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Configuration Acknowledged - MS Shenlong Gundam

"I am not worthy to pilot Nataku..."
- Chang Wufei

Name: Mobile Suit Gundam Shenlong
Designated Pilot: Chang Wufei
Creator: Master O
Model Number: XXXG-01S
Head Height: 16.4 meters
Base Weight: 7.4 tonnes
Armor Materials: Gundanium alloy
Standard Armament:
       Vulcan x 2
       Beam Glaive x 1
       Dragon Fangs x 1
       Flamethrower x 2
Ability Levels:
       Fighting Ability - 160
       Weapons Ability - 110
       Speed Ability - 130
       Power Ability - 140
       Armored Ability - 120

The Shenlong Gundam, the strength of a Dragon and the honor of a Samurai. All of which combine to form the perfect machine to defend truth and justice. And, in Chang Wufei's opinion, worthy of the name "Nataku". With its Beam Glaive and its Dragon Fangs on its right arm, Shenlong / Nataku uses them to its obvious advantage and to bring the OZ soldiers to Justice. Even its shield is a weapon that can be used as a distraction or worse! Shenlong operates as poetry in motion under the watchful hands of its pilot and its superior fighting abilities both on land and in the air.

Shenlong Gundam was named "Nataku" by Wufei as a sign of acknowledgement of the spirit of his dead wife. "Nataku" or Meiran, as was her real name, fought for truth and justice when all Wufei did was study. When she died in battle defending their colony, Wufei adopted all her ideals and became the warrior he is now. He believes that the spirit of "Nataku" is housed in the body of his Gundam which is why he calls it "Nataku" instead of Shenlong (personally I think it's cute ^_^).

It seems that all the Gundams go through a phase in the middle of the series and Shenlong is no different. When Wufei appeared in space amidst a squadron of Mobile Doll Virgos and Mobile Suits, he forfeited because he was out of ammunition and was so captured and put into an OZ cell with Duo, Shenlong was lost. However with the five mad scientists, including Master O, the creator of Shenlong Gundam, also prisoners of the moon base, Wufei was soon given the opportunity to fight again with the upgraded Shenlong / Nataku, Altron Gundam.

MS Shenlong Gundam

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