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Configuration Acknowledged - MS Gundam Deathscythe

"What's going on! How come it doesn't explode?! What's wrong with it?!!"
- Duo Maxwell

Name: Mobile Suit Gundam Deathscythe
Designated Pilot: Duo Maxwell
Creator: Professor G
Model Number: XXXG-01D
Head Height: 16.3 meters
Base Weight: 7.2 tonnes
Armor Materials: Gundanium alloy
Standard Armament:
       Vulcan x 2
       Machine Cannon x 2
       Beam Scythe x 1
       Buster Shield x 1
       Hyper Jammer x 2
Ability Levels:
       Fighting Ability - 140
       Weapons Ability - 120
       Speed Ability - 160
       Power Ability - 120
       Armored Ability - 120

The Gundam Deathscythe, unsurprisingly also the "Gundam called Death" after both its appearance and its pilot. Duo Maxwell's precious "Shinigami". With its portrayed image as the God of Death, Deathscythe wield's the ever-menacing weapon of Death, the beam scythe. In conjunction with its weapon of choice, Deathscythe also uses to its advantage, its Buster Shield which can explode from its left arm to crash into an enemy target at a very fast pace. With its superior speed abilities and its weapon of destruction, Deathscythe is very efficient in close-range battle on land, in the air and even underwater.

Unfortunately, Gundam Deathscythe only made its appearances until the mid-point of the the TV series. Deathscythe was lost when the unsuspecting Duo came upon a squadron of the Mobile Doll Tauruses and had its right arm, its leading arm, blown off with the beam scythe attached. Thus both Duo and Deathscythe were captured and though Duo managed to escape with the help of Heero, Deathscythe was destroyed in a fiery aerial battle by Trowa who had infiltrated OZ's ranks. This scene was broadcast over all news stations, leading the escaped Duo to scream VERY loudly in the middle of a crowded street ^^;.

Now, one might wonder why Duo didn't use the self-destruction device implanted in all Gundams in the event that they be captured. The sad truth is, Duo pounded the button twice without result (^^;). This time it could have been due to the damaged state that Deathscythe was in and led the self-destruct mechanism to malfunction however there is another theory that Professor G, the creator of Deathscythe was too fond of his creation and thus disabled the device on the dark Gundam, which theory you choose to believe is up to you ^_^. After Deathscythe was destroyed, Duo made his way to the OZ moonbase where the five scientists awaited and after a period of time, he was given the successor to his precious Shinigami, the improved Gundam Deathscythe Hell.

MS Gundam Deathscythe

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