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Mission Accomplished - Updates

"Ninmu kanryou..."
- Heero Yuy

  April 28, 2002
   Apologies for yet another small update ^^;; My muses just haven't been cooperating with me for any ficcies ideas to develope... Also apologies for missing a month of mp3s, but they are getting updated this time!! "Cry for the Dream" and "Rhythm Emotion" are being replaced by Wufei's "Asu e no Door wo Tataku" -- *bursts out laughing* otherwise affectionately known as the "OH YEAH~~~~~~!!" song *L* DL it!! It's a good song and also good for a laugh!

  February 25, 2002
    Small update ^^;; considering that I'm frantically trying to sort through my uni info and everything *L* But I promised that the mp3s would be rotated every month or so, so here's two new mp3s to replace Just Communicate and Just Love -- Trowa's "Doukeshi" (which I have to say is a MUST get) and Quatre's "I'm Your Friend". Hopefully I'll be back in a month's time with a bigger update *L* So until then~~!!

  January 21, 2002
    I'm back, I'm back~~!!! *wild cheering* Yes, ED is now officially fully opened for business as usual as I have completed my high school years~!! ^_^ Can you tell I'm happy?? *L* Anyhoo, this is a relatively small update considering the circumstances, but I've just been too busy relaxing around the house enjoying the feeling of having absolutely nothing of career-shattering importance to do and then catching up on my anime/manga deprivation experience during the last year ^_^.

    As a result, the only additions to ED as of this update are the many many fanart piccies from Sutsume-chan that I never had time to scan and put up last year, so they're available in Through Another's Eyes. And a note that I am always accepting new fanart so please send them in!! *L*

    For my part ^^;; To Fall From Grace part six is now up for viewing in the non-yaoi archives!! Express apologies to everyone who waited ages for this and I hope that it lives up to standard *L* Hopefully there won't be more than two more parts and an epilogue to go. And for the yaoi fans, Omae Shikainai part two is up in the yaoi archives... I really have no idea how this is gonna end... think I might just let Hee-chan and D-chan take me where they will *grins*

    And lastly, Final Performance is now up and running again complete with mp3s and the newly uploaded sound-files!! The only problem I have now is that Tripod is imposing a bandwidth limit so I will not be able to post up all the GW vocals at the same time as I had hoped. Instead, the mp3s section of Final Performance will now operate on a rotational basis. More details are available at Final Performance, but if you get a sign that asks you to wait because of bandwidth issues, I hope you'll understand. *sighs*

    Anyhoo, that's all I have to say for this update so hopefully the next update will be coming soon with more mp3s and fanfics in a month's time!! Till then people! ^_^

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