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*grins* Always wanted to try this little piccy idea of mine. As my friends would know, I love anime/manga eyes, they're just so pretty... ^_^ So the piccy on the right is originally what I had intended for Through Another's Eyes, though it didn't turn out that way when EDv1.0 came out because I found that it didn't really work with the design I had going at that time.

But no more!! ^_^ Can you correctly identify all the eyes on the right? *L* Some of them are pretty distinctive I admit... However, if you would like to try and distinguish them, just send me an email of names and the animes that they are from and I'll put your name up here as the first person to be able to identify the said eyes ^_^. Weird idea for a contest I know but... *shrugs* I'm a technically weird person at times *L*.

Okies, you know the drill... Yaoi archives only for those who can stomach it please! I won't tolerate flames!! Otherwise, have fun with everything else!! ^_^

All the legal mumbo jumbo that everyone needs if they host fan stuff - you know what this is all about right? ^_^

Fanfics - Classified Yaoi
WARNING: Please note that the stories classified as 'Yaoi' contain strong references to shounen/shounen relationships. Those who feel queasy at the thought of homosexual relationships should be advised not to read them and I have warned you so don't flame me for the concept. Arigato.

Fanfics - Classified Non-Yaoi
The archive of both my and Sutsume-chan's non-yaoi fics. Not very many exist in there at the moment but we're working on it ^^;.

Finally the fanart archives are OPEN!!! *cheers* If you would like to send some in, just give me some indication by email and I'll be happy to accommodate!

The Stygian Sagas
A major ongoing project between Sutsume-chan and me. The characters of GW set in an alternate universe. Finally OPEN!! ^_^ So happy! Okay, as already mentioned: AU, beware shounen-ai (don't know what it is, don't read it! ^^;;), non-canon characters and major spoilers for some Episode Zeros. Tread lightly -- for you are about to cross the river of Styx... and into a world of nightmares...