- Trowa Barton

NAME: Trowa Barton
AGE: 15
SEX: Male
BIRTH PLACE: L3 Colony cluster?
HEIGHT: 160 cm
WEIGHT: 44 kg
EYE COLOR: Forest Green
MENTOR: Doktor S
SEIYUU: Nakahara Shigeru
ALIAS: Nanashi
       MS Gundam Heavyarms
       MS Gundam Heavyarms Custom

I swear the boy looks good in *anything*!!

Trowa Barton, the Silencer, a nameless soldier with the agility of a cat. Almost unresponsive to all stimulations, it is the coldness and precise calculations that makes Trowa a formidable opponent. Often bearing a likeness to Heero in terms of dedication to the mission and merciless killing to complete Operation Meteor, Trowa is also always silent in his thoughts but more compassionate when it comes to the welfare of the people he is close to.

Being born into a war and at a very young age separated from his family, Trowa has no recollection of anything of his past except his training as a soldier. After ending up on the L3 colony cluster to work on the Gundam Heavyarms and the death of the true pilot, the real Trowa Barton, Nanashi - or No Name - was encouraged to take Trowa Barton's place by mentor Doctor S and as it was convenient, not only did Nanashi take Trowa Barton's place, he also took his name, becoming the ace pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms.

Trowa Barton

While Trowa could be considered like Heero in some ways, he is also vastly different and in some situations, the complete opposite. Trowa, being the soldier is indifferent to all except his objective. Once even reported to have no changes in heart beat or brain pattern even when destroying Gundam Deathscythe when he infiltrated OZ. On the other side, while he doesn't like to show his feelings, Trowa obviously understands them in the way that he knew the pain he would be putting Catherine through if he self-destructed and the curious friendship between himself and Quatre that he has allowed to develop.

The relationship between Trowa and Catherine is more of a sibling one that anything else. During his time at the circus as a performing clown and when he lost his memories, Catherine acts like a big sister to him. He even calls her 'Neesan' and knows that she is one of the people he must protect ^_^.

Trowa's most distinctive features: The amazing mid-air flips and turns, the ability to look good in any uniform including one with knee high socks and the amazing shock of bangs that defies the laws of gravity!

See? He even looks good in a clown suit!! ^^;;

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