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Synopses! For those who would just like a recap of the GW universe or for the probervial "newbie" who wants an overview ^_^.

As a very lazy webmistress *blush*, I haven't bothered to actually write my own little summary of the GW storyline, despite having seen the series several times over ^_^ (I love my VCDs!!). Partly, this has been because of time constraints (*growls* School...) and also partly because the complexity of the GW storyline is one which I'm sure I won't be able to portray and do half as good a job as this version which I have *coughs* "borrowed" from the Gundam Project.

The Gundam Project is a wonderful site that houses anything and everything you want to know about any series in the 2 decades that Gundam has been running -- all the way from the Universal Century Saga to the very recent Turn A Gundam (is it just me or does Turn A have tusks?? ^^;;;).

Anyhow, please don't email me asking permission to use these synopses. I get several mails asking the same question as well as a few entries in the guestbook despite this disclaimer having been up on the old page under the actual synopses ^^;;. May I stress: THESE SYNOPSES ARE NOT MINE!! They do not belong to me in any way and are fully credited to the lovely intelligent people at the Gundam Project who provide this service to Gundam fans.

Any email from now on asking this question will be ignored (if it hasn't been already) ^^;;. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be crabby but having net restrictions and going through my final year of high school as well as maintaining a site like ED is already taking up the majority of my time. I really don't have any more to spare ^_^.

Now... after all my ranting ^^;;; (sorry..), here's what you've been after:

Series Synopsis

Endless Waltz Synopsis