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Escape Route Detected - Links

The most comprehensive site you will find on Gundam Wing info and stats. Trust me, there is not enough space on this page to sing praises for this site, just go visit! ^_^

Spandex and Braids
Spandex & Braids
Wai~!! ^_^ A simply beautiful site dedicated to the love between the Spandex-clad and the Braided boys!!! Undeniably shounen ai related but who can deny Heero-kun and Duo-kun's love? This is the most comprehensive site you will find on my (and many others' ^_^) fave GW couple, even including solid, hard evidence of their relationship implied in the series. Heero and Duo fans won't be able to get enough until they've seen this site!

Too Much Testosterone
Doesn't the name just say it all? ^o^ A wonderful site to visit for fans of Gundam Wing.

The official site for the release of "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing" in the US, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the World of Gundam! Lovely layout!!

The Gundam Wing Mailing List
Well nothing's as good as the original and this is no exception ^_^. The most interesting people and discussions (I should know ^_^ I subscribe) about anything and everything GW related including fics, fanart and places to get GW merchandise! So go and join! NB: All members of the GWML are requested to be able to tolerate the concept of YAOI. You don't have to believe it, but you must be able to tolerate it ^_^ If you're feeling uncomfortable because you don't believe yaoi, let me assure you that all the members respect your opinions!

The Gundam Project
The most comprehensive site of anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the two decades of Gundam!

Prussian and Cobalt
Prussian and Cobalt
Hehe ^^;;; Yet another of my favorite 1x2/2x1 sites. What can I say? I'm a HUGE fan of Heero/Duo, and C's layout is soooo nice!! I'm jealous! ^_~ Use IE to explore since Netscape doesn't work with her site!

Cugami Michiru writes some of the best GW fanfiction on the net! Long live Wufei and Meiran!! ^_^ Especially check out her "Terms of Endearment" and "Chains" series -- you won't be disappointed!!

Final Heaven
Along with Heero/Duo, I LOVE the Wufei/Meiran pairing ^_^ And very few do it better than Cugami Michiru and Elly-chan! Elly-chan's Final Heaven also contains a lot of Heero/Duo fics *grin* Nag her to finish her "Talk to the Moon" series -- one of the most interesting plot developments, I assure you!

The Pro-Relena Project
For all the Relena-fans out there, write to Jo and state why you think Relena is the best! ^^;;; Unfortunately, I'm not likely to be one of those but the layout is still very VERY nice. Worth checking out!

The 1x2ML Official Homepage
Waaiii~~~ My favorite pairing *L* I love this ML! You'll probably find a lot of my fics here since I mostly write Heero/Duo fics ^_^ Anyhow, this page and ML is YAOI/SHOUNEN AI full!! Do not go or join if you can't handle it!!

Madamhydra's Lair
Argh~!! I can't believe I keep leaving this link out! All bow to the queen of drama and suspense!!! Trust me, you'll find few better fics on the net than Madamhydra's!

Gundam Wing Addiction
*THE* archive of GW fics, featuring most of the great authors such as Lys ap Adin, Annabelle, Laekin, Bonne&Vonne, Lilias... and the list goes on! Just go!! You won't be disappointed! ^_^

Heero's Heart
Must pay tribute to the resting place of what I consider one of the best epic GW fics ever to grace my compy screen: "And Never the Twain Shall Meet"!! Seriously, if you're a 1x2/2x1 fan and you haven't read this, you don't know what you're missing! Go check it out!


.:: Expanding Memories ::.
Waaaiii~~~ Sutsume-chan finally built a site!! *L* EM has smorgasboard of anime and manga series like you wouldn't believe *L* Everything except GW, which Sutsume-chan will post here at ED. Go go! You'll love it! Sutsume-chan also takes Mp3 requests too!! ^_^ So don't miss out! Expanding Memories is affiliated and sister sites with Endless Dedication.

The Official Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Archives
The resurrected Emotions archives which Sutsume-chan has kindly offered to host on her Expanding Memories! *glomps* Arigato~~!!

Fushigi Yuugi: What Dreams May Come
My little fanfic contribution to the FY fandom! ^_^

Chaos -- Rantings by Shikami
*grins* My weblog! A place to rant about anything and everything! *L* Beware the weirdo workings of my mind!

Anime Web Turnpike
For all anime and manga fans of all series and degrees, whether you like animanga to a small or degree or you have an obsession (like me ^^;) you have not seen anything until you've seen this site! The complete and unabridged list of all the animanga sites on the net worth visiting!

*L* Hehe, blatant advertising requested by my anime supplier ^_^ but I figure it's okay since some people are wondering where to get Gundam models -- check out this site. Beware though, we are in Australia -- so if you're anywhere else in the world, be prepared for shipping costs ^_^.

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