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Shikami Defined - About Me

"Live strongly, passionately and violently..."
- Dorothy Catalonia

Okay, this is where you get to learn about me.... hmmm.... ^^;;; Usually I don't like to put these things up but from the various feedback I've had, people keep thinking the wrong things about me so I think I'll take this opportunity to straighten things out!

First of all, I'm Chinese, not Japanese ^^;; and I'm currently living in Australia. People seem to think that because I use some simple Japanese phrases in my fanfics and somewhere else, that I come from Japan. I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm not ^^;; and my Jap is far from even passable... usually I just use a few phrases that sound better in Japanese coz... well... just coz they sound better!!

I am still underaged, but no longer in high school~!!! *wild cheering* ^_^ Having graduated at the end of 2001, I will definitely be having more time to work on this site and write fanfics and basically do all the stuff that I didn't have enough time to do before~~!!! \^o^/

About my name, ^^;; Shikami Yamino roughly translates out to be the "Death God of Darkness", 'shi' being 'death', 'kami' is 'god', 'yami' is 'darkness' and 'no' is 'of'. *L* And before anybody says anything, yes I know that it is basically Duo's nickname and it shows why I like Duo best doesn't it? *L* However, contrary to what you may think, I did not pick the name because of Duo (though I was thankful later ^_^). I've always considered myself a dark sort of person and, if anybody has noticed, my favorite topic for fanfics and otherwise is 'Death' and other depressing stuff, god knows my friends rib me about it enough ^^;; And once I came upon the name "Shikami" I just loved it and so took it, adding "Yamino" on as a surname for emphasis and thus you get the webmistress of "Endless Dedication" - "Shikami Yamino". ^_^

(For you Japanese purists out there... *L* Yes, I do know that the "k" in Shikami should have been changed into a "g". But please, indulge me ne? *LOL* I only found this out a few months after I'd decided on my name... and by then, it would have been too weird to change it. ^_^ So you Japanese-purists, just ignore the grammatical error, okies? ^_^)

And a brief note, all the seiyuu's names and strictly Japanese names (which does not include Heero's *L* -- and mine ^^;;) that appear in Endless Dedication are written in the traditional Japanese format so for Duo's seiyuu "Seki Toshihiko", 'Seki' would be the last name while 'Toshihiko' the first. Anybody lost? ^_^

You might also ask, why "Endless Dedication"? Why not some normal name? *L* Well I guess the main reason is that, how many sites out there use the boring "My Gundam Wing Site" or somewhere along those lines, and how many of us get bored at seeing such named sites? I know I do... ^^;; so I wanted something that will be linked to the Gundam Wing series but also original so I took "Endless" from "Endless Waltz" and then put on "Dedication" as a sign of the devoted GWing fans and to signify the G-boys' dedication towards their mission and the peace of their world. Deep? Philosophical? Totally stupid? ^^;; I don't know but since you guys are here, you couldn't have been totally turned off by the name right? *L*

As for my other interests, I have to say that the first anime I was obsessed with was not Gundam Wing but Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and I'm not embarassed to admit it! BSSM has always been very precious to me with its deep storyline and the moral values it holds, especially in the manga... (the anime I think tends to drag ^^;;) and it was because of it that I started making sites and writing fanfics.

Finally, I guess I am an all-rounder animanga fan, thanx to my very best friend Sutsume-chan, who got me started in the anime/manga world *L* Since then, she's dragged me into a lotta anime/mangas, and I've done the same *L* We have similar tastes... (thank God!) *L*

Okies... my long list of favorites (listed as "fav anime/manga" - "fav characters" ^_^ In no particular order):
  Gundam Wing - Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy
  Fushigi Yuugi - Nuriko, Tasuki, Tamahome
  Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Kurama, Hiei
  Sailormoon - Hino Rei, Tomoe Hotaru
  Wei Kreuz - Hidaka Ken, Tsukiyono Omi
  Rurouni Kenshin - Aoshi, Sanosuke, Misao, Soujirou
  Flame of Recca - Mikagami Tokiya, Kirisawa Fuuko
  Ayashi no Ceres - Tooya, Aogiri Yuuhi
  Saber Marionette - Lime, Bloodberry
  Slayers - Zelgadis, Lina Inverse
  Sotsugyou M - Arai Togo, Nakamoto Shou
  Yami no Matsuei - Hisoka, Watari, Tsuzuki
  X/1999 - Sakurazuka Seishirou, Kishuu Arashi
  Gensoumaden Saiyuki - Everyone!! ^_^

I guess that's all about me that I can tell... or am willing to tell... ^^;; so I hope I didn't bore you with all my chatter and hopefully you should understand more about where I'm coming from in my fics and other stuff... If you want any more info, don't hesitate to drop me an email at and I'll be happy to answer ^_^.

Okay, that's it from me, I hope you enjoy "Endless Dedication"!

Does it surprise you? ^_~

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