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Configuration Acknowledged - MS Gundam Epyon

"Stop it, stop it, stop it. Shut up, Epyon!"
- Heero Yuy

Name: Mobile Suit Gundam Epyon
Designated Pilot: Zechs Merquise
Creator: Treize Khushrenada
Model Number: OZ-13MS
Head Height: 17.4 meters
Base Weight: 8.5 tonnes
Armor Materials: Gundanium alloy
Standard Armament:
       Beam Sword x 1
       Heat Rod x 1
Ability Levels:
       Fighting Ability - 160
       Weapons Ability - 140
       Speed Ability - 160
       Power Ability - 150
       Armored Ability - 140

Gundam Epyon -- noticeably the only Gundam with an OZ model number. However funnily enough, the first person to actually pilot this Gundam is none other than our favorite Perfect Soldier, Heero Yuy. Created by Treize Khushrenada in secret, Epyon was given to Heero during the attack on Treize's Luxembourg headquarters that was a part of the Romefeller Foundation's Operation Nova.

Equipped with its own ZERO system, Epyon's relatively brief appearance leaves little chance to explore many of its details however, it would appear that it's more suited to air/space battle. After from the Deathscythe(s) I would also have to say that Epyon has the second-most intimidating appearance, being dark blood red in color with the wings and the head rod (whip-thingy ^^;;).

When Heero in Epyon met with Zechs in Wing Zero, the two switched Gundams, and Epyon went with Zechs as the former Peacecraft prince joined forces with White Fang. While in White Fang, Epyon's ZERO system was adapted so that Dorothy Catalonia, who had followed Zechs into space could use it to control the hordes of mobile dolls via remote control in the Eve Wars.

Finally, Epyon met with Wing Zero in the final battle between Heero and Zechs in which Heero could have easily killed Zechs and yet chose to slice off the arm holding the Heat Rod instead, sparing Zechs's life. Finally, as Libra exploded as a result of Zechs sticking Epyon's beam sword into its main engine, Epyon is presumed also destroyed. Note that I stress "presumed" ^_^ Afterall, if Zechs survived the explosion then wouldn't it also stand to reason that Epyon did also..?

MS Gundam Epyon

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