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Configuration Acknowledged - MS Wing Gundam Zero

"Zero... are you still operational...? Well then... This is our final strike."
- Heero Yuy

Name: Mobile Suit Wing Gundam Zero
Designated Pilot: Heero Yuy
Creator: Quatre Raberba Winner
Model Number: XXXG-00W0
Head Height: 16.7 meters
Base Weight: 8.0 tonnes
Armor Materials: Gundanium alloy
Standard Armament:
       Twin Buster Rifle x 1
       Beam Sabre x 2
       Machine Cannon x 2
       Wing Vulcan x 2
Ability Levels:
       Fighting Ability - 150
       Weapons Ability - 150
       Speed Ability - 160
       Power Ability - 140
       Armored Ability - 140

Wing Gundam Zero, possessing the madness-inducing Zero System that a rare few could control. Enhancing the weapons of Wing Gundam, including a twin buster rifle, the twin beam sabers and the ability to change into Neo Bird Mode, Wing Zero can be said to be the ultimate Gundam, rival only to Gundam Epyon who also harbors the Zero System.

Built by Quatre in his momentary mental unbalance after the Death of his father, the Zero System was able to induce the Arabian to madness as he destroyed a whole colony. While most consider the Zero System as only being capable of affecting the pilot in negative circumstances, this is not true. The Zero System does affect the pilot's mind but not always in bad ways. Instead, it augments the pilot's capabilities, reaction time, etc etc because it is linked with the pilot's brain. This is the reason why madness is the first reaction because the Zero System only works in favor of those who have nothing but the mission at hand on their minds - thus Heero, the Perfect Soldier, being one of the only ones able to control the Zero System. In some circumstances, the Zero System can even venture so far as to show the pilot an image of what 'could be', thus the reason that some consider Wing Zero to have a voice - especially Heero!

Wing Zero can also be considered a player in the game of 'Musical Gundams' (^^;) simply because it is the only mobile suit that has been piloted by each of the G-boys and then some. First, Quatre appeared with it and Heero piloted it once before leaving it in the OZ Moonbase, both having suffered a bout of madness. An OZ official then took it and forced Duo to pilot it - instigating mind-warping effects in both and the eventual death of the OZ official (sorry, don't remember the name ^^;;). It was then used by Romefeller to lure Zechs Merquise into a trap but only succeeding in handing the Gundam over to the rogue ace. From there, it was passed back to Heero after the two rivals swapped Gundams (Wing Zero and Epyon) and made for space. Finally, Wufei piloted Wing Zero whose Zero System finally cleared his mind about his mission and then piloted by Trowa, who regained his lost memories as the result of the Zero System's influence. And there you have it, 'Musical Gundams', or maybe it should be 'Musical Pilots' ^_^.

MS Wing Gundam ZERO

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