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Well... I figured that since each of the three following pages are so small, they didn't really warrant a whole entire layout each ^^;;; Also please find links to my blog "Chaos" ^_^ and my attempt at an FY fanfic ^^;;; Therefore, this page is the little communication link between EDv2.0 and the rest of the GW and anime fandom (ie. links to other great sites).

If you would like to link me, please use the following banner or button ^_^.



And so, if this is your last stop in Endless Dedication (and you're on your way outta here to much better sites ^_^), I sincerely hoped that you enjoyed your visit. Thank you!

Escape Route Detected
Links to other great sites on the net!

Eternal Knowledge
A few statistics on ED and the web rings it's a part of.

Shikami Defined
A little about little ol' me ^_^

Chaos -- Ranting by Shikami
My weblog! ^_^ A place to rant about anything and everything! *L* Beware weirdo workings of my mind!

Fushigi Yuugi: What Dreams May Come
My fanfic contribution to the FY fandom.

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